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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[Official] 30.11.2010 Naoya Urata feat. Ayumi Hamasaki "Dream ON" Special Site Open Now!

avex has made a special site for the collaboration song of Naoya Urata and Ayumi Hamasaki, "Dream ON"

Check out the site:


Credit: Picaflor 7/4 @ AHS
Original source: Dream ON
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[Info] 30.11.2010 "Love song" To Be Debuted At USEN on 01.12.2010

According to USEN, Ayu's "Love song" is going to be broadcasted starting from tomorrow 1st December, at 09.00 PM!


Original source: USEN
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[Official] 30.11.2010 Official Logo Of COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010 - 2011 A Revealed!

Team Ayu finally has revealed the official logo of this year's COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011!

what do you guys think?
for me, it's quite unexpected and too simple..but i love the font though

Original source: Team Ayu
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Monday, 29 November 2010

[Twitter] 29.11.2010 Ayu's & Mannie's Twitpic Updates

Ayu has come back home to Japan from LA today~~

ayu_19980408 I just arrived at Narita airport.Thanks for beautiful
time to US fans!!!We'll meet again soon=))日本のみんなぁ~、ただいま帰国しやしたっ♪一ヶ月ぶりのジャパン‼ふわっふわぁ(*^^*)

about 2 hours ago via Echofon

and Ayu also posted a picture with Mannie before going back home~

Love is in the airrrr~~ XDDD

ayu_19980408 I know=)RT @Mannie69: @ayu_19980408 but I
guess it's not for too long http://twitpic.com/3bace8

39 minutes ago via Echofon

ayu_19980408 HajjajajajaRT @Mannie69: Time to say
goodbye...for now http://twitpic.com/3ba6h1

about 1 hour ago via Echofon

Original sources: Ayu's & Mannie's Twitter
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Sunday, 28 November 2010

[Scans] 29.11.2010 ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 124 Full Scans

ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 124 Full Scans Here

223138i8m88klrgf88mlk8.jpg (131 KB) 223150nrgm26rzdd6i6kz8.jpg (123 KB) 223212abhgguwdwgwsh4ub.jpg (138 KB) 2232004a0j42aieekk4460.jpg (133 KB)

Credits: as tagged + Earth_Maiden @ AHS
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Saturday, 27 November 2010

[News] 27.11.2010 Ayu To Perform "Last Angel" At NHK 61th KOUHAKU

I just knew it!
Ayu's going to perform "Last angel" at NHK 61th KOUHAKU!

like shown on below:

Credits: as tagged + voguehoney @ AHS
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[Photo] 27.11.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki With LA Fans Photos Part 16

These might be the last pictures Ayu took with the LA fans because she has finished her album recording and probably tomorrow, she'll be going back to Japan.

Credit: cutieismylife @ AHS
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[Audio] 27.11.2010 Naoya Urata Feat. Ayumi Hamasaki "Dream ON" Audio Is Out!

Yay finally we got to listen to Naoya Urata feat. Ayumi Hamasaki, a collaboration song called "Dream ON"

Uploaded by yuki_music. - Explore more music videos.

I thought that it could be an upbeat/dance song, but it turned out to be sort of like a RnB with the Arabian music style, more like Don't look back?

I don't know, what do you guys think?

Credit: The Uploader + x-megumi-x @ AHS
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Friday, 26 November 2010

[Fancam] 26.11.2010 Ayu Met LA Fans Fancam Part 5

More fancam guys~

Ayu meeting LA Fans 18th November 2010

Credit: BWJ111 @ Twitter
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[News] 26.11.2010 Ayu Going To Be The First Performer For NHK 61th Kouhaku

According to Yomiuri, Ayu will be the opening act for NHK 61th Kouhaku and it's already been the 3rd time since 2008.

Ayu is going to have her own year-end concert at Yoyogi Stadium and she will usually rush to the Yoyogi stadium after she has finished performing her part at Kouhaku and this year is going to be the same.





Original source: Yomiuri
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[Photo] 26.11.2010 Ayu's Twitpic Update

New Photos updated on Ayu's Twitpic!

Ayu posted a picture with a Taiwanese fan who gave her the special design coat and saying that he has a talent. OMG so lucky!

and Ayu's picture at the Record Plants!

Original source: Ayu's Twitter
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Thursday, 25 November 2010

[Photo] 25.11.2010 Naoya Urata's Twitpic Update

Naoya Urata posted a picture of Ayu's Rock 'n' Roll Circus special poster somewhere

UN1982: I found you~!!
ayu_19980408: What are you doing? (laugh)

Original source: Naoya Urata's Twitter
Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[Trans] 25.11.2010 bea's UP Magazine November 2010 Issue Translation

bea's UP Magazine November 2010 Issue Translation

It's only have one page of the article, so here it is :)

Credits: as tagged
Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
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[Photo] 25.11.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki With LA Fans Photos Part 15

I'm not sure anymore, when these pictures were taken, all i know that they are new pictures haha

Credit: SatoDice_K @ Twitter
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 13.11.2010

Please read from bottom to Top


Ayu: I'll make 4th PV here tomorrow. I'm saying "4th PV" easily, but it's 4TH. It's so many in many ways. laugh But I believe director Muto to the end and ready to go with him!!!! Absolutely, I'll accomplish all☆

Ayu: C u there♪
asongforxx: more fans will try to come see you!! - @ohsixthirty: @ayu_19980408 Ayu, if I come to LA will u still be there Mon

Ayu: I'll be there=)
ohsixthirty: I'm Coming to LA! Will u still be there Tuesday and Wednesday? Lots of fans want to meet you

Ayu: Hey. laugh There're greater people, aren't there? The skills are different from mine!! That's great.
UN1982: My sister almost like a native! laugh
Ayu: I was with my brother tonight. I excercised my broken Japanese. laugh http://twitpic.com/36dxfu

Ayu: This pic looks like a postcard http://twitpic.com/36avd4

Ayu: Yeah,I told u.u'll meet him soon=)anyway,I'm very hungry!come to pick me up then go get some food♪
Mannie69: @UN198That's your brother?

More under the cut!

Ayu: Ah, I mean that don't update TA's pic on your twitter(*^^*)
miyamoriko: You're not allowed putting the pic on the Twitter??(゜Д゜) RT @ayu_19980408: Plz DO NOT put on the pic on Twitter!!!

Ayu: (*^^*)
rukushiidesu: ayu, you're the sweetest ever *-* i bet the US fans will be so happy!

Ayu: Plz DO NOT put on the pic on Twitter!!!

Ayu: I just uploaded some hint on TA.We'll meet at there I hope=))Check it out!!!

Ayu: Sorry,wait a second=)
ownsarai: no Ayu, you didn't give any hints this time. ;_;

Ayu: You're right☆
miyamoriko: Hmm, you're having a Where am I-Game?? さてゎまたどこにいるでしょう?ゲームしてるなあ??( ̄▽ ̄)

Ayu: I know♪
Ander_Hamasaki: You should start a new game with the hotel!

Ayu: Ok,I'll try =)
_JoSan: I think you must try giving a hint to them u.u

Ayu: Didn't I???
YashiHashi5: but it's harder for them because you didn't post pictures of your hotel yet~ they want to come but

Ayu: They'll find me i think.
my__aura: But U.S fans doesn't know where are you staying ;__; Maybe Four Seasons Hotel??

Ayu: Σ(・□・;)
himawarikun7: Ayu-chan, Getting 300,000 followers are becoming a real possibilityヽ(☆▽☆)ノ

Ayu: Come to c me=))
ohsixthirty: I wish I could come to LA to see you! U have so many fans in the US! �.g.f

Ayu: Ah, my hubby must get jealousy!!!! laugh
ma_hi_1220: You look like couple (laugh)O(≧▽≦)O

Ayu:♪(´ε` )
happy_kailua: Ayu-!! I found this on the PJ's catalogue!!!! I'm looking forward to it so much♪( ´▽`) http://plixi.com/p/56527982

Ayu: Great♪
zokurasu: I tried to collect. You make my smile(^O^)/ http://twitpic.com/368hb3 http://twitpic.com/368a50

Ayu: Haha!yeah,we are!!!
ownsarai: lol you looks like twins! XD

Ayu: Take care of yourself(^з^)-☆
masatomatsuura to TM538: I've already left!
TM538 to masatomatsuura: Masa-san★ Good morning! Have you left for a training already? (laugh)

Ayu: Here☆This is my little brother.He's reli looks like me!!! Haha=) http://twitpic.com/368hb3

Ayu: The background is also alike. laugh Why do you know that? laugh We've not met yet today.
UN1982: Don't you think they're look alike so much? laugh
Ayu: Wow!!!! LOL!!!!
UN1982: I tried to copy my sister! laugh http://twitpic.com/368hb3

Ayu: You're right☆
utopia142558: I'm too late, but is your hubby an American? He looks like an European for me♪

Ayu: Yes♪(´ε` )
fumi_2001TA: Both of you like grilled meat, you don't?(o^o^o)

Ayu: It's me, but before that, well... it's TA. It's the other way around( ̄▽ ̄)
anshelkiki: I can't see AT(´・ω・`) This person in thins photo is a person from another country? or Ayu?

Ayu: Ah, did you notice that? I was conscious of that. laugh
miyamoriko: This Ayu looks like your brother Naoya-kun( ̄▽ ̄)♪

Ayu: I updated TA. I did two entries♪ Don't forget about time-lag(^з^)-☆Tei!!!! Ah, by the way, I heard my hubby's eating grilled meat. laugh

Ayu: Now, accidentally I met a certain person, and my spirits are rising soon↑ I can do anything today-♪( ´▽`) About a certain person, check TA☆ http://twitpic.com/368a50

Ayu: I work until midnight, and start to work from early morning everyday... So I can't meet my brother at all I'm sad( ; ; )
gensity_yu_178: Ayu- good morning(^O^)/ Your brother has gotten up already, and he's thinking about falling back to sleep.

Ayu: I'm managing to liveヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: (*^^*)
masatomatsuura: Thank you( ; ; )
ayu_ayaka to masatomatsuura: I hope we TA can help such Ayu and Masa-san(*_*)

Ayu: Yes, I think you guys are also suffering always.
masatomatsuura: Ayu and I are suffering always.
hana_0501 to masatomatsuura: Masa-san, I think Ayu-chan is suffering from something... I'm so worried

Ayu: When I lose interests?!!! I'm working so hard-. laugh
masatomatsuura: She will return when she lose interests. (laugh) But we can't help it, because it's job.
momo19980408 to masatomatsuura: When will Ayu return(・・?

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
Shared by
Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 09.11.2010 - 11.11.2010

Please from the bottom to top :)


Ayu: Well, finally countdown live concert's information will be announced today. And reservation will start at that time!!!!

Ayu: I took my makeup off and so on. Then it was dawned. My day finished, but town started to get the new day. http://twitpic.com/35r5t1

Ayu: When I arrived at my hotel, which I'm staying and getting used to, the sun was just rising. http://twitpic.com/35r4hs

Ayu: Of course, I appreciate, but... http://twitpic.com/35r3q5

Ayu: Sometimes I feel odd with me getting used to live in surrounding like Hollywood... http://twitpic.com/35r3cb

Ayu: Uhh... that... deliberately... I used a retrosective camera... I think it's swankyヽ(;▽;)ノ
as_Manami: Ayu-san, does your cellphone's camera have any nicks? It also has some lines on the photosヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Im not gonna say anything yet!!Hahaha!!!!!
lgiam: ayuuu~~ are u and @UN1982 going to shoot a Dream ON PV in LA?

More under the cut!

Ayu: Wow!!!! You're telling about me!!!! LOL
mina_zo_mina_zo to yudetamagon366: Just between you and me, it's becoming broken Japanese lately. The person is certain A-san, not me. (bombshell statement)
yudetamagon366 to mina_zo_mina_zo : Minazou's face when Ayu talk to you in English →(゜Д゜;;)what!?!? (^艸^*)laugh

Ayu: I really miss Europe!!!
CeReSu08: I'm so proud to be a TA member, thx for sharing with us your feeling... Luv from Europe!

Ayu: No, he came after me, and he will return earlier than me. laugh
ayu_minaTA04: Will you return with your brother??

Ayu: Sweet dreams=)
PrincesseChicca: i love you♥♥♥goodnight ayu!

Ayu: From LOVE.
TimmyPavino: ~ I don't speak very much Japanese but your music inspires me so much in my everyday life. Where do you get your passion from?

Ayu: I think my messes being worse, because my brother came here. laugh
ykisakinau: You stay different place, but you're messy. That's very you. I'm relieved. in a way. laugh

Ayu: Thank u(*^^*)
jyujiw: @ayu_19980408 you have the most beautiful lyrics ever. you give me strenght everyday. love u from brazil!!! lol

Ayu: I talked to Minazou in English and to Stan-chan in Japanese. It's opposite!!!! laugh
ayu_minaTA04: Ayu, you must adapt to there life already, right( ´ ▽ ` )?? laugh

Ayu: (*^^*)
tomochon: I'm looking up at the sky today(*^^*) We are the one on the same earth, under the same sky.

Ayu: (*^^*)
dulceku_TA: heart shake... your last entry is so sweet...yes, no matter how far, we're all with you ♥

Ayu: (*^^*)
mamichan84: Ayuuuuuuu (;____;) you made me cry with your TA entries.. we're a family ♥. we're all under the same sky

Ayu: ~(・・?))Uh?
shuuuyaa: So pretty-! laugh

Ayu: Sounds goooooood!!!
Munak: Ayu! Im ur biggest fan from Germany! please come visit me, i will cook for u and mannie!

Ayu: We're having fun♪
ouais_deco: @ayu_19980408 Did you have fun with Mannie in his car? Haha

Ayu: 12th day today. But... I'm not finished yetヽ(;▽;)ノ
eizisawakita: You still stay there(;▽;) How many days have you stayed there?

Ayu: Both of them are really awesome!!!!
ayuchon7: I'm looking forward to not only new album but also collaboration single♪(´ε` )Upi♪♪

Ayu: Luv u 2(^_−)−☆
Luna8825: Looooooooooooooooooove U~~~~~~~

Ayu: (*^^*)
ownsarai:such a beautiful blue sky today makes me think of your beautiful words.

Ayu: I updated TA. Part 2☆

Ayu: I updated TA. Wheen! Wheen! But there're time lag, so you should wait a minute before watching(^_−)−☆

Ayu: Sure im almost there
Mannie69: are you ready to go for a ride in my car?

Ayu: It's a long wayヽ(;▽;)ノ
keisui_: You mean it takes long times until you'll returnヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Ok http://twitpic.com/35e5k4
iceman4649: I wanna see today's sky(^^)

Ayu: I hope I made him smile=))
aimi1007: ur brother looks tired?? Or soooo smile?? ^^ cuz meet to Ayu chan^^

Ayu: Im having a great day=)
George16BS: Hi Ayu-can... I hope you have a great day ^^ I love you

Ayu: Ah! I tried to update TA, but photos became too little. I don't know why, so I'll ask someone about that and try again.
__TA_Team_Avaco: Ayu-chan, do you miss Japan~? TA members always wait for you, so put your heart at ease(^^)♪ There're no distances wherever you are~(`ω´)

Ayu: I was relieved that he arrived here without any accidents(*^^*)
aki_0722: Showy boy (laugh) That's good you've could meet your brother(v^-゚)

Ayu: I just met my brother now(*^^*) I thought what a showy boy, but he was my brother. laugh

Ayu: We can wear T-shirt in the noon↑ But, we can't live without down jackets or something!!!! This is the case you need so many things. laugh
UN1982: I'm at a loss about what to bring, and my closet is in disorder! Can I pack up all my things? laugh

Ayu: Buy something warm at Narita.
UN1982: R, r, r, really-!? Oops-!

Ayu: Take care of yourself and come here, without any messes~(^O^)/I'm waiting for you~(^O^)/
UN1982: My sister! Is it cold there-???

Ayu: Really cold!!!! Staffs around me, they're wearing down jackets-!!!!
UN1982: My sister! Is it cold there-???

Ayu: I'll update tonight♪( ´▽`)
miyu3miyuu: Ayu-chan, good morning(´・ω・`) Don't forget about Japanese TA members-(。・_・。)ノlaugh♪

Ayu: I feel by far more confortable using English.
u4co: Ayu-chin, you've stayed there for a long time, have you been a strong in Englsih than Japanese?(^ω^)?

Ayu: My Japanese is getting broken Japanese. Everyone laugh at me.
hikalich: Your tweets, Japanese<English. laugh

Ayu: Getting some rest.....on my hubby's shoulder http://twitpic.com/355sro

Ayu: We're all one under the same sky... http://twitpic.com/354og7

Ayu: Lunch time♪ http://twitpic.com/354jnz

Ayu: Stuff happens(*^^*) http://twitpic.com/353x1j

Ayu: Mogezou → RT @Mannie69: http://twitpic.com/34yom7

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
Shared by
Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

[Trans] 24.11.2010 Ayu's Twitter Updates 08.11.2010

Sorry for the late update againn~~~~~
but here are the translation from Ayu's old tweets.. sorry~~~


Ayu: He's a shade maker.
MYALL_ayu: Mr. Giant Sugi, what is his job?

Ayu: I hear he's 3 meters and 28 centimeters tall.
aaaayu_v: How tall is Sugi-san??

Ayu: Sing a song
WineHung: what do you do when you are really depress or down?

Ayu: No, it's real name. laugh
fumi_2001TA: Did you also give Sugi-san a nickname, Ayu? laugh

Ayu: Dream is endless and lasting(*^^*)
shi_luv: Ayu-chan, it seems you're the person whose dream has came true, but do you have a dream or an aim??(*^^*)

Ayu: I n Stan are really wanna go there!!!
Ander_Hamasaki: ayu i would like u to come to Spain someday, really looking forward!!

mamichan84: Ayu, you make so many people happy, do you know? (*^^*) and your Italian fans love you so much ♥
Ayu: (*^^*)

Ayu: It's Sugi-magic.
rika19920120: Mr. Minazou looks short, but is it my imagination? (laugh)

Ayu: I did(^O^)/

_JoSan: i wonder if @ayu_19980408 can read my tweets... u.u

More under the cut!

Ayu: (*^^*)
ayuchon7: Ayu-can, please don't make me cry since morning( ; ; )Thank you always for your lots of love. Thank you for being by my side at any time( ; ; )

Ayu: Got u!!!!!=)
sweet_thoughts: Ayu, my dream is getting reply from you, so please give me your reply. Now I know you're the only one who makes my life happy.

Ayu: Well, He is Giant Sugi. Don!!!! http://twitpic.com/34wddr

Ayu: Oh,plz dont say that.I luv u 2=)))
dulceku_TA: Ayu-chan, do you hate me? You've never made any replies to me...I love Ayu from Spain.

Ayu: That's good(*^^*) I always light, so don't be afraid of darkness(*^^*)
chikagex: Ayu-chan...thank you. I could see the light in the bad morning because of your tweet, Ayu.

Ayu: Im so glad to hear about that=)
Sutiiven: You are the coolest person everrr. Your concerts are amazing! :D

Ayu: No, they're not here( ; ; )
reihaL: There're not any the childrenヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ayu: Thank u(*^^*)
0101Jessi: Ayu, I think you're great, I love the song Blossom, Mexico loves you!!! ^^

Ayu: RT @crea_spain: asia is ONE, a world is ONE, we're all ONE!! TA big family =)

Ayu: OK↑
ayumix102: I'd like a close-up shot of Sugi-san's face closeuppp! (laugh)

Ayu (*^^*)
hibiyehibiyo: BRAZIL LOVES U, AYU ^^ AND SO DO I ♥

Ayu: Hola~como estas???←haha im not sure!!
citrika: Ayuu~ do you know any words in spanish? :D

Ayu: Yes, I really want to do that.
ayuki_1987: Ayu-chan, is it time that you want to meet the children???(*^^*)

Ayu: Thank u 2=)
TA_adry: Ayu! Hola from spain! i love u! u make me smile! i'm listening Virgin road! soooo swett! THX!

Ayu: Yes,we really are=))!!!!!!!
mamichan84: Ayu, thank you for updating TA with so many photos! I'm happy I joined TA(*^___^*)

Ayu: What a sweet=))
HULUFan: ayu~ you said you live on people's smiles, but the truth is we live on your smile!!

Ayu: Hello(*^^*)
thsk55: Good morning Ayu! Please say Hello to Hungary!

Ayu: Hahaha!!!
Nekomunication: Ayu, you and your hubby are so dashing together ;)

Ayu: Coz im vampire.Hahaha-
jjjiji: it's close to the morning~ but you still didn't sleep . so why you still have a freshy and beautiful face always ^^

Ayu: (*^^*)
crea_spain: RT @LizBrazil: Thank you for both tweeting in English and Japanese, Ayu-chan!! It means a lot to us =)

Ayu: Hello(*^^*)
JOON_TOP: Ohayogozaimasu, Australia says hello ^^

Ayu: May I update a Sugi's close-up shot? laugh He's standing next to me.
Aira727928: Ayu-chan. Does Sugi have a twitter account?

Ayu: RT @hikalich: Recent news reminds me of "asia is one" Ayu said(T_T)

Ayu: Yeah( ̄▽ ̄)♪
TA_ayu_19850810: We have to hold hands with world people.

Ayu: Yes!!!
ownsarai: moisturizers only, right ayu? :D

Ayu: Welcome to TA(*^^*)
Ayu_Emi: i'm a TA member since 1 week and i reli enjoy it ! i've seen ur post on TA! ( ^ ▽ ^) wow

Ayu: Thx(*^^*)
Marrychan0920: I want to be a TA member, too! You're such an awesome person

Ayu: Im not using make up base.
julia787: Hi, Ayu~♥ What make-up base do you usually use? I love how looks your face always!

Ayu: I really don't know yet.still I've sooooooo many things.
ryandtw_jpop: When are you going back to Japan, ayu?

Ayu: My fingers paid off. laugh
miho37ayufun: I'm happy, because there're lots of photos on TA.

Ayu: =))

Aderianu: bon appetit =) RT: @ayu_19980408 Me too!lets go get some food!!!!!

Ayu: Ok,I'll try=)
anteateradvance: Are you gonna get any FALL flavored food while you're still here? Pumpkin pancakes!!! Get it for breakfast tomorrow :)

Ayu: Me too!lets go get some food!!!!!
fplant33: Now i'm so hungry ㅠㅠ

Ayu: LoL
LucasC33: LOL~~~When I woke up today, I totally forgot the day light saving thing, and went to the date 1h earlier....

Ayu: I updated TA. I seem to be get a cramp up in my fingers, because I posted photos too much, laugh

Ayu: I hear it go down to 9 degrees. It's extreme~(-。-;
ayumyall: When it was hot, it was 36 degrees, right? What degrees will be it, when it's cold??

Ayu: It gets super cold from today. It was super hot, and then it gets super cold suddenly. The sky is coverd by the cloud. at Fox studio. http://twitpic.com/34sdvj

Ayu: I've done it~(*^^*) If I've heard about that from Stan-chan, I'd live alone with time-lag today. laugh
talow405: Have you set your watch to the winter time??

Ayu: That's my brother♪( ´▽`)
UN1982: I'm messy now. laugh

Ayu: Why did I post again? I'm messy. laugh

Ayu: I hear my hubby made the white rose in the picture from paper napkin, and he gave me it~♪ His idea is cool☆

Ayu: I hear my hubby made the white rose from paper napkin, and he gave me it~♪ His idea is cool☆

Ayu: My hubby gave me a beautiful flower. He made it by paper napkin!!!What a sweet=)) http://twitpic.com/34ld8k

Ayu: You're right♪
akkapan: I guess your temperate life will continue until the end of the year.

Ayu: I'm countinue it~. I have many recordings(*^^*)♪
imoko7: How about your temperate life?

Ayu: How many days have passed???~(・・?)
ayukayoyuya0810: Ayu-chan♪ How many days have passed since you went to there? Please be back soon♪

Ayu: Hey now. laugh
kaminumarijicho: He is too gentle. But he's allowed, because he is a foreigner. laugh→ RT @Mannie69: that's right. I'll open a nice bottle of wine for when you come back ;)

Translation by Yukiko.T @ Ayu's Story
Original source: Ayu's Twitter
Shared by
Ayu's Story
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[Fancam] 24.11.2010 Ayu Met LA Fans Fancam Part 4

Sharing a fancam from today! (it's still 23rd November in LA, US)

She was signing everyone's items..how sweet of her!

Credit: yatenkouxoxo @ AHS
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[Photo] 24.11.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki With LA Fans Photos Part 14

More pictures from today (Afternoon time in US) and some of the pictures from few days ago. SORRY i can't remember anymore. haha

0006702k.jpg (253 KB) 197522699.jpg (226 KB) 197522437.jpg (263 KB) 1fh202.jpg (215 KB) ayubirthday.jpg (50 KB) picture006vlw.jpg (120 KB) picture004r0.jpg (136 KB)197586678.jpg (88 KB) 196196826.png (282 KB)

Credits: melina_t + Nessa + Sachiko02 @ AHS
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[Info] 24.11.2010 Ayu To Appear In This Year's NHK Kouhaku 61th!

It's been announced!

It's official artist list that'll be going to Kouhaku this year!

Ayu is also included! Hurray!

Original source: NHK KOUHAKU
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

[Info] 23.11.2010 Special Ayu's ViVi Deji Deji Diary Handy-Sized A5 Version To Be Released!

According to this month's ViVi Magazine, Ayu's ViVi Deji Deji Diary will be released in a Handy-Sized A5 Version on the late December 2010. It should be the next December 2010 Issue. 

It will also include several pictures from Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ 7 Days Special ~ footage like seen below:

o0634044910875055471.jpg (88 KB) o0578042610875055470.jpg (87 KB) o0420059110875061255.jpg (79 KB) o0352058110875055472.jpg (76 KB) o0254038110875055476.jpg (36 KB)

Credits: ayuis1love @ ameblo + truehappiness @ AHS
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[Schedule] 23.11.2010 Ayu To Be Appeared In Best Artist 2010!


Finally an info of Ayu is going to appear in a TV Show!

and It's BEST ARTIST 2010 which will be broadcasted on 15th December 2010

Info detail:

Best Artist 12月15日19:00〜22:00 ベストアーティスト
部分出演者:岚、NEWS、KAT-TUN、福山雅治、EXILE、ゆず、 浜崎あゆみ 、 Perfume、AKB48、TOKIO、タッキー&翼、他

Credit: Gkone1 @ AHS
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[Fancam] 23.11.2010 Ayu Met LA Fans Fancams Part 3

Here are some fancams that recorded by our friend, Brad (@BWJ111)

16th November 2010

17th November 2010

Credit: BWJ111 @ Twitter
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Monday, 22 November 2010

[Twitter] 22.11.2010 Naoya Urata Tweeted About Dream ON Broadcasted On Radio!

According to Naoya Urata's few tweets earlier, It seems that "Dream ON" has been aired through TBC Tohoku Broadcasting Radio Channel afternoon

Here are the tweets:

Dream ON is on air!!! It's so cool. So happy!
Dream ONオンエア中!!!すげー嬉しいぜっ。心に届いてるかな?
about 2 hours ago via Echofon  

TBC Tohoku Broadcasting Go! Dream ON will be broadcasted.
TBC東北放送でいくぜ!Dream ONかけちゃうぞー。
about 2 hours ago via Echofon 

Tune in AM 1260! Let's Go! Dream ON GO!
ちなみAM1260だよー!きいてねー!Dream ONいくぞー!
about 2 hours ago via Echofon 

Ah that song is going to be broadcasted! URATA NAOYA feat. ayumi hamasaki Dream ON will be delivered to all
さぁそろそろあの曲流しちゃうぞー!URATA NAOYA feat.ayumi
hamasaki Dream ON皆に届けー!

about 2 hours ago via Echofon

Original source: Naoya Urata's Twitter
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[Twitter] 22.11.2010 Ayu Changed Twitter Profile Picture

Ayu has changed her profile picture to be matched with her "brother" Naoya Urata (@UN1982) and he helped her to change though haha :)

They are almost looked like twin now on the profile pictures LOL

Original source: Ayu's Twitter
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[Photo] 22.11.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki With LA Fans Photos Part 13

Sorry for so many parts shared.. but the pictures just can't stop coming in haha XDD

So luckyyy!
I wanna be hugged by ayu like thattt~~

ayu1.jpg (252 KB) ayu2.jpg (218 KB) 810sign.jpg (60 KB) 195542318.jpg (542 KB) kbx25g.jpg (447 KB)196725042.jpg (39 KB)196564921.jpg (247 KB) 196553465.jpg (215 KB)196611354.jpg (198 KB)

Credits: cutieismylife + yatenkouxoxo @ AHS + Mannie69 + chocopockymstr + RockRollCircus8 @ Twitter
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Sunday, 21 November 2010

[Photo] 21.11.2010 Ayumi Hamasaki With LA Fans Photos Part 12

More pictures in LA

A Japanese fan, Sachiko took pictures with Ayu~
ahh so envy!!

picture031ww.jpg (53 KB) picture035ay.jpg (139 KB) picture004bn.jpg (133 KB) picture009mg.jpg (120 KB) picture012kz.jpg (128 KB) picture036di.jpg (111 KB)

Credit: sachiko02 @ AHS
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