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Monday, 30 November 2009

[Info] Ayumi Hamasaki Will Attend CDTV Countdown Live Special

Ayu will be participating in the year-end program of TBS CDTV Countdown Live Special. Below is the detail:

Performance in TBS CDTV Countdown Live Special has been decided.
Along with that, we want to open application for those who want to watch. More info below.

The ending of the show may be in 12.00 AM, so this is only for those over 20 years old who can participate, since the last schedule of the MRT is on 12.00 AM.

Please note that for recording of TBS/CDTV Special on 7th December 2009, you cannot bring friend to accompany you.

The CDTV New year sp that will have Ayu will be recorded at 7th December 2009, we invite all of you TA members to apply.

Credit: haru @ AyuChina
Translated by Shunchan
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[Official] Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 A Has Its Own Title!

I can't remember whether Ayu has ever used a certain title name to name her year-end Countdown live but this year, she uses a title for her COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 which is called as
"ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 A ~Future Classics~

I wonder what she meant by that though. 

Credit: akane5749 + haru @ AyuChina
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[Photo]「You were.../BALLAD」Covers + Promotional Pictures Larger Version

I just found out the much larger pictures of 「You were.../BALLAD」Covers and Promotional Pictures

Click the pictures for larger version

CD+DVD 「You were.../BALLAD」

mc5dfa.png (494 KB)

CD+DVD 「BALLAD/You were...」

2igyxhy.png (366 KB)

CD Only 「You were.../BALLAD」

mae8tk.jpg (40 KB)

Promotional pictures

With Feathers

ajtp9k.jpg (142 KB)

Without Feathers

zyay6e.jpg (135 KB)

Credit: BEAT @ AyuChina
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[Video] Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 evolution & SIGNAL Performances Video

Here's the performances of evolution & SIGNAL at ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 ~ NEXT LEVEL ~

Credit: singforair0912 @ Youtube + Gkone01 + AHS
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[Video] Ayumi Hamasaki Fangirling On Tohoshinki's a-nation 2009 Performance

Yay! Finally I've found the documentary video of a-nation 2009 where Ayu was fangirling over her current favorite boyband, Tohoshinki. I've not yet watched the video, because my internet connection is so lame right now T__T
but I'm sure there's Ayu's part when she was cheering for the boys :)
it starts from 5.09!

Credit: Bambii0u0 @ Youtube + DBSKnights
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[Video+Download] Ayumi Hamasaki Arena Tour 2009 rollin' & Sparkle Performances Download + Video

Here's the video of ARENA TOUR 2009 NEXT LEVEL rollin' and Sparkle Performances

and also the Download links:

rollin' Performance
☆ Download: here

Sparkle Performance
☆ Download: here

Credit: f227213303 & dyuboy @ AyuChina + lamafg @ Youtube + leoberlin @ AHS
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Sunday, 29 November 2009

[Scans+Download] Ayumi Hamasaki Calender 2010 Full HQ Scans Part 2

The first 3 scans can be found here

Here's 3 more to complete the scans

Click the pictures for larger version

1500 x 2150

Calendar-2010-07-08-medium.jpg (1.0 MB) calendar20100910medium.jpg (1.1 MB)calendar20101112medium.jpg (1014 KB)

and the download links for the largest version 8000 x 11650

Month 1-2 Download here
Month 3-4 Download here
Month 5-6 Download here
Month 7-8 Download here
Month 9-10 Download here
Month 11-12 Download here

Credit: LostHeaven @ AHS
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[Translation]「You were...」Preview Lyric English Translation

「You were...」Preview Lyric English Translation

It's a sad song, a woman can't forget her ex-boyfriend and certain things keep reminds her of him. I wonder how the PV will look like. So curious!


The lovers pass by each other and bump shoulders as they walk
The cold is so piercing because you're not here
If it gets to the point that the season can be forgotten, then that's the point where there's nothing left
That which shined so bright in my dreams was the act of loving you, so

I thought you were the last person
I wanted my last love to be with you
Alone under such a vast night sky
What in the world am I supposed to think...?

Such a shy smiling face was there next to me before
Hey, how long until this pain finally ends?

The continuation of the dream we spoke of back then
And the favorite phrases we always said to each other
You might be able to forget everything
But I won't ever be able to forget a single one.

The moment I started to move on, I was attacked
by memories of your kindness and warmth

I thought you were the last person
I wanted my last love to be with you
Alone under such a vast night sky
What in the world am I supposed to think?

The continuation of the dream we spoke of back then
And the favorite phrases we always said to each other
You might be able to forget everything
But I won't ever be able to forget a single one

But I won't ever be able to forget a single one.


Credit: Delirium-Zer0 @ AHS
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[Video]「You were...」Piano Version + Karaoke

It's very beautiful!
The one who played it really awesome!

and someone has done the karaoke over the song

Credit: ParaLoveArashi + PeaceB85 @ Youtube + miskiq @ AHS
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 Celebration Party At One of Avex Employees' Blog

One of the avex employees', nickname Finemake on her blog posted some celebration party pictures of ARENA TOUR 2009. Here are the pictures. Ayu looked gorgeous and sexy!

Click the picture for larger version

Credit: AyumiFans + (AYU)Marionette @ AHS
Original source: Finemake
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Friday, 27 November 2009

[Ranking]「You were...」Ranks No. 1 At Recochoku Ranking

「You were...」ranks no. 1 at Recochoku Ranking, Chaku Uta Ranking. Congratulations!

「You were...」ranks no. 2 at Recochoku Ranking, Ring Back Tone Ranking. Congratulations!

Picture taken from Recochoku Official site

Credit: ayumisrael @ AHS
Original source: Recochoku
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Thursday, 26 November 2009

[Download+Video]「You were...」 Chaku-Uta Ringtone HQ version

File name: You were....mp3
File Size: 9.58 MB
☆ Download: here


Credit: ayuayuayuta @ Youtube + Luna62 @ AHS + 陳文振 @ AyuChina
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[Rumor] Ayumi Hamasaki Is Rumored To Have A New Boyfriend Updated

When I looked around the chinese local newpaper, it surprised me there is a piece of article talking about Ayu.
And it's a rumor that Ayu has gotten herself a boyfriend (If I'm not wrong in reading the news though, since I'm not so fluent in reading Chinese),
I'll ask my Mom to make a proper translation for me later, as my Dad didn't interest to do it for :(.
Anyway, the rumored boyfriend turns out to be the J-Dorama actor "Tetsuji Tamayama", if you see the picture.. But I think it's only a rumor though.

IMG00009-20091126-0915.jpg (355 KB)

English translation updated:

‎​After the Former issue of Ayumi Hamasaki's Mother upon the revealed drunk case, Ayumi is back with another new issue of having a new boyfriend. This new mate is the one who was rumored to Kuriyama Chiaki, TAMAYAMA Tetsuji.

Speaking about TAMAYAMA Tetsuji, who was actually suspected to having affair, is about to be revealed.

Exposed by Ayumi Hamasaki's close friends :" The fifth floor of Ayumi's residence, which is Ayumi's room, is not allowed to enter even the manager, but This TAMAYAMA Tetsuji leisurely entered the house and personally took the lift up to and went straight to her room."

Credit: Ayu's Story
Translated by: ZYRYC @ Yunhosshi
Original source: Xun Bao Daily
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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

[Photo] 浜崎あゆみ Photo & Episode 2005-2009 Photos

The Inside look of 浜崎あゆみ Photo & Episode 2005-2009 Unofficial Photobook. I guess that this Photobook is a worth of buying. All of the old to new pictures look awesome!

Check them out!

00.jpg (53 KB) 01.jpg (72 KB) 03_9.jpg (52 KB) 04.jpg (86 KB) 05_4.jpg (151 KB) 07.jpg (48 KB) 08.jpg (62 KB) 09_8.jpg (46 KB) 13_10.jpg (64 KB) 14_7.jpg (58 KB) 16_9.jpg (60 KB) 17_5.jpg (66 KB) 19_2.jpg (57 KB) 21_8.jpg (52 KB) 22.jpg (50 KB) 23.jpg (50 KB) 26.jpg (40 KB) 28.jpg (41 KB) 29_3.jpg (41 KB)

More from This blog link

Want to get this book? Here's the Yesasia link

Credit: LacusClyne @ AHS
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[Screencap] Team Ayu Official Site Layout Updated With 「You were.../BALLAD」47th Single Theme

The Official Team Ayu's Website has changed its layout with 「You were.../BALLAD」47th Single Theme.
Check it out!

Edit: Bigger size

teamayuyouwere.png (205 KB)teamayuyouwere2.png (563 KB)teamayuyouwere3.png (164 KB)

Credit: haru @ AyuChina + walking.proud @ AHS 
Original source: Team Ayu
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[Translation] "Memorial address" Beatfreak Track-By-Track Interview

"Memorial address" Beatfreak Track-By-Track Interview

Can you give us your thoughts looking back on the past year? This year was as busy as ever, right? From March until the end of May, you had your first Fan Club Members-only Live House tour, "Limited TA Live." Then in July, you released the four-song maxi single "&." On August 30th, the single "forgiveness" and, starting in October, your 30th single release commemorative concert tour "A museum." Then the November release of "No way to say," and now in December you've released the "Memorial address" mini-album.

A: Yeah. But '03 went really smoothly, I think. I took on various challenges. Of all of them, the "A museum" tour I did in the fall is the biggest deal for me... After that was done, "No way to say" was created and then the Mini-album "Memorial address" was born.

"A museum" made use of the entire venue, with you teleporting between several stages, wearing a pure white wedding dress with a 50 meter veil trailing behind, the whole thing was really amazing. And 22 songs! Performing for two and a half hours!! It was really quite surprising.

A: I know, right? And performing "A museum" let me see all my supporting band members & dancers, who I'd worked with before, in a new light. It's hard to accurately describe it, but there was so much that came from putting on this concert, I think it had an immesurable influence on me. This concert, being called "A museum," was really huge for me personally.

This album, "Memorial address," comes in two versions, a CD-only (2100 yen) and a CD+DVD (3465 yen), and on the DVD there are PVs for all tracks excluding the bonus track, plus an "A museum" digest video.

A: Mm-hmm. If you watch the DVD I think you can get an idea of the overall feeling of "A museum."

At any rate, the CD+DVD is packaged in a nice 2-disc set. Can you give us some details of the PV and Live contents compiled on the DVD?

A: I've started to have an interest in film since the beginning of this year, watching the works of various directors proactively. Because of that, for this year's first release "&", I had new directors working on each of the three songs' videos. When the producers watched those works, they started saying things like "You should release a CD+DVD mini-album." So, having heard that input, I compiled the 7 PVs and the "A museum" digest, all shot in 2003, which all together took shape to reflect me, and I could feel the potential and appeal that the films from this year projected.

It became a work expressing the ways those films appealed to you personally.

A: And I want people to plant their bodies and watch it as closely as possible! This is something that moved ayu to really feel. I think whether you watch it alone or with alot of other people, experiencing it with both your eyes and ears is very different from only taking in the sounds.

Continuing on, can you tell us the theme of the album artwork?

A: The jacket's themes are "strength hidden inside" and "thoughts & feelings kept to oneself." Because I wanted to express this, the cover photo and inside photos are all "neither smiling nor crying, totally expressionless," and the colors are de-emphasized so it's mostly all gold.

When you get to the photo of you in green, you're posed rather like a doll or a puppet, which also reflects that feeling. Inside that doll, there is a heart that cries out in protest, but...

A: Yes. That's exactly how it looks.

Can you tell us a little about the contents of the mini-album itself? This time you had 5 songs released on singles, so there are three new songs put together here. Was the album originally intended to have 8 songs?

A: Eh, well... From the time I started this "mini-album" I was thinking about "what songs are good?" So when I finally decided on the 8 songs, there were 5 that happened to already be on singles plus 3 new songs. I think it turned into just conveying more than just the thoughts I had packed into those five songs.

The three new songs are "ANGEL'S SONG," whose main characteristic is its pop melody; "Because of you," which speaks of love feelings that you can't get rid of; and then also "Memorial address," which was recorded with your band. All good pieces of music. You chose "Memorial address" as the album's title track, but didn't publish the lyrics inside the booklet. Could you tell us the reasoning behind that?

A: When thinking about the fact that "this mini-album = myself this year", "Memorial address" contains things that had become fundamental to me. So I think using it as the title for the album was the right thing to do. But as far as the song is concerned, I didn't plan on explaining the various things going on inside me. I'd prefer if people listened first. I think if people listen to the song properly, they'll get a better idea of what I'm thinking in it. The lyrics aren't printed in there, so people have to listen to the song first, before having any information (any written characters to look at). This is because I wanted people to feel the song.

INTERVIEW: Kazuki Okabe

Born October 2nd, 1978. Hometown is Fukuoka. Blood type A. Debut on April 8th, 1998 with "poker face." Since then, has released 31 singles and 19 albums (including remixes and best-ofs).

*New Release
Mini Album "Memorial address"
CD+DVD: AVCD-17410/B / '03.12.17 / 3465 yen (tax in)
CD Only: AVCD-17411 / '03.12.17 / 2100 yen (tax in)

Music: Tetsuya Yukumi / Arrangement: HΛL
PV Director: Hideaki Sunaga
"ANGEL'S SONG"'s melody really gets at you. The version that came to me from the composer, Yukumi, had more of a rock taste, and more of a sad feeling, but HAL did the arrangement and it really became more of a "UPBEAT HAL!" sort of arrangement... So the song is much closer to what was inside me. The PV was directed by Sunaga, who also directed the "Greatful days" PV. I change into a wolf and fight a gang. But what I thought of in my head when I heard about the aforementioned change, and how it actually turned out, they were two very different things... I was quite surprised (bitter smile).

02 "Greatful days"
Music: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: HΛL
PV Director: Hideaki Sunaga
The subject matter in the lyrics is really very simple, maybe I didn't have alot I wanted to say? Actually, even though it's easy to listen to, there's probably alot I'm saying... That's the kind of thing I wanted to do, actually. The melody has this proactive feeling of "let's go this way!" But since the song is absurdly and excessively bright, you can't understand what sort of face I may be making in singing it (bitter smile). I was pretty much always smiling during recording. "We can be naughty because the summer gives us freedom" became the theme of the PV. It feels like, if "ourselves" is the nightmare, this is the good dream.

03 "Because of You"
Music: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: HΛL
PV Director: Kouki Tange
A friend of mine has someone they met who they got to really like. Things were nice between them for awhile, but then quickly dropped off. When I asked, "Do you think it would have been better if you'd never met?", that friend was able to reply with a sunny face, "I think it was good that we met, as far as I'm concerned, the moment we encountered each other was a happy one." That moment stuck with me very strongly, and "Because of You" was born from it. The dancers I usually work with on tour perform in the PV, but I suggested this to the director Mr. Tange. That's because when I did "A museum," I was really moved by the expressiveness I saw from them. That day, I saw the dancers on-set, and it sort of manipulated the atmosphere, and I think I understood what my goal was exactly. The "How do you do, friend?" atmosphere was something we had to not let out, but I think was visible in the final film.

04 "ourselves"
Music: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: CMJK
PV Director: Kouki Tange
A cool and incredibly pure song. Rather than "romantic passion," I'm singing about life itself, not just happiness. I have more than enough to fulfill myself, but honestly, there's still this sort of unending sadness. I wanted to write about such a feeling. As for the PV, I'm in very striking makeup & costume, and I'm thrown into an insane world where these scientists are tearing up my posters and there are eerie anti-fans. And they've put on these masks with my face. This video feels like, totally "Tange's World!"

05 "HANABI ~episode II~"
Music: CREA + D.A.I / Arrangement: tasuku
PV Director: Shuuichi Tan
"HANABI", released last summer on "H," ended with the lyric "I can't do anything about it," it seems. That's all well and good, but I thought I should give it a proper ending. Of the 7 PVs on the DVD, this is the only one shot on-location (Kujukuri Beach). From sunrise to sunset, we kept to the shooting schedule even in worrying weather. The gray and hazy sea in the background, rain sliding down the glass, tears falling, and in the middle of this lonely time I furiously play guitar. And then, the transient fireworks scatter. I think my sad faces and everything in this video all marks the end of summer so entirely.

06 "No way to say"
Music: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: HΛL
PV Director: Ukon Kamimura
I want to explain, but I can't explain well enough. The more I talk, the more a wall is built up, and the more words become obstructed. There have been times when I felt like I'm terrible and expressing myself when I talk. So when I was saying this to people, there was someone who said "everyone feels like that sometimes, right?" And those words were the reason I was able to create this song. I requested Kamimura, who directed "Real me," for the PV. Standing on a street corner, Santa is handing tissues to the people who are coming & going, but he gives me a different color of tissues from everyone else, and when we meet again there's a scene where he hands me a present in red wrapping. In this world today, we can communicate so many feelings and business details with email and other conveniences, but I think it's just so nice to hand-deliver a gift, that we put alot of thought into, to someone we care about. So I included a scene with that sort of feeling.

07 "forgiveness"
Music: BOUNCEBACK / Arrangement: HΛL
PV Director: Yoshiya Okoyama
Instead of raising and lowering my gaze unreasonably, I was thinking, whatever age someone is, whatever era of their life they're in, there are still so many younger children out there, and what do we all have in common? And I thought, "love." From the time we're babies until we're old grandpas & grannies, I realized, we always have "love." The title, "forgiveness," comes from an image of "feelings of wishing," "feelings of repentance," and "feelings of solemnity." In Japanese, we have words like "yurusu (permission)" and "kandai na (leniency/tolerance)," but for this song I think "kandai na" is the closest to what I mean. The PV is very busy with CG, and the director Okoyama would say things like "Okay, so I think such-and-such a thing is gonna go here...", and there were a bunch of places where I would have to perform while imagining it. It was extremely difficult.

08 "Memorial address"
Music: Tetsuya Yukumi / Arrangement: tasuku
This is the title track, but also the bonus track, and the only one of the 8 tracks that was recorded in a band session. Originally I was going to record this song by myself in the studio, but during recording, there wasn't just me, the band and chorus were all around me. When I heard them playing I just wanted to sing, I think. Yo-chan's guitar, Enrique's bass, Shingo's piano. It calmed me down, the sound of all these people who've supported me. I think I really needed it. "Memorial address." In my mind, it's very special, and when I made it, it became important to me in the same way "teddy bear" (from "Duty") is.

Credit: Delirium-Zer0 @ AHS
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[Download+Translation] Marionette Music Box MP3 Rip + ViVi Deji Deji Diary August 2009 Vol.107

I got to emerge the Download + Translation

Someone has uploaded the Marionette Music Box version as a ringtone, so here it is

File name: Marionette music box version.mp3
File size: 415.19 KB
☆ Download: Here


ViVi Deji Deji Diary August 2009 Vol.107 English Translation

ViVi Deji Diary August 2009

[1st page]


The much anticipated “Arena Tour 2009 ~ Next Level” has begun!

This lengthy concert will continue until October.

So what are we going to encounter, how are we going to endure and what will we produce in this journey?

I look forward to that and most of all, see you people in the entire country!

With love,


[Top left, Cyan]

After two continuous live nights at Saitama Super Arena, and now we are off to our next stop, Nagoya!

This picture was taken during my departure at Tokyo JR Station.

I was wearing a "diane" dress, the key chain on my Chanel Bag is TOCOPACIFIC.

And by the way, even it was not shown in the picture, I was wearing Rossi sandals.


This was the scene of Nagoya Station, a lot of people came to see me off. And they were following the rules nicely by lining up properly and so I give full marks for their discipline!

The Nagoya AyuTeam really is energetic everytime I see them.

I will see them again~


Soon we will be leaving for Osaka.

Today I am wearing Alexander McQueen t-shirt and sunglasses. MARC's black, glittery sports shirt matched with CURRENT's "Boyfriend" series denim pants, plus Chanel's rockish handbag.

There were also a lot of friends here waiting for me at Kansai Airport. Thank you very much~

[2nd page]

Here we are leaving for Fukuoka from New Osaka JR Station.

There were also a lot of friends here waiting for me.

Thank you all~~~

Today's mix and match is MARCsunglasses, Alexander McQueen's T-shirt and belt, and 6126's leopard-spot tightpants plus a pair of FENDI shoes.

Yes, we are here at the Komatsu Airport.

The fans here are also very genki nee~~~

I recently fell in love with Lauren Moshi's gray wool hoody shirt and matched with its black T-shirt. The hat is Lucien Pellat Finet.

[3rd page]

Yeah I am fonally now at my hometown, Fukuoka!!

Once we arrived, we came to this restaurant for dinner and some R&R.

Today I wore Lucien Pellat Finet's hat, and Alexander McQueen's scarf.

Plus a black denim biker lether jacket which which I had forgotten where I bought it.

Fukuoka really is warm and friendly!! Now that's what I call Home Power!!

On the next day, I went to have sushi with my band members and dancers and my crew members! Just as we step out of the door, there were people at the front porch of the restaurant and the crowd stretched all the way to the bridge at opposite side!

I was wearing REBECCA TAYLOR's workers' suit and florescent pink wide belt.

Amazed by such a crowd gathered around us, Mr. Nobu's hand-baked cake gave me another good surprise!

Some 500 people sent us off on the day we left at Fukuoka Airport. Thank you everyone! (tears)

I am still wearing my Lucien Pellat Finet's hat, MARC's sunglasses, and on top of Lauren Moshi's tank top was the CURRENT's denim biker outfit, and not to forget pink tight pants, last but not least, BALMAIN sandals for my feet.

Translated by Isaac Hiew
Translated from ViVi August 2009 International Chinese Edition
25/ Nov/ 2009

Credit: pommy48 @ AHS + Isaac Hiew @ AHS
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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

[Info+Audio] 「You were...」 Ringtones Have Been Leaked!

Some parts of「You were...」 new song has been leaked through Chaku-Uta Ringtone website

Here's one of the preview of 「You were...」

Download Preview Here

*Will update later on Youtube*

Here's the Youtube link

12月29日発売NEWシングル「You were... / BALLAD」配信開始♪
12月29日発売NEWシングルより「You were...」着うた®・RBT(メロディコール・待ちうた)を先行配信開始♪



・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ)

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ) 

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ)

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ)

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ)

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ) 

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ)

・「You were...」(1メロ、1サビ、2メロ、2サビ、大サビ、3サビ~ラストサビ、ラストサビ) 

携帯にURLを送る際、ご利用のブラウザ・メールソフトによってはURLが正しく表示されない場合がござい ます。
コンテンツ及び配信日、サービス、仕様、料金、お申し込み方法など、予告なく変更する場合があ ります。
コンテンツ、サービスによっては、一部非対応の機種があります。サイトにて入会前に必ずご確認 ください。
ダウンロードコンテンツ等は有料サービスとなり、本サービスの通信費はお客様のご負担となります。あらかじ めご了承ください。

Credit: walking.proud & identity @ AHS + teth @ JPM
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Monday, 23 November 2009

[Ayu's Diary] 22.11.2009

One thing,
22 November 2009 5:28 AM

The cogs are starting to misalign, and everything is getting disengaged.
Becoming disconcerted but feigning composure, timidly oiling the gears, using every trick in the book, but ultimately letting it all sink in.
This time, impatience comes too late. That's how it feels.
Times when the cogs stop turning aren't unusual.
While that may be true, I don't kick and scream, being who I am I've done serious advance preparation. Just like I always have.
I yield to that preparation in times like these.
In those cases, of course it's only the truly important things that are left, so.
My heart might be in pain, for instance. I think that's proof of my humanity.
Again, it's best to protect the absolute most important things that are left.
With such thoughts today, this is Chon-san, signing off.

22 November 2009 6:48 PM

What I wrote this morning...
I kinda... confused you all... I guess, maybe I worried you too much, so...
It's not that something was happening with me personally, I was thinking of something with a friend, and I wrote about that~.
I'm sorry if I was too ambiguous!!!
And I have something important to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This year's CDL has become incredibly huge, of course...
There weren't as many seats available as there should have been, and I've gotten alot of disappointed messages about that...
This year also, everyone on staff is working hard so we can do a second round of selections!☆
We're doing all we can so we can let as many people as possible into the venues, so give us just a little bit of time.
Please look forward to an announcement on the details!!!
And everyone who's buying the tickets just for the sake of reselling them, I'd really like you to stop that.

Credit: Gaijin Kanpai
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[Info] Ayumi Hamasaki Will Attend NHK 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Good news everyone, It's announced on NHK Official site that Ayu will be participating in the yearly event held by NHK on the upcoming 31st December 2009. Here's the list of the Female performers including Ayu who has been participating for 11 times including this year. Can't wait!

Picture taken from NHK Official site

Original source: NHK Kouhaku
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Sunday, 22 November 2009

[Scans] Ayumi Hamasaki Calender 2010 Full HQ Scans

Luckily, our dear friend from AHS forum, LostHeaven is being so nice to share with us the full HQ scans of Ayumi Hamasaki Calender 2010. So I share in here even though there are only the half of the completed scans, but I'll update soon whenever I get the rest. Okie?

So enjoy these first :)

Click the pictures for larger version

1500 x 2150

Calendar-2010-01-02-medium.jpg (955 KB)Calendar-2010-05-06-medium.jpg (1012 KB)Calendar-2010-03-04-middle.jpg (1.1 MB)

Credit: LostHeaven @ AHS
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Saturday, 21 November 2009

[Scans] ViVi Deji Deji Diary 2009 Vol. 112 Full Scans

Click the pictures for larger version

201001_1.jpg (317 KB) 201001_2.jpg (258 KB) 201001_3.jpg (351 KB) 201001_4.jpg (336 KB)

Credit: AYUPAN613 @ AyuChina
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Thursday, 19 November 2009

[Ayu's Diary] 19.11.2009

The new song,
2009/11/19 23:33 | ayu

Its jacket photos have been revealed, huh~?
It seems everyone likes them, I'm so glad!☆
For this jacket photo, we were seeing if we could give it.... a different feeling than usual, I guess.
When I can put alot of significance in there, I think it's really nice♪
As for the essential part, the songs themselves, one is a movie theme song and one is another drama theme song, and when you hear them at length in various situations it'll turn you into a kid again, and that makes me happy.
So anyway.
Yesterday was dance rehearsal.

I apologize for not having makeup on.
Chiharu's cast was like, what makeup? we can't do that. lol
Even if I did put makeup on, it'd come off in like two seconds, so I didn't bother. Wahaha~!

You can probably figure out why my hair's doing that, right? lol
Licking my lips.
wtf. lol☟

And I didn't know Shuu-chan was behind me here.
wtf. lol☟

When rehearsal was done, my face looked like it was saying "funuun."*
The one continuing to take such stupid-looking photos like the one above was of course everyone's father, who was just supervising, but that doesn't mean he was dozing off. Right?lol ☟

And also, Chon-san was running around because she was scared of getting her flu shot.
But they eventually caught me. lol
Still more to do today, I gotta get to work!!!!!!!!!

*I have no idea. maybe a sound of relief? Feeling like acting silly? feeling like one's brain has melted? I dunno.

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS
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