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Saturday, 27 February 2010

[News] Mao Asada The Japanese Figure Skater Is A Fan Of Ayu

It is reported on the Sankei Online Entertainment website that Mao Asada, the famous Japanese Figure Skater who was recently attending the Winter Olympic in Canada, she is reported to be hearing Ayu's latest single "You were.../BALLAD" before her turn to skate on the Olympic. Ayu through her own staff who was also in Canada giving her the signed CD of "You were.../BALLAD" which saying words of encouragement to Mao, "Mao-chan, ganbatte in Vancouver!". Mao Asada was once attending Ayu's Arena Tour 2008 ~ 10th Anniversary ~ and also greeted Ayu at the backstage during 2005's a-nation event. She's a big fan of Ayu, I suppose!

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
Original source: Sankei
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Friday, 26 February 2010

[Photo] Ayu Wearing Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection

Well, as Ayu seems to be a fan of Alexander McQueen's brand, it is found out that Ayu was wearing two of McQueen's Fall 2009 Collection on her new PV, "Sexy Little Things"

ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 115

vivi201004004.jpg (513 KB)

Here are the two clothes design by McQueen that were chosen by Ayu to wear on her new PV

Credits: qumomomo + truehappiness @ AHS
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[Rumor] An Asia Tour To Be Held On 2011?

Got the news from AyuChina, not sure it's true or not, but just let's assume it as a rumor :)
and if it's true, wow Ayu is really a busy person each year!
she is liked never stop working!

Original news in Chinese

目前日方是希望明年初才進行亞洲巡演.因為明年的巨蛋檔期還未開放申請.必須等確定申請之後.才能回覆各位 喔.也請靜心等待.謝謝大家!

2010/2/24 上午 03:39:30
就是AYU的第50 張單曲將落腳今年或明年初

Brief Translation:

The post said they had confirm with the japanese about the Asia Tour.Basically,they are now waiting for the application from the stadium(巨蛋)
Its more meaning to have an Asia Tour because she's going to release her 50th single either this year or next year.

Credit: nanakopy87 @ AHS
Original source: AyuChina
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[Ayu's Diary] 26.02.2010


2010/02/26 03:10 | ayu

What did you all draw on your own canvas today?

If what you drew today is the best for you,
I hope you keep walking with the canvas in your arms tomorrow, too.

And, to the canvas, keep on adding new things
which you sensed on the new day called tomorrow.

If what you drew today didn't make you satisfied,
or if you couldn't draw anything today,
let's try again tomorrow. With me.

So that we can show our canvases to each other
when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom!!!!!!!


Barbee Boys, which is delivered today, from Enrique-san.
Full of my favorite songs. It's the greatest.

Credits: oji-i-san @ AHS
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Thursday, 25 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 25.02.2010

25th February, 2010 12:47am

Recently, my heart has been like a lost child.


Maybe it's because I've become a little tired, in these days when various things somehow seem to happen one after another--

I've been totally neglecting to update here. So sorry!!

Even though I've written things like "I'll upload lots of photos of rehearsals!"-----

But even if I'm driven by obligation to update here often, I don't think I'll be able to say anything at all.

A line-up of words, without any substance.

That's why, I've exposed the lie behind my smile to everyone!!

I shouldn't do that. I shouldn't.

No, maybe I already did. Maybe I did it sometime already.

...So did I or did I not? (laugh)

Oh well, anyway!!!

I should go have a good night's rest... And when I open my eyes, Mr.Sun will be there to welcome me, and a new day will begin ☆

On a new white slate ☆

And I can fill it up with any drawings and words I want. ☆

It'll be all up to me.

So, I'll try telling myself "Isn't that a wonderful thing~!!!"

Yep, I'll be alright.

Tomorrow will come again.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

[Info] Rock 'n' Roll Circus Title Is Not Only Used By Ayu

It's very surprising when i found this is out! So many artists/producers are interested in using Rock 'n' Roll Circus as their title album or title song!

This is probably a techno albu, or remix by the so called Nakatsu Katakeshi, reading through his profile (not that i understand Japanese), but from the words there, like CM, TVCM, guess that he's the specialist in creating CM songs? lol~

oh well, his cover for the album is really GOOD! very well created!

Picture taken from Nakatsu Katakeshi's Official Site

and here another's Japanese Rock Band who has their same title "Rock 'n' Roll Circus" as well

Credit: skull0120 @ Youtube + truehappiness @ AHS
Source: Nakatasu Katakeshi Official Site
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

[Screencap] RIMMEL New Promo Picture HQ Version

Found HQ picture of the RIMMEL New Promo Picture
She's gorgeous! Her eyes are so mesmerizing!

Screencap taken from Plaza Style Official site

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
Original source: Plaza Style
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[Video] Naomi Watanabe As Ayu's Impersonator

It seems that Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese comedian actress and she was singing Ayu's "Voyage" and dressed like Ayu. It's kind of hilarious.

Credit: sean2600jp @ Youtube + KarenPang @ AHS
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Monday, 22 February 2010

[Rumor] New Album Full Tracklists Contain of 15 songs

Got this from Maxker @ AHS, a Japanese friend just sent to him about the new album's tracklist which will contain of 15 songs including the previous singles' songs, You were.../BALLAD and Sunrise/Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL~. Though this is still a rumor tracklist, let's wait until the official info about it. But i think it's pretty official :)

and Anyway, what's with Circus title? hahaha :D (I have a feeling that somes fans will think about "oh so britney-ish" again hahaha :D

Credit: Maxker @ AHS
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[Video+Download] HONDA Zest Spark CM & Panasonic New LUMIX CM Videos + Download Links

HONDA Zest Spark CM "Microphone"

File name: Honda Zest Spark CM Microphone.mp4
File size: 6 MB
Download: here

Panasonic LUMIX CM "Don't look back"

15s CM

30s CM

File name: Panasonic Lumix 30s Don't look back.mp4
File size: 12 MB
Download: here

Credit: LosteHeaven @ Youtube
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[Awards] French J-Music Awards 2009

The results of French J-Music Awards 2009

Best female solo single of the year 2009

01- YUI - again (15.94%)
02- Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule / Sparkle (13.76%)
03- OLIVIA - Sailing free (11.62%)

Best female solo album of the year 2009

01- Ayumi Hamasaki - NEXT LEVEL (16.21%)
02- KOKIA - KOKIA AKIKO ~balance~ / AKIKO KOKIA ~balance~ (11.12%)
03- Kumi Koda - TRICK (10.88%)

Best live DVD of the year 2009

01- L'Arc~en~Ciel - Live in Paris (22.45%)
02- KAT-TUN - Live Tour 2008 Queen Of Pirates (14.29%)
03- ayumi hamasaki - ASIA TOUR 2008 -10th Anniversary- Live in TAIPEI (10.58%)

Best dancing of the year 2009

01- KAT-TUN - Rescue (11.1%)
02- NEWS - Koi no ABO (8.05%)
03- Tohoshinki - Mirotic (4.7%)
04- Namie Amuro - WILD (4.39%)
05- Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule (3.79%)

Best female artist or band with female lead vocals of the year 2009

01- Ayumi Hamasaki (7,71%)
02- Namie Amuro (6,11%)
03- Kumi Koda (4,86%)

Best CD cover of the year 2009

01- Namie Amuro - Past < Future
03- Ayumi Hamasaki - you were.../BALLAD (3,60%)
16- Ayumi Hamasaki - Next Level (1,28%)
19- Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule/Sparkle (1,16%)

Most anticipated artist or band for the year 2010

01- Ayumi Hamasaki (5,77%)
02- KAT-TUN (4,86%)
03- Arashi (4,71%)

Credit: x-megumi-x @ AHS
Original source: French J-Music Awards
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Sunday, 21 February 2010

[Info] Fly high(Euro-Power Mix) Included In EGG Magazine egg ~GET WILD & BE SEXY~ Compilation Album

It's funny of how everytime when Ayu's about to release a new album, there will be a ridiculous song title like Egg and now it really turns that there will be really a compilation album which is from the Egg magazine and one of Ayu's old hit songs is included in it, what a coincidence! and actually egg magazine is gyaru&gyaruo and shibuya-style fashion magazine. The album is already one sale since last year. It is also released by avex trax.


"egg ~GET WILD & BE SEXY~" / 2009.9.30


2.Fly high(Euro-Power Mix) / ayumi hamasaki
3.情熱の代償(Diamond Mirror SCP version) / GIRL NEXT DOOR
4.デラックス(EUROBEAT MIX) / キーヤキッス
5.創聖のアクエリオン / NAGISA
17.LOVE & JOY / 木村由姫
18.集結の園へ(SPACEY vs DJ Polaris Remix) / tsukasa
19.銀河鉄道999(SPACEY vs. garamonn Remix) / tsukasa
21.Garden(EUPHORIC AK REMIX) / May J.
22.魂のルフラン -WIRELESS SUNs mix- remixed by EZUMI / m.o.v.e
27.NO.1~輝け乙女~(DJ SHU'S LIGHT MIX3) / 東京プリン/橘佳奈

Credit: Ayu_no_tenshi @ AHS
Original source: Tower Records | egg Official site
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Saturday, 20 February 2010

[Photo] 2 New Pictures Of Rimmel Promotion Ads

New Rimmel Promotion Ads Pictures

These pictures are taken from SHIBUYA 109 :)

Credit: MissElin_ @ AHS + 我爱AYU啊 @ AyuChina
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[Translation] ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 115 Full Translation

The translation of ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 115 is here!

Click the pictures for larger version!

vivi201004001copy.jpg (876 KB) vivi201004002copy.jpg (831 KB) vivi201004003copy.jpg (746 KB) vivi201004004copy.jpg (825 KB)

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[Info] One of "Microphone" & "Sexy little things" PVs Model

Here's one of Ayu's new PVs, for new songs, "Microphone" & "Sexy little things" Models. He acted as a drummer on the PVs. Anyway, Ayu's new PVs are directed by Muto Masashi.

Picture taken from CastingCallPro Official site

Credit: Ayu_no_tenshi @ AHS
Original source: CastingCallPro Official site
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[MagScans] ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 115 Full Scans

OMG! Ayu's image has totally changed for the new upcoming album!
So can't wait for the new album and new PVs!
This is the Ayumi Hamasaki that we want, isn't it?

Click the pictures for larger version!

vivi201004001.jpg (246 KB) vivi201004002.jpg (223 KB) vivi201004004.jpg (227 KB) vivi201004003.jpg (199 KB)

Credit: as tagged + kiseki89 @ AHS
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[Ayu's Diary] 20.02.2010

20th February, 2010 12:13am


I wanted to watch so deep*1~!!!!!

(☝ for those who don't understand, go consult Suba-log~ ☆)

Many from "TA*2" are going, its splendid ♪ Please have lots of fun~ ♪

My frequency of updating is really bad recently, I'm really sorry~!!

But my diary is still more updated thatn Zin-san's, right? (laugh)

Now, because I'm working really hard for the album and tour, please forgive me-----------

Oh, yeah. PV filming has ended the other day without any trouble!!

You'll probably laugh----------- Though I didn't create it for it to be laughed at. (laugh)

Anyway, it's the best ☆

There will be filming tomorrow for another PV. Must sleep early-~~

And that was Chon-san ♪

Whose tongue was stained green by Chupa Chups*3


This is somehow Midoring, isn't it~♡

Credit: Misa-Chan @ AHS
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Friday, 19 February 2010

[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ Official Logo

The official logo of this year's ARENA TOUR 2010 has been announced through Ayu's fanclub, Team Ayu Official Site, What do you guys think of it?

Credit: f227213303 @ AyuChina
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[Photo] New Rimmel Ad Picture

Probably, this is the new Rimmel London Look New Promo Picture!
Hopefully, there will be a HQ version of this picture soon :D

Credit: Coelacanth @ AHS
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

[Info] Ayumi Hamasaki's Theme Download "Kisekae Mumo" For Mobile Phone

Starting today 2/17, cell phone users will be able to carry various avex trax artistes every where with them. Users will be able to purchase a kisekae kit with for “kisekae♪mu-mo.”

Kisekae are theme’s for your cell phones.

So from today on you can get the following artistes on your phone

- Photo’s from TOHOSHINKI's first BEST SELECTION 2010 album will be used in the kisekae. The kit includes “Special Shots” of the group taken for the album.

- AAA, Koda Kumi and EXILE are also part of the kisekae and users will be able to see photo’s from the artists newest albums. Ayumi Hamasaki’s kit includes photo’s from her “Calendar 2010 Special Shot.”

Credit: kirari @ LJ + KarenPang @ AHS
Original source: Natalie.mu
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[Info]「SEASONS」Song Included In Compilation Album "Owaranai Koigashitai"

Ayu's old song 「SEASONS」 will be included in the Japanese Compilation Album, 終わらない恋がしたい (Owaranai Koigashitai/I want a love that never ends), which will be released on 24th March 2010.

Product Information

This is a compilation album that is specially prepared for ‘mixi’ users who consist mainly of females in their twenties.

The songs compiled in this album were selected after a survey was done on the ‘mixi’ communty, Japan’s largest SNS service.

Songs include 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?/東方神起」, 「またあした/Every Little Thing」, 「永遠/BoA」, 「大好きだよ。/大塚愛」, 「SEASONS/浜崎あゆみ」 and more.

Price: USD$27.75

Original source: YesAsia
translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net + Ayu's Story
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[News+Video] "Don't look back" New Song in Panasonic New LUMIX CM

"Don't look back" New Song for Panasonic FX66/ZX3 LUMIX New CM

Credit: Coelacanth @ AHS + LosteHeaven @ Youtube
Original source: Panasonic Official Site
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

[Info] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 Title Announced!

According to this blog's entry, Ayu's ARENA TOUR 2010's title will be called as:

ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 A ~Rock'n'Roll Circus~

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
Original source: Kayzu
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 16.02.2010

16th February, 2010 11:11pm


I've caught a cold...

But there's PV filming early tomorrow morning!!!!!!!

That's why I should sleep early.

But, even so, seems like I'm still composing the music for tomorrow--------- *sniff*

My fever seems a little strange, though. (laugh)

Everyone, take care not to catch a cold~!!!

I'm off~

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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Monday, 15 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 15.02.2010

15th February, 2010 6:17pm

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, eh? ♡

Because it fell on a weekend this year, did everyone have the the best day???

When I think about Valentines, lots of different ideas come to mind. But in Japan, Valentine's Day seems more of girls giving chocolates to guys, eh?

Then, on White Day, the boys give gifts to the girls in return... That's right, isn't it? (If I'm wrong, please comment!!)

But, Valentines for Chon-san doesn't involve boy-girl relationships, or just love in the romance kind of way. It's about giving gifts and cards to all those people whom I love, in a wider sense of the word. ♡

That's why, starting with Bancho, and of course everyone from ayu STAFF, and the working team, and the friends team, had received this in the past few days ☟


I gave out the super delicious hanaBi chocolates~ ♪

There were also other small gifts and message cards to go with it, catered to each and every person. ♡

And for the babies at home, I gave them a cute pink cake, made especially for dogs ♡ Everyone was so pleased-

All you girls out there, have you all watched this movie, SEX AND THE CITY???

In this one scene, Charlotte's little adopted daughter gave a Valentine's day card to Carrie, who was at an emotional crossroads. ♡

That was my favourite scene-

That kind of feeling, is not only present in America. Surely, if Valentine's Day is not distinguished by age or gender, but, that we exchange feelings of love and gratitude from everyday life, this day will surely be wonderful!!!

That's what I think. Hohoho ♪

And so~, we had band rehearsals today.

From tomorrow on, dance rehearsals will start as well~

And then, there's still more PV filming left for the new song~~~

The weather's going to be bad, so I must look after my body well~!!!!!!!!!!

Lately, Chon-san has been eating "Avocado and Seaweed Tsukudani*1" everyday, after seeing Suu-san praise it on [Suba-blog]*2~.

Someone, please teach me the correct way to remove the avocado's seed~ (laugh)

That's all~♡

*1 A preserved dish boiled in soy sauce. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukudani
*2 Dancer Subaru's blog

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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Sunday, 14 February 2010

[Polling+Video] CDTV Poll: which artist do you want as your sweetheart?

CDTV asks..which artist do you want as your sweetheart?
It's nearly Valentines day, so CDTV wants to know which female/male artist you would want as your sweetheart.

Ayu got rank no. 19
Not bad! thinking of the other female artists are so young if compare to Ayu :D
Congrats Ayu!

Added with Video

1 Motida Kaori (Every Little Thing)
2 Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48)
4 Ai Takahashi (Morning Musume.)
5 Reina Tanaka (Morning Musume.)
6 Maeda Atsuko (AKB48)
7 Nana Mizuki
8 Nocchi (Perfume)
9 A-chan (Perfume)
10 Yajima Maimi (℃-ute)
11 Kiyoe Yoshioka (Ikimonogakari)
12 Kana Nishino
13 BoA
14 Eri Kamei (Morning Musume.)
15 Ai Otsuka
16 Kashiyuka(Perfume)
17 Ai Kawashima
18 Sayumi michishige(Morning Musume.)
19 Ayumi Hamasaki
20 Ooshima Masako (AKB48)

Credit: aramatheydidnt @ LJ + okilove33 @ Youtube + Charan @ Soompi 
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 13.02.2010

Yeah we will always be there for Ayu :)

13th February, 2010 9:41am

I've troubled everyone...

All those who got so so worried about me, I'm sorry.

And then, for sending in so many messages, thank you!!!

I'm fine!!!

Because I'm not alone.

Yes, I received a mail from Peco-san in the middle of the night, even.

"Because we're always here for you", she said.

Even all my friends contacted me.

And so with this, I feel that I'm really very lucky, to be protected and surrounded by a stong iron wall made of so much~ love. It's changed my opinions, and today, I want to be able to raise my head high, to withstand whatever is thrown at me, and continue walking on.

Everyone, please have a wonderful weekend ☆


Because everyone has been saying that they wanted to see the change in size of Papino-sans more clearly... I said I would take a photo if I had the opportunity. Some time ago, they were amazingly lined up perfectly, asleep.


It's easy to see now~!!! Papiko is huge~!!!!!

After a while, they got totally tangled up...


Papiko-san... your face is huge~ ♡

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[News] A Man Arressted of Threathening Letter To Ayumi Hamasaki's House

Oh My God! This is Scary!! Max Matsuura's house targeted by a criminal 

「放火して丸焼きにしてやる」浜崎あゆみさん宅に脅迫文 容疑の男を逮捕




Full english translation:

On the 12th, Shibuya Metropolitan Police arrested Motokichi Fujii* (42) at his place of employment in Nishishin-cho 1, Akashi, Hyogo on charges of extortion after he sent a threatening letter to singer Ayumi Hamasaki's residence and attempted to extort money from the president of Avex Group Holdings, the parent company of Avex Management. Shibuya police are investigating how he obtained Ms. Hamasaki's home address.

"Deposit ¥500 million in the specified bank account within one week. Otherwise, I'm gonna burn the company president's house down. Boss's orders," wrote the suspect in a letter mailed to Ms. Hamasaki's home, trying to extort money from the company president. According to Shibuya police, he has admitted to the charges.

Fujii brought up names of other female singers belonging to Avex Management and made arson threats. His identity surfaced as he had written his full name and address on the envelope.

Credits: twofourths @ LJ + KarenPang @ AHS 
Original sources: Sankei  | Mainichi
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Thursday, 11 February 2010

[Scans] ViVi Deji Deji Diary Collection vol. 1-10 Part 1

Well, Well, our lovely friend of AHS, Misa-chan decided to make translations of all the ViVi Deji Deji Diaries right from the first volume until the very latest, and we know that it'll be a lot of hard work to do! So let's cheer for Misa-chan to do it! and we're so grateful that we have such great friend who's willing to spend so much time to translate all the Deji Deji Diaries which can make us understand and appreciate Ayu even more. Ganbatte, Misa-chan!

Since the scans are only available until vol. 10 so far, I'll update more when I get the translations until vol. 20 for Part 2 :)

Here enjoy the first 10 volumes first :)

Click the pictures for larger version!

no1a.jpg (809 KB) no2cl.jpg (927 KB) no3z.jpg (886 KB) no4gg.jpg (843 KB) no5.jpg (832 KB) no6.jpg (841 KB) no7o.jpg (706 KB) no8.jpg (815 KB) no9t.jpg (779 KB) no10.jpg (713 KB)

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[Video+Preview] New Song「Microphone」On The New Honda Spark CM

Yay! Ayu's new song preview「Microphone」on the New Honda Spark CM!

Credit: Steffsterblogg @ Youtube + identity + Maxker @ AHS
Original source: Honda Spark Official Site
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

[Info] Jpop Asia Music Awards 2009 Winners!

Recently, Jpop Asia Forum, one of the largest Asian Music community created an online award show which involve all the members to vote for their favorite artists.

Here are the categories in which Ayu got into as well :)
Congrats Ayu!
This could determine that Ayu is still so popular even though it's been 12 years of career :) proud of her!

Best PV/MV 2009
1. Ballad - Ayumi Hamasaki
2. Fire - 2NE1
2. Sorry sorry - Super Junior
3. Ring Ding Dong - SHINee

Favorite overall artist/band
1. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)
2. Arashi
3. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Big Bang
3. Super Junior

Best overall Female Solo
1. YUI
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
2. BoA
3. Utada Hikaru

Best J-Pop artist/band
1. Arashi
2. YUI
3. Ayumi Hamasaki

Most Emotional Singer
1. Ayumi Hamasaki
2. ayaka
3. Tohoshinki (TVXQ/DBSK)

Sexiest Female/Male Artist

1. Koda Kumi
2. Namie Amuro
3. Ayumi Hamasaki

Cutest Female Artist
1. Yui
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. IU

Most want-to-be girlfriend/boyfriend

1. YUI
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Hikaru Utada

Credit: sharingyoochun.net
Original source: Jpop Asia Forum
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[Ayu's Diary] 10.02.2010

10th February, 2010 4:18pm

Last night... We had a big gathering~♪ What was it about? Hmm...





Slow and steady.


Zoom zoom.







So many... people-------------------------!!



What meeting was it?


As~ to~ that~...

There was Shingo-san and Peco-san with a pink fluffy hat,


and JK-san who writes a super blog, and Wiki Nobita,


and gold-and-black Shu-chan,


and Suu-san with his boyish smile,


and Maro-nii*1 who was grinding his teeth,


and Kayano-chi, who was my sister in glasses,


and Zin-san, who was so dark because of the sun that he could not be seen unless he stood in the light,


and Chon-san, who was really serious,


and Chon-san, who talked lots,


and Chon-san, who was checking the materials,


and Chon-san, who suddenly stood up and made a ranting speech,


and Kome, who was grinning as he nodded off to sleep,


and Jacky-ojiichan*2, who worked hard in his old man's glasses.


It was a big meeting, when everyone from the Tour family came together~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We probably carried on all the way into the night. It was a really good time.

And with this, we pur ourselves in order, all aligned to a common goal, and started off together.

Please really look forward to this year's tour ☆

It's really~ good. Almost too good to be true.

Yes, we've got a stage now, and have powered-up from the last time, and will once again tour the entire country this year in one sitting...

And so, first with the creation of the stage, let's go~~~~~~ ☆

I'll upload some more photos of rehearsals and stuff later on.

So look forward to that ♡


Papiko-san and Pino-san seem to look forward to it too ♡

Credit: Misa-Chan @ AHS
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