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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

[Video] 23.01.2013 "Melody" PV preview

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[Official] 23.01.2013 ARENA TOUR 2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~ DVD/Blu-ray out March 8th

This will be the last of the 15th anniversary releases.

LIVE DVD/Blu-ray「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~」発売決定! 

会場を「HOTEL Love songs」という架空のホテルに見立てたエンタテインメントショウが蘇る! ! 


Total running time will be 3 hours or so for both the Blu-ray and DVD.

Source: truehappiness @ AHS
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

[News] 12.01.2013 14th album "LOVE again" Information; out 2/8

CD+Blu-ray(+ayupan FIGURE+PHOTOBOOK)
CD only


Tracklist + special version goods:
Everything for this…

Chapter 4 of the 5-month consecutive release project running up to her 15th Anniversary debut is a much-anticipated original album! With songs from “LOVE” (8 Nov) and “again” (8 Dec) acting as prologues, 5 new songs are added to create a compilation of 15 tracks!

The new songs include works by Mr Hoshino Yasuhiko, Mr Tago Kunio, and Mr Nakano Yuuta, and every song is hailed as a uniquely “Hamasaki Ayumi” track that everyone craves. And with the addition of the popular 2012 tracks “You&Me” and “Song 4 u”, this album is complete with a single story and amazing quality!

For the videos, 7 video clips and 7 making clips make up a total of 14 tracks. This is the first time we’re having such an impressive line-up of video content, so one can see ayu in lots of different styles. Also, album videos are being released in Blu-ray form for the first time.

As for the limited edition, due to lots of requests from the fans, the factory had packed its schedule to produce “jacket cover photo ayupan figures”! Furthermore, rare items like a grand photobook filled with never-before-released photos will surely make this a precious collector’s item for fans!!

Moving towards her 15th Anniversary, ayu’s 14th original album is full of her charm. This is the answer.

01. Wake me up
02. Song 4 u
03. Missing
05. Melody
06. task'n'bass
07. Bye-bye darling
08. snowy kiss
09. Sweet scar
10. petal 
11. glasses
12. untitled for her... story 2 
13. Gloria 
14. Ivy
15. You & Me

01. Song 4 u (video clip)
02. Missing (video clip)
03. Wake me up (video clip)
04. You & Me (video clip)
05. snowy kiss (video clip)
06. Sweet scar (video clip)
07. Melody (video clip) 
08. Song 4 u (making clip)
09. Missing (making clip)
10. You & Me (making clip)
11. Wake me up / snowy kiss (making clip #1)
12. Wake me up / snowy kiss (making clip #2)
13. Sweet scar (making clip)
14. Melody (making clip)

CD+DVD cover ayupan:

First press bonuses:
If you preorder from mu-mo, you will get an 'original big clip' (not sure what this could be for... just for sealing things or maybe holding laundry?).

If you preorder from TeamAyu, you will get the clip and an original notebook.

If you preorder the PLAYBUTTON from either TeamAyu/mu-mo, you'll get a car message board. (Think like "BABY ON BOARD!" but for Ayu)

As with the other releases, this release will have a serial number card that you must save until the last release comes out in March and will be active for the month of March. Details are yet to be revealed.

Other info:
- there are five versions of the album, CD+DVD+ayupan figure+PHOTOBOOK, CD+Blu-ray+ayupan figure+PHOTOBOOK, CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray, and CD only
- the photobook is 24 pages
- there are five new songs mentioned in this description (so there'll be two interludes?)
- Yuta Nakano, Kunio Tago, and Yasuhiko Hoshino composed some of the new songs (all?)
- the description also mentions a jacket photo Ayupan figure and a photobook as the CD+DVD+SPECIAL/CD+Blu-ray+SPECIAL items. 
- Melody's PV consists of Ayu and the dancers, the PV is also similar to TO BE or Not yet from AT07 with the kaleidoscope effect and she is in black/white while the dancers are in red, shown during a LOVE again CM before CDL12-13's opening

Preorder links:
CD+DVD+ayupan FIGURE+PHOTOBOOK - CDJapan | YesAsia
CD+Blu-ray+ayupan FIGURE+PHOTOBOOK - CDJapan | YesAsia
CD+DVD - CDJapan | YesAsia
CD+Blu-ray - CDJapan | YesAsia
CD only - CDJapan | YesAsia

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[News] 12.01.2013 "A Classical" Information

I'm sure you guys know everything about A Classical already, but since I never posted the tracklisting, etc, I thought I'd do so for those who are a little slow in catching up on Ayu news:



Information/tracklisting from Ayu's website, translated by Misa-chan @ AHS:
A classical album produced by Mr Yamashita Kousuke!
The 7 most popular songs chosen by fans in a fanclub poll, plus 2012 new songs “You&Me”, “Song 4 u” and “Missing”, arranged in classical style and performed by a full orchestra!

Famed composer Mr. Yamashita Kousuke leads a group of young arrangers to fully rearrange all tracks! These various “all-time best” tracks have been delicately rearranged to retain the goodness of the original track and add on more layers! Furthermore, all recordings were done live so one can feel every sound, something which is precious to hear in this era.
Featured on the jacket cover, is an illustration done by Mr Uki, an upcoming illustrator who has been featured on Mr. Murakami Takashi’s Kaikaikiki and Japan’s largest SNS “pixiv”‘s galleries, and has taken part in Google+’s illustration project! First-press copies come with a gift of the jacket illustration in poster form!

A combination of mainstream pop music and art, this is the birth of a timeless and beloved release!!

02.Love song
04.You & Me
08.Song 4 u

First press bonus:
First press copies of A Classical will get a poster featuring the illustration used on the cover and a serial number card that is used with the other four cards to get a special gift. (It is unknown what the gift will be)

Gift for mu-mo buyers: Original Bracelet

Gift for TeamAyu buyers: Original Necklace

Source: truehappiness @ AHS
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Friday, 11 January 2013

[Admin] 11.01.2013 Updates returning this weekend!

Hello everyone!  tasking here!  I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates over this past month, as I've been extremely busy with the holidays, and right after, I got hit with a bad case of bronchitis and am just now feeling better x__x

Updates will be returning this weekend, I promise!  Thanks for being so patient!