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Sunday, 31 January 2010

[Photo] Panasonic FX66 / ZX3 Textless Promotion Pictures

Found textless pictures of Panasonic FX66 / ZX3 New CM

Credits: Baidu + Luna62 @ AHS
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[Ranking] Most Favorite Fashion of Celebrities: Ayu Ranks No. 17

Yahoo Japan Annual Search Ranking:

Most Favorite Fashion of Celebrities

From Jan 25,2009 - Jan 25,2010

Ayu ranks no. 17 on the Female celebrity category. Congrats!

Picture taken from Yahoo! Japan Search Ranking

Credit: khiddy @ Soompi + DBSKnights @ Blogspot
Original source: Yahoo! Japan Search Ranking
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[Fanaccount+Photo+Video] Meeting Ayu At London 30.01.2010

Great Job, Ian!! for showing all of us these amazing pictures and videos!!!! YOU'RE THE LUCKIEST FAN IN THE WHOLE WOLRD!
OHHH so envious of You!!
wow Ayu's english is pretty good!!!


Ok... Like I said before... Long story kept short... As most of my reports are looong and.. mm boring haha... So anyways... it was a nice bright day... sunny day... but extremely cold too! I decided to not during the day buy oh how much I regretted that! I heard since there were soo little fans... People were able to take little group photos or individual photos with ayu!! (Jealous) but hey! Can’t complain haha... anyways.. Me and my friend went to Langham Hotel and got there about... 8:30... I guess that wasn’t that bad... since it’s Ayu’s last night in London I would of thought she might come home a little early.. But oh how I was wrong about that! Soo basically we saw only 11 fans at most tonight!! Was very surprising because last night when I posted we had like at least 25 fans waiting!.. Either way at 9:30 we got told by Ayu’s staff that Ayu will be eating dinner and she won’t be back for another 2 hours... Sooo we basically did a little scram and Cronopl, Hatix and many others went to a coffee shop and me and my friend just stayed in my friend’s car to keep warm haha...

Basically after like 2 hours has gone by we got out the car and met up with everybody again... 11pm... No sign of Ayu... 12am... no sign of Ayu... Ohhh it was getting sooooo cold!!! ... 1am... still no sign of Ayu...(Her staff sooo lied =(!!! lol) I was just so cold i couldn’t hold my phone properly haha.... Well basically after 30 more minutes Ayu’s car came! Everyone was near the side of the Hotel waiting for her to come out the car hehe... It was nice .. Banchou came out of the car first and then Ayu came out ^^... I really wish i took a photo with Banchou or even stan!! but i never got a chance to take ANY photos at all! =(... However i do have 3 Videos to show you guys.. they are all worth watching.. Please watch them! =)
In the end once everything was done... i think the most upsetting part was probaly the fact that i didnt get to take a photo with ayuuu =(!!!.... I mean i really wanted to get more group or individual photos!... But i guess.... Maybe next time... In the end she told us to "please keep warm" =) Very nic and shook alll of our hands with both of her hands! Gosh her hands her warm haha >.>

Day Time Photos

These photos i must give credit to Mandi Li she's the one who took these photos during the day time... but since she doesn't use this forum... I decided to upload them on behalf of her =)

Mandi Li is the one on the Far Left

19260_277356618379_512548379_351058.jpg (62 KB) 19260_277300963379_512548379_351022.jpg (56 KB) 19260_277995803379_512548379_351356.jpg (55 KB) 19260_277995808379_512548379_351356.jpg (55 KB) 19260_277995818379_512548379_351356.jpg (54 KB) 19260_277343688379_512548379_351053.jpg (58 KB) 19260_277324848379_512548379_351043.jpg (49 KB) 19260_277995778379_512548379_351356.jpg (52 KB) 19260_277343728379_512548379_351053.jpg (65 KB)

Night time

19260_277987448379_512548379_351346.jpg (37 KB) 19260_277987458379_512548379_351347.jpg (51 KB) 19260_277987463379_512548379_351347.jpg (53 KB)

Ian's Signed CD

16864_451402650433_795005433_110859.jpg (49 KB) 16864_451402635433_795005433_110859.jpg (43 KB) 16864_451402620433_795005433_110859.jpg (40 KB) 16864_451402630433_795005433_110859.jpg (30 KB)


Video 1 is where Ayu is coming out of the Car... Banchou came out first and stepped to the side

Video 2 was basically Ayu signing everything

Video 3 is where 3 French fans sang to Ayu... I think Cronopl sang a little too hahha! i did a little recording.. Near the end Ayu hugged the people that sang to her and she wanted to cry.. but she kept strong... Maybe she cried when she went into the Hotel hehe.. God Bless Ayu...

All pictures and videos are belong to Ianieee @ AHS
Credit: Mandy Li + Ianieee @ AHS
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[Photo] Meeting Ayu At London Fan's Pictures

Another Pictures taken from a friend of mine, my fellow Tohoshinki fan-friend who went to London, straight from Belgium all by herself! Envious of her! Here are some of her Ayu's pictures! *I owe her much! Thanks a whole lot!* 

20736_1343579955335_1406328705_1007063_1370181_n.jpg (65 KB) 20736_1343579995336_1406328705_1007064_8274670_n.jpg (59 KB) 20736_1343580035337_1406328705_1007065_7328776_n.jpg (64 KB) 20736_1343580075338_1406328705_1007066_6319625_n.jpg (53 KB) 20736_1343580115339_1406328705_1007067_1356616_n.jpg (61 KB) 20736_1343580155340_1406328705_1007068_8181909_n.jpg (61 KB) 20736_1343580195341_1406328705_1007069_4471433_n.jpg (49 KB) 20736_1343580995361_1406328705_1007087_956741_n.jpg (48 KB) 20736_1343581035362_1406328705_1007088_8261663_n.jpg (45 KB)

and her signed CDs!

20736_1343581115364_1406328705_1007090_4563252_n.jpg (60 KB) 20736_1343581155365_1406328705_1007091_6706747_n.jpg (54 KB)

Credit: YUIAyuNamieUtada @ AHS
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[Photo] Meeting Ayu At London Fan's Pictures

One of the lucky members of AHS, Lord B., got to take a picture with Ayu, Individually! HOW LUCKY HE IS!

here's what he said about Ayu
"She was real nice to me, my mates and everyone. A dream girl..."

and some more from other fans' Pictures can be seen here

Credit: Lord B. + norwegian blue @ AHS
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Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 30.01.2010

OMG! She really mentioned about "A WORLD IS ONE" Fanbook!!! GOSHHH!!!!!!
This is the most touching Ayu's Diary ever! Read thoroughly guys!

30th January, 2010 11:44pm

Boo. I've been writing an account for this entry since the morning 2 days ago, but have yet to finish it up...

So before I go for recording, I'll work hard and finish writing this!!!

From the morning of 2 days ago. I'll be glad if you can read this with a tripping feeling ☆ (what kind of feeling is that, laugh). And so...

First, please look at this.


This, is an ornament that is placed right in the middle of the entrance to the room in which I'm staying. And, everyday, when I come back from work, those flowers which are placed around it change.

Because of this, everytime I come here, I'll wonder "What flower will it be today~♪". So it's always very pleasant and expectant, whenever I open my room door and walk to this spot.

But~♡ From yesterday night onwards, the things which are placed here have been changed to 2 big books, both of which mean so many things!!!!!!!




Because this entrance is joined to all the other rooms, I always have to pass by this spot ♡

That's why, I always stop by to hold, and to read ♡

So, this. Everyone must be wondering "what is this really???"...

Well, it's a wonderful wonderful surprise present I received from everyone who had been waiting and waiting for me outside the hotel, when I came back from PV filming yesterday morning.

Being the time it was, the staff were all dead tired, and I myself was almost fainting from exhaustion. We were thinking "Surely, at this time, there will be nobody left".

"Eh?! There are people in front of the hotel??? Is it a coincidence????? But at this time?" All these things ran through my mind, and there, right in front of my eyes. As always, everyone's smiling faces.

At that weird hour, in spite of the cold, everyone was as cheerful as always ☆☆


I cried...

But, really, even if they were smiling now, they must have been waiting, encouraging each other, supporting each other, determined to continue waiting for this time to come...

And there must have been some who had to leave because of time constraints, and they might have been crying on their way back...

Thinking of these things, I started crying again.

Even so, because everyone was showing me their best smiles, I smiled too.

But, really, everyone's hands and faces were blue. Must be the cold...

And so, because I couldn't say anything, I just held everyone's hands tight, one by one.

After awhile, for some reason, everyone got into a nice line. And then, a girl from Norway started to speak to me really politely.

She said, "We wish for you to know that you have fans from all over the world, and for that, we have made this book for you."

"Through the web, we've gathered many many messages here from all over the world."

"And these 2 books are the results of our effort."

A book, with the words [A WORLD is ONE] on the cover.

Written on the first page: To select the best cover, many alternatives were submitted as well.


Then, on the next page, there was this message.



Inside, one after another, one after another, page by page, these were created for me.


After receiving the book and feeling its weight in my hands, my eyes started to burn.

Because I was still wearing that fairly strange make-up from the PV filming, I was wearing sunglasses. So, I was safe, and I persevered and prevented my tears from overflowing.


This cover that was picked, was made by a guy who lives in New York!!!!!!!


Stan-chan, who was talking to the fans together with me, was also so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn't speak. And this was what happened, which warmed me all the way to the bottom of my heart ☆

Really, really, this is just too wonderful...

Flipping through the pages, crying at every message. All the words appear blurred.

And really, all these letters and photos from TA all over the world, all packed together-----------------

And from there, are so many countries which I myself have not been to.

From now on, no matter how many times, I will reread these again and again.

All these messages and letters from everyone shows me that everyone is there.

When I meet with happy times, or when I meet with sad times, I will always remember these words which everyone has given me.

This book too, from today onwards, will become my friend* ♡

* ayu uses the word 仲間 (nakama) here, which doesn't really translate well into English. Aside from friend, 仲間 can translate as comrade/companion, generally someone/something which is precious. (people who watch the anime One Piece will get a better picture of this word lol! ^^)

Everyone, thank you.




With that, today is another day, I'll work hard~.

And the last photo, is the guardian spirit of my room, which I've brought from Japan.


Amethyst-san and Crystal-san.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[Rumor] Ayumi Hamasaki Invited To Sing A Theme Song For Jackie Chan's New Movie

Well, this is only a rumor so please don't take it too seriously, but yet, I do hope that this is real!
Jackie Chan and Ayumi Hamasaki are COOL if they ever meet!!


Here's the part of the article that talked it

Original article:


他还透露,为了增加电影的时尚元素和在亚洲范围内的发行,已经向日本歌坛天后滨崎步发出邀请,由她来担纲电 影主题曲的演唱。“这部戏的幕后班底很强,摄影师请的是美国的大师,剪辑是张艺谋和冯小刚导演御用的,文戏 导演是宁瀛,动作戏导演是袁祥仁(金牌武指袁和平的弟弟),武指更是聚集了袁家班、陈家班的精英,特效也是 请的最好的团队。”一大串卖点铺陈下来,陈虎又多了几分自信,“第一部我觉得至少自己已经尽力了,应该不会 有遗憾的。”


Ayumi Hamasaki invited to sing the theme song

He also revealed that, in order to increase the film's fashion elements and the distribution within Asia has been to the Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki days after the invitation from her to the film featuring the theme song of the concert. "This a very strong team behind the show, the photographer is the United States requested a master clip is director Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang's Queen, the text of plays directed by Ning Ying, action drama directed by Yuen Cheung Yan (Yuen Woo-Ping gold medal means the younger brother of Wu) , Wu Yuan that is gathered in classes, Chen elite classes, special effects are also invited the best team. "lay out a long list of selling points down, Chen Hu addition of a somewhat self-confidence," I think at least their first have worked hard, and it should not have regrets.

Credits: Taiwan-Ayufans + AyumiFans + nanakopy87 @ AHS
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[Photo] Meeting Ayu At London 29.01.2010 Group Photo

Another group photo of Ayu and the European fans!
So envious of them!!!!

Credit: Ianeee @ AHS
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[Fanaccount+Photo] Meeting Ayu At London 26.01.2010 - 29.10.2010

Here's another fanaccount by Tordek42 @ AHS.
So excited reading all their fanaccounts and reports, OMG!
How i wish i was there!


Right I just got back from London and I’m so hyper and amazed at what has happened that I can’t really remember what has happened over the week so bare with me!!

Tuesday 26.01.2010
I got to the hotel at about 5.00pm and there were 4 fans there. Only real thing worth talking about is that I saw Amy Winehouse enter the hotel and she looked at me, I gave her a look of disgust XD. More and more fans came until there were maybe 10 or so… Ayu finally arrived at 11.15pm, wearing sunglasses (all I can remember…). She was tired so we could get 1 item signed each and that was it, she held all our hands though as we were all really cold (her hands are so warm and soft ).

Wednesday 27.01.2010
This time I got to the hotel at about 7pm hoping I wouldn’t have to wait as long as the day before… how wrong was I!! Stan had told us that she would be at the hotel at about 9-10pm. 9-10pm went by and still no sign of her. Some people had to leave to get trains or tube, but the majority of us waited and waited. We kept ourselves entertained by listening to Ayu’s music (and doing the dance moves…) and walking around the tree nearby, I got a video of this and will upload it later. Finally at 3.30am she appeared wearing sunglasses again. She made up for the lateness though! She signed everything that we had, and posed for about 5 or 6 group photos, and once again held all our hands and wished us safe journeys and that we kept warm. After wishing her good night we all left and I got home at 6.00am

Friday 29.01.2010
After resting for Thursday I wanted to see Ayu in the morning as she left the hotel so I tried to get there fore about 11ish but after being delayed in Croydon I got there at 12.30 thinking I had missed her. She finally appeared at about 3.10pm (after I said that at 3.15pm I was gonna get McDonald’s, lucky me ^_^) The big shock this time was that was wearing sunglasses at all so we could see all her face!!! She signed everything and posed for photos, this time we were all allowed to take photos and we went insane taking photos and talking to her. After holding our hands again (still warm and soft)


SDC10485.jpg (182 KB) SDC10486.jpg (241 KB) SDC10482.jpg (174 KB) SDC10483.jpg (170 KB) SDC10498.jpg (183 KB)

Credit: Tordek42 @ AHS
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[Fanaccount+Photo+Video] Meeting Ayu At London 29.01.2010

Full report from Ianieee @ AHS!
Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful fanaccount to us! COOL!
So envy of you!


January 29th 2010!!!!

Ok... Sorry for the late report... I lied... haha well I needed to go shower etc and upload everything >.<... Well basically... mm I got to London around 4pm... But I never really planned on going out around 7... So I got some stuff to eat at home and then headed out... By the time I got to the hotel it was around 7pm... As planned =). I manage to meet a few people from AHS! Also met Cronopl, Tordek and some others! (sorry only a few I could actually remember haha) Everyone was very nice and chatty! It’s as if we all knew each other.. Was like wow.. ... we talked a lot of stuff but then I heard that Ayu wouldn’t be back at the hotel until like 11pm because she’s having dinner with her staffs etc (most likely a thank you for the help dinner kinda thing)... So many “AHS” crew went to a coffee place named Costa... We all sat down.. drank our coffee had a nice time.. chatting xD it was fun! Very good and very nice experience getting to know one another... After that it was mmmm probably around 9:30 ish? So thought we’ll go back to the Hotel... People were still there waiting =)... A few more fans came... I met Ob.Tony (two people) Mikko and Christine xD.... They were very nice too! Might be planning on meeting them tomorrow... Anyhow we waited and waited and then... I needed to pee (Sorry for being rude) haha.. Well anyways Cronopl said that it’s ok.. you can go into the hotel... so i gave it a shot... And you can see from many videos that there is always someone standing outside the hotel... Hes the person that calls in the Taxi’s for customers etc... Anyways... so i gave it a shot... “tried” to walk into the hotel and got stopped by him... xD he asked me “How may i help you” I was like... you mind if i use the bathroom... His face looks very annoyed... Well pretty much because hes more annoyed of the fans being infront of the hotel every day haha... (God Bless Ayu) Either way he kinda said... “You know you shouldn’t be walking in etc etc” and i replied “sorry first time here” (Though it was my 2nd time because i was there last week... But i don’t think he remembers me) hahaha xD He was like ok... In the end he was a nice person!... So i got into the hotel and the first thing I thought in my mind was like wow!... This hotel is NICEEEEEEEE! Haha... It’s sooo well.. Looks rich! Lol Very nice place.... Even the workers in there was very respectful... i mean every time you walk pass them, they gave you a smile and a nod... greeted you very nicely... As if i lived in the hotel myself xD... When i got out the Hotel i said “Sorry to bother you, and thankyou” the guy standing infront was like “No problem” xD... Haha... and then the waiting game started again! One hour later... We saw a black Van.... Everyone was like bleh... But then Ayu’s Driver came out and everyone freaked out! Ahha... Stan-chan got us all to stand to the side and then autographs and everything started to happen... I myself manage to get 2 CD signed... 2 posters signed this time... Soo lucky i can’t believe it... When i got very close to Ayu and manage to get my 2 posters signed i said “Domou Arigato Gozaimasu” Ayu looked at me and smiled she said.. “Oh your Japanese is very good and cute” I just looked at her and smiled xD.... All i could do *Blush* hahaha! Then i let others get some stuff signed before i took my CD’s out... And when i took my cd’s out... I got near Ayu again and she just smiled at me xD... Was funny haha But after 5 more minutes of signing.. Stan-chan said “ok lets have a group photo” and we all got into a little huddle and i was kneeling down infront of the photo and basically Stan-san said to take the photo on one camera and then hopefully the 1 person will share it between all of us *Really hope that happens* I soo wanted to have a group photo on my camera! >.<.... Either way it was a great experience... Once the group photo was taken Ayu shook many peoples hands near the front (Thankgod i was near the front) haha... When she shook my hand i said “Ganbatte on your new album” and she replied “Arigato” xD and walked up the stairs and told everyone go home it’s very cold! (something along those lines) but she basically told us to go somewhere warm and it was basically a very nice good bye in the end... Everyone was happy... This time no one cried haha... But overall... it was yaaay! I got everything signed... xD Do i want to go again tomorrow? Mmmm Maybe! I want more group photos or little groups xD... I got nothing left to sign now but hey im really really happy.. So happy! *Can still remember when she smiled at me and was like “Your Japanese is good and cute” xD... Ayu spoke a lot of English when she arrived, it was very clear as well =)... then she spoke Japanese when we took the group photo... xD Thankyou everyone who was there! Was awesome meeting you all!!


16864_449466790433_795005433_110726.jpg (63 KB) 16864_449466815433_795005433_110726.jpg (54 KB) 16864_449466830433_795005433_110726.jpg (62 KB) 16864_449466855433_795005433_110726.jpg (60 KB) 16864_449467215433_795005433_110726.jpg (55 KB) 16864_449467580433_795005433_110726.jpg (62 KB) 16864_449467605433_795005433_110726.jpg (71 KB) 16864_449468080433_795005433_110726.jpg (58 KB) 16864_449468090433_795005433_110726.jpg (65 KB) 16864_449468135433_795005433_110726.jpg (46 KB)

Ianieee's signed CDs and Posters

16864_449467225433_795005433_110726.jpg (53 KB) 16864_449468320433_795005433_110727.jpg (53 KB) 16864_449471440433_795005433_110727.jpg (36 KB) 16864_449473640433_795005433_110727.jpg (32 KB) 16864_449468150433_795005433_110726.jpg (46 KB)


The rest of the videos, You can find out from Ianieee's own Youtube Channel

All pictures and videos are belong to Ianieee @ AHS
Credit: Ianieee @ AHS
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