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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

[Info] BeeTV To Broadcast PVs From AVEX From The Past 20 Years

BeeTV which was launched on 1st May, and whose membership broke 400,000 on 15th June, is a mobile phone TV channel which allows you to enjoy TV dramas, videos and more. From [ROOKIES - Graduate-] to [Getting Married To 40 Women In 90 days], to personal videos with Tohoshinki [Tohoshinki's MOOLOG], there are many options for everyone. However, from 1st July, BeeTV will broadcast more than 2,000 music videos which have been released over the last 20 years.

These will be broadcasted on 1st July in BeeTV’s new segment [AVEX Music Collection]. This segment includes past videos from artistes like TRF, Namie Amuro and EXILE. Latest songs that were released from 2 weeks prior, will also be included. Also, a 140 minute long video of Ayumi Hamasaki and other artistes participating in the annual summer concert [a-nation], will also be included, and on 1st July, you’ll be able to enjoy 2,000 videos from a total of 445 artistes.

Up till today, BeeTV has also previously aired videos from artistes like Ayumi Hamasaki and EXILE, but now others will be included. To be able to watch these music videos through your mobile phones any where you go is not only an enjoyable thing, but also a great service to music lovers.

Credits: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun 
Source: [tvxqasia]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
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[Audios] ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 ~ NEXT LEVEL ~ various lives rips

There are various songs that we can hear live from these youtube links such as rollin', Sparkle, EnergizE, Load of the SHUGYO, Curtain call, identity, LOVE 'n' HATE and others. 

Check them out!

Credit: papipapihoney @ Youtube + truehappiness @ AHS Forum
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[News] 「Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~」 both PVs will be filmed together with Team Ayu members on 6th July 2009

How lucky being TA Members, some lucky Team Ayu members will be picked up and film the new single's PVs together with Ayumi Hamasaki on 6th July 2009 (if it's not raining). 

This info is coming from a TA Member in AHS Forum, here what he said:

So since the split of the News section, I don't know where to put this...so I'll put it here:

Ayu's new PV's are going to include TeamAyu members (like my friend predicted awhile back haha)

The Application form was sent today June 30th, but it ends on July 1st. 

It will be filmed on July 6th, and if it's rainy, there's a rain date.
The location will only be announced to the lucky people who get picked.

There are clothing requirements of summer type clothing: bright colors, tanktops, camisoles, bathing suits, shorts (those were specifically listed in the mail)

I think it then says to dress for the weather? If it's cloudy, dress for the cloudy weather? If it's rainy, wear a rain outfit--but not an umbrella (except for when not being filmed) But not sure of that. Plus if it does, I don't understand why there's a rain date...ahaha

But yeah, teamayu members only.

*I, along with some other teamayu members in Japan ask the following of teamayu members NOT IN JAPAN. If you're NOT IN JAPAN, please don't apply and take the oppertunity away from people who are in Japan. Unless you're 100% willing to fly out here for July 6, please don't apply. We know that it would be awesome to get picked and say "oh i got picked! but i can't go." But it's just....

Obviously we can't stop you, but just think about it... They only pick a certain number of people and if you're picked and are not going to come to Japan, it's not very fair...Especially if the video shoot will require a certain amount of people or whatever

but yeah ^_^ That's it~

That wasn't supposed to sound mean if it does haha xD

The application form, get it from here

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS Forum
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[News] Sunrise / Sunset ~ LOVE IS ALL ~ will be the official soundtrack for the upcoming summer drama "Dandy Daddy?"

According to this piece of newspaper scan, Ayu's new summer single "Sunrise / Sunset ~ LOVE IS ALL ~" will be the theme song for the new upcoming summer TV Asahi drama called "Dandy Daddy?" which will be aired starting from 9th July (which means we will be able to hear the preview from the drama version first! great!)

More information about the drama, check here

A preview of the chorus[?] was played during a morning news show[s] and the song apparently has a very band-like sound, and is likened to EnergizE or independent.

もっと大きな声で もっと大きな愛を 
もっと大きな声で もっと大きな愛を叫ぶから 

Rough general translation/romaji of the lyrics from an amazing friend:
The love is being carried to the other person through their voice.
And it resounds in their heart.
And that growing love will call out through that voice.

motto ooki na koe de motto ooki na ai wo
kimi ni todoku yo ni itsumo mune ni hibikasetai
motto ooki na koe de motto ooki na ai wo yobu kara

-lyricized translation-
Through this growing voice, this growing love
Will reach you and always resound in your heart
I'll call out this growing love through my growing voice

Translation from TakaSama:
"With a louder voice, a greater love
Will reach you
I always want it to ring in my heart
because a louder voice will bring forth greater love"

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS Forum
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[Ayu's Diary] But hey、30.06.09

But hey、
30-06-2009 02:59 | ayu

I did not return home from where I was。


diary_290609_1.jpg (14 KB)

Yes、it's the second time in Bali.

I、in the flight to come back、there was also delay to get aboard, and to kill the time Chon-san、and Banchou、we went to the Starbucks of the airport。

I ordered a Green Tea Frappuchino。

This is。

diary_290609_2.jpg (15 KB)

It's the usually look of a Green Tea Frappuchino?

But、the perfect flavour could have been vanilla。

I convinced that this is the color。(Laughs)

Oh、I also ordered one of this。

A Blueberry Muffin。

This is.

diary_290609_3.jpg (22 KB)



This is a grotesc muffin!!!

I have courageeeeeeeeeeeee。(Explosion)

Chon-san、the Tea from Starbucks、because it was the first time、was super excited、that I sinked。(Laughs)

Yes、such a feeling、as if it wher a lie from the morning I retured home、I've been working all day in Tokyo、and I'm on the way、now discouraged in the car moving。

diary_290609_4.jpg (11 KB)

At this moment、I've a small age object。

A ribbon、so cute〜♪ age〜♪(←simple。)

diary_290609_5.jpg (12 KB)

Yet, let's work!!!!!!!

But、there's not enough time。。。

Tomorrow will start the last minute course in the last flight。。。


Tomorrow, will do all (come on, this, lol) of what I said,

I will start the concentration (^_-)-☆

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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Monday, 29 June 2009

[News] New Summer single Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ releases on 12.08.09

Yay! Finally the 2009 Summer single will be out soon!

and this is very very special single because the PVs are taken in Bali, Indonesia!
For Indonesian fans! buy the singles!!!! support Ayu!

Sunrise / Sunset

2009.8.12 in stores

¥1,890 (tax incl.)

¥1,050 (tax incl.)


01. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix)
02. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix)
03. Special Mega-Mash-Up-Mix (July 1st / Greatful days / fairyland / BLUE BIRD / glitter)(仮)
04. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix -Instrumental-)
05. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Original mix -Instrumental-)


01. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
02. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (video clip)
03. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (making clip)


Special Gift for TA members

Ayu's slippers! woah!! 

Original source: avex Official site

[Ayu's Diary] That's a foolish question. 28.06.09

Guess that Ayu's posting a lyric for her new single?
or only her thought about life?

That's a foolish question.
28-06.09 21:58 | ayu

Yeah, that was a foolish question.

We are born alone, and we're going to die alone.

These are facts that will not change.

But, the fact of living alone can not be good

After all, 「I wasn't alone」.

We can not continue in the past moments, present is now,

now to the future.

diary_28062009_6.jpg (13 KB)

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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Sunday, 28 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Today... 28.06.09

28-06-2009 19:38

Because the photography was finished early today, everyone went to the beach ♪

diary_28062009_1.jpg (22 KB)

As a team, we all acted like kids today (?)

We had so much fun today and did so many things that I got tan,

Well, the other members got red

Oh, an elephant stepped on my foot *laughs* (?)

diary_28062009_2.jpg (17 KB)

The adult team had such a good feeling/waited for such a good feeling (?)

diary_28062009_5.jpg (26 KB)

Kanako is also tan/brown

With a Mohito. (After, she drank it all. *laughs*)

diary_28062009_3.jpg (20 KB)
diary_28062009_4.jpg (21 KB)



(I think those are lyrics, and I don't want to translate those because I don't want to mess them up. haha--if they're not lyrics then, meh.)

Ah, now it's dinner team for Ayu's team ☆

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS Forum
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[Ayu's Diary] I forgot (^_^; ) 28.06.09

Woah seriously..Ayu looks like she has gone back to the year 2000,  the year where she debuted! look at the picture below..her current hairstyle just looks exactly like on her very first concert tour 2000! She's getting younger and younger!

I forgot (^_^; )
 28-06-09 01:58

I posted something awhile ago but i forgot to attach the pictures, so I'm writing it again.

I was sleepy because it was early this morning. (or I'm sleepy because I've been up since early this morning, not sure.)

Let's sleeeeeeep.

Because it was really hot and sweaty today, these things were must haves!!!

diary_280609_1.jpg (24 KB)

Mineral water.

Isn't this drink holder cute? (*^_^*)

It prevented slippage and I was able to carry it all day ♪

And, Bancho and I had matching folding fans ♪ (?)

There was a really good smell of insense when I looked up and I felt good (healed?)

I'm doing some stretching with Momi and then going to sleep.

Everyone, please try to stretch before you go to sleep too.

When I have company, the feelings of getting up and down are different (talking about the stretching?)

Good night.

diary_280609_2.jpg (15 KB)

CAZAL vintage sunglasses ☆ (CAZAL being the brand name)

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS Forum
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Saturday, 27 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Today too.. 26.06.09

Heh? Ayu as a Ganguro?? woah O_O and she doesn't look like her usual self.. 
No doubt! Ayu is shooting his next PV coming very summer and directed by ... "Shimoko" (World Mirrorcle, GREEN ...)  

Today too ... 
26-06-2009 20:00 

diary_260609_1.jpg (18 KB)

I have lots of photos successful! ♪ 

diary_260609_2.jpg (19 KB)

Well, this morning, I had rather sleep 
my eyes fell ... 

diary_260609_3.jpg (11 KB)

But it is in those moments that I repeat: "I am an actress ♪ I'm an actress I am ♪ ♪ actress" ... 

diary_260609_4.jpg (19 KB)

Shimoko, he always takes the pose, regardless of the time! 

Too strong. 
About! Late last night (early this morning?), Chon san is gone, as I wrote in previous message, do the show in other rooms. And I took lots of pictures ... but .. uh ... I really can not show them in public! lol 
All I can say is we had fun like crazy! ♪ 
"Tune-up" was in such a deep sleep, I told him when I put the headphones on the ears, I put the tube full DVD entitled "24" and posed next, I set its super strong and he had a reaction super class by a huge! lol 
Well, I digress ... 
Well, on the move, and we find ourselves in a new ... 
Here is what it looks like. 

diary_260609_5.jpg (20 KB)

A bar facing the sea! ♪ 
Agréaaable It's great! ♪ 
All the staff is full fooorme! 

diary_260609_6.jpg (20 KB)

These two, when I look at the difference between the head and they take the side mimi accessories they take in hand, I'm very amazed! 

diary_260609_7.jpg (21 KB)

Yes, they are Gyo chan and Gori. 
Well, go to the team Ayu is the hour of dinner. 
A la prochaine.

diary_260609_8.jpg (15 KB)

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel.com
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Friday, 26 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Tomorrow PV shooting 25.06.09

I heard the news that Ayu is in Bali right now (once again after last May for holiday or a survey over Bali?). Just like Ayu has posted in her recent diary below, she will be having a PV shooting today! and i do hope that the Balinese fans are able to meet her or something and telling her that she has lots of fans in Indonesia. Good luck with you guys!
Anyway, Ayu looks extremely so young and cute on the very last picture! KAWAII!!!

I've the stomach full ♪
2009/06/25 23:22 | ayu

That restaurant was today, I had to wait over a chari with gold ribbons on each in this way (*^_^*)

diara_250609_5.png (56 KB)

I am happy, ko-yu-no(?) ♪

I, chon-san is going to ask this dessert ♪

diara_250609_6.png (76 KB)

I thought they were good, it was heavy and dry, after all Bancho's stomach end to settle down. (Laughs)

In, tomorrow there's a shooting from early morning, we all hurry to go home for preparation, dissolved.

But you know, Chon-san, is a great-grandchild.

Paraaaaaaaaaaaaaalysiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiis.

diara_250609_7.png (76 KB)

OK, going to attack everyone's room ♪

I'll make full review, and looking forward to enjoy ♪

I'll see you tomorrow (^·^) smooch

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Ayu is at overseas 25.06.09

I've jet lag,
2009/06/25 19:51 | ayu 

but I don't have time. 

So, somewhat, I'm overseas, and I'm the lead in almost the same time, I'm happy. 

My best friend Stan-chan, who always supports me in everything. 

diary_250609_1.jpg (14 KB)

So, I'm fine now. 

diary_250609_2.jpg (14 KB)


This, was took by Bancho. 

Bancho's wooly(?) have tender feelings, I'm in the photo (*^_^*) 

Oh, this rose quartz necklace, I bought it a while ago ♪ Is an amulet ♪ ♪ ♪ 

diary_250609_3.jpg (16 KB)

Now, I'm going to dinner all together. 

A kago bag, caretaking. . . this is. 

diary_250609_4.jpg (26 KB)

Today, even thouh the the power of the sun with a pai-pai I, since yesterday, have a gentel and powerful spirit. 

From tomorrow I will become,,, invencible.

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo: no. 621 - 625

 Photo No. 621: May ... 

The airport in Kobe, but the day of departure ♪ 
Wow! the world! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
And if properly aligned! ! ! ! 
It was a great atmosphere! lol 
todays_621_1.jpg (79 KB)todays_621_2.jpg (69 KB)

Photo No. 622: More, more ... 

girls who poured tears ... 
thank you .... 
We will meet again very soon! (*_*) 

  todays_622_1.jpg (78 KB)todays_622_2.jpg (79 KB)

Photo No. 623: All of you Kobe ... 

Merciiiiiii! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

  todays_623_1.jpg (64 KB)todays_623_2.jpg (68 KB)

Photo No. 624: tādai .... 

maaaaaaa! ♪ ♪ ♪ 
The team was waiting for me Kanto again Haneda! ∈ ∋ 0 

  todays_624_1.jpg (61 KB)todays_624_2.jpg (60 KB)

Photo No. 625: Ever ... 

I did say it was the norm to see you, so, whenever I smile or cry, in many different places ... 
It is for me every time irreplaceable moments. 

Forever. Forever.

todays_625_1.jpg (71 KB)todays_625_2.jpg (65 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo: no. 615 - 620

Photo No. 615: On y va! ! ! 

At the airport in Kobe ♪ 
But first, they all accompanied me to the airport of Haneda ∈ ∋ 0 

todays_615_1.jpg (63 KB)todays_615_2.jpg (57 KB)   

Photo No. 616: Today More ... 

they are all in great shape! 
Chon san was also pleased, especially as the recording went well, and has not missed his plane ♪ 
What I'm simple ...! 

  todays_616_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_616_2.jpg (71 KB)

Photo No. 617: Finally, what I thought ... 

... when, just after the nightmare ... 
It has come! 
I like this tone (-_-) 

  todays_617_1.jpg (71 KB)todays_617_2.jpg (78 KB)

Photo No. 618: Kobe Airport 

They are all from me! 
Mercii (*_*) 

  todays_618_1.jpg (72 KB)todays_618_2.jpg (75 KB)

Photo No. 619: All at once .. 

The energy that goes back! 
I told you. 
I am a simple girl! lol 

  todays_619_1.jpg (77 KB)todays_619_2.jpg (76 KB)

Photo No. 620: There was even ... 

a baby! (*_*) 
he slept, it was too cute! (*_*)

todays_620_1.jpg (64 KB)todays_620_2.jpg (70 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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