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Saturday, 30 May 2009

[Info] Sparkle PV will be Aired in NHK World J-MELO

J-MELO is the only Japanese music show made entirely in English for a global audience. Aired on the NHK WORLD channel, it’s packed with Japanese hit songs, the latest news on the Japanese music scene, interviews with Japanese artists, and a wide range of other features on every imaginable kind of Japanese music. It’s your connection to Japanese music wherever you are.

Sparkle PV will be aired on 1st June 2009

Picture taken from NHK Official site

Credit: Honey_KizZ @ Soompi + Sharingyoochun @ Wordpress
Original source: NHK
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[TA Message] no. 546: Nagoya 2nd

Nagoya 2nd 
No. 546 28-05-2009 14:10 

Plus yesterday, make this concert something even bigger! (_) V 
I expect you all pumped! ♪ 

Nagoya, 4th concert .... Here we go! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Thursday, 28 May 2009

[Oricon] Female celebrities hair styles to be followed, Ayu ranks no. 10

Oricon has once again made a new survey regarding to the female celebrities' hairstyles that girls or women would want to follow, Ayu got ranks no. 10
The reason:
"It's cute fashion! Charismatic presence of longing. (Hyogo / high school)"

Picture taken from Oricon style official site

Original source: Oricon Style
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[TA Message] no. 545: Arriveeee!

No. 545 27-05-2009 02h11 

Today, it has been delayed in the work we had done before leaving, and because the risk that the last Shinkansen rate was increasing, we asked our emergency motor - home, and parties of the center Aoyama (Tokyo), we finally arrived here in Nagoya. 

RAAA was long ... 

But ... to Tokyo Station, or that of Nagoya, many of you expect, do not ...(>_<) 

I too wanted to see ... (T.T) 

Your letters and gifts from me made by my staff ☆ 
I promise to read everything carefully! (_-)- ☆ 

Well! In this Tour, is the second time in Nagoya! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I too began to feel the energy rise ♪ 

Not believe that I will fight by the public Nagoya! ♪ ♪ ♪ 

Tomorrow is the big duel! ! ! ! !ヽ(0)ノ

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

[Rumor] Ayumi Hamasaki & Edison Chen proposed marriage???

This piece of crap is seriously funny... How could they even connect Ayu and Edison? Just because they have the same bracelets? LOL

The original news:

網友惡搞陳冠希濱崎步 熱議兩人結婚消息(圖)

http://news.sina.com 2009年05月27日 00:36 北京新浪網


  新浪娛樂訊 在艷照門事件後,網友最近又開始拿陳冠希開涮,熱議他和濱崎步結婚消息。不過據了解,此事件應該是網民的惡作劇,但也不排除是為陳冠希復出炒作。

  據了解,陳冠希和濱崎步傳出結婚消息,是因為他們曾戴了同款情侶手鐲,因此有網友炮轟商家,是要借兩人炒作産品。此消息傳出,也有網友猜測是在為陳冠希復出炒作,連稱無聊。 JZB/文

Rough google english translation: 

Ayumi Hamasaki and Edison Chen proposed marriage.

Sina Entertainment: door hearing in the incident, the friends began to take Edison Chen recently开涮heat you get married he and his friends the news. However, it is reported, this incident should be users of the prank, but we do not back up for Edison Chen.

It's understood that friends of Edison Chen have spread the news of marriage because Hamasaki and Chen wear bracelets with the couples section, it is shelling business users is speculation the two products would like to take. This news came out, there are users guess is that speculation in the Edison Chen comeback, and even that silly.

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.no
Original source: Sina
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki at a Birthday party

Ayumi was recently out in Roppongi, Tokyo to celebrate a good friend, along with Peach Jonh President Mika Noguchi. The sunflowers was a gift from Ayu, and is made by Mariko Hamasaki, Ayu's mom and owner of the store, "HanaBI".

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.no
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

[Info] a-nation 2009 artsts list announcement

The official site of a-nation 2009 has updated the main artists that will be joining the yearly summer avex trax event, and Ayu will be attending in all venues :)

Picture taken from a-nation 2009 Official site

Ayumi Hamasaki

8/1 (sat) Kumamoto: Kumamoto Agricultural Park
8/8 (sat) Ehime:Ehime Comprehensive Sports Park
8/15 (sat) Aichi: Nagoya, the venue of the Ad Hoc Field
8/22 (sat) Tokyo: Ajinomoto Stadium
8/23 (sun) Tokyo: Ajinomoto Stadium
8/29 (sat) Osaka: Nagai Stadium
8/30 (sun) Osaka: Nagai Stadium

Credit: Sharingyoochun @ Wordpress
Original source: a-nation 2009
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[Ranking] Oricon survey: Which artists you would like to be?

Oricon has recently made another survey of which artists you would like to be?
Ayumi Hamasaki got rank no. 2

Impressions about Ayu from the voters

 かわって、女性部門の2位は歌手の【浜崎あゆみ】が登場。抜群の歌唱力、カリスマ性を持つ彼女に入れ替わって「街中を歩きたい! もみくちゃにされたいです」(千葉県/19歳/女性)といった意見が目立ち、女性たちの羨望の的に。

Saying that a singer who has the outstanding singing ability and charisma.  

Picture taken from Oricon Style official site

Credit: AyuKuufan @ Blogspot
Original source: Oricon Style
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Monday, 25 May 2009

[Info] Osaka concerts new schedules have been annnounced!

avex trax through Ayu's official site has released the new dates for the delayed Osaka concerts which can be seen as follow:

Picture taken from avex official site

The cancelled dates are:
20th & 21st May 2009

The new dates are:
28th & 29th July 2009

which means Ayu will be having 4 days in row at Osaka concerts just within 2 weeks gaps

Original source: avex official site

[TA Message] no. 544: Thanks! ! !

No.544 2009年05月24日 (日) 23時35分 








Thanks! ! ! 
No.544 2009 Sunday, May 24 23:35 

Osaka performance, an alternative day has been officially decided time ago! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
The suspension has finished(>_<)! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

More details tomorrow, and will be announced officially. 

As I promised, I'll go to meet you (*^_^*) 

And, before that, also Nagoya's next performance is today, I'm running. 

Because the day is long from Nagoya. Laughs 

Tomorrow, and the day after, I run daily. 

Coming power-up (^_-)- ☆

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[Rumor] New Summer song: CMJK, HΛL and DAI: Prepare for a invasion!

CMJK, HΛL and DAI are working on a new song for Ayu?

Star Producers CMJK, HΛL and DAI are now working together on a new song to Ayumi. It seems as if CMJK and HΛL takes care of the event, while DAI is the composer of the music. The song includes guitar, and has a mood of summer. The information stems from the blog to CMJK, but information about DAI and ChonChan (Ayu) was later deleted. Presumably for not giving fans hopes of a summer single, since it is only talk of a demo-version. 

These are names that have previously produced songs: "Boys & Girls", "Fly high", "evolution", "ourselves", "No way to say", "STEP you", "startin '," "glitter" and "Next Level "to name a few.

here's what CMJK's blog said:






この歌はとても良いです.この協力は,第良い結果とメロディーに優れています.夏の暑さ....のメロディーを感激させるからD. A. I. 


キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 
キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 
キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 
キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 
キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 
キャーまたは(≧ ∇ ≦). 

私としている必要はありません. Shhhh,秘密にしています. 






あっJK!? HΛLです! 













Google english translation

Happened, but rather in 
I was going CMJK 
Good morning 

Last night 


Let's make a song like this! 

To re-string a guitar 
Thursday tune 
Of back tracking 
To prepare for invasion 

This song is very good. This work is of excellent melodies and good results. The heat of summer. . . . Inspiring melodies from DAI 

Tomorrow the boss will hear a demo version - the great CHONCHAN. 

Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 
Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 
Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 
Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 
Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 
Oh, no, or (≧ ∇ ≦). 

Need to be with me. Shhhh, it is a secret. 

Alrighty up tension 
- I'll try 
Before that time a little lie down! 

I'm a super I can sleep well at time 

The phone at night when I sleep 12 

Well today is known 
The new bar 
Opening Reception 
It was -- 
Someone who's calling? 
I was sleeping 

Hello yesss 

There JK! ? HΛL! 

Oh! ? Oh! I have not seen you! 

The fact that 
DIPU to shop on the back of Shinjuku 
We called her HΛL 
I came to 

It's Mr. HΛL梅崎 
The super-czar of the animation -- 
Director / creator of the 

Sato大CHAN also joined in the flow 

It will be a very long time 

In the face in such 
The second pizza of Koenji 

Hisahiko HΛL also talk with his people 
Talk of the course and大CHAN 

帰RI际is quite bright 
HΛL the manager's wife 
I get candy from the back-OTCHAN! 6时JAN morning! 
Mail and You 

JK's to come 
I终WARIMASEN Reception 


Oh - Oh God! ! ! 

HΛL Greetings to you and the other was 
Jump into a taxi alone

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.no
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 591 - 597

Photo No. 591: Hiroshima Airport 

All this world come join me! (*_*) 
Mercii! ♪ 
todays_591_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_591_2.jpg (64 KB)

Photo No. 592: Kitty .. 

Enoooorme! ! ! 
For me, it's full of Kitty! Y has an entire room reserved for them! 
But each was chosen by you thinking Chon san, so they are all special to me! ☆ 

  todays_592_1.jpg (66 KB)todays_592_2.jpg (58 KB)

Photo No. 593: Woow! 

Again! ♪ 
It will be reviewed soon huh? ♪ ♪ ♪ 

  todays_593_1.jpg (61 KB)todays_593_2.jpg (52 KB)

Photo No. 594: Arrival at Haneda 

I talk with the regulars who come regularly! 
Well, there were the other passengers on the flight from Hiroshima, huh? ? ? 
I still do not know how I deal with these people in such moments. 
I'm still a little embarrassed. Why? lol 
todays_594_1.jpg (63 KB)todays_594_2.jpg (71 KB)

Photo No. 595: Ca! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

That is something very precious. 
Well, this is just a paper bag, but you give me each time so many gifts and letters, I do not know how to wear them. 
But I did not want to confide in someone, I would keep myself. 
On the other hand, I do not want to risk dropping parterre. 
And then I want to shake hands. 
But lately, in these times, someone hands me a regular paper bag. 
Mercii! (*_*) 

  todays_595_1.jpg (58 KB)

Photo No. 596: Bonus 1 

This morning, I wrote about my dogs, I received lots of messages saying that you want to see them! ♪ 
The first photo is Choco kun. 
The other is Purin san (blank in Japanese) 

  todays_596_1.jpg (45 KB)todays_596_2.jpg (37 KB)

Photo No. 597: Bonus 2 

Today also very wise, it's Brown. 
And the other is Cocoa, which seems to have learned the art of sleeping in the building in its coverage.

todays_597_1.jpg (47 KB)todays_597_2.jpg (73 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 584 - 590

Photo No. 584: Uh ... 

I think it is difficult to see, but the man with the yellow T-shirt is the owner of the property called "Hakka". 
It's been years that Ayu's go Team! ☆ 
Everything is very good, but I recommend the watercress sea urchins! ♪ 
So in essence it is not or poorly, there Minazo and Bancho, Chon san SOU Gori, Domo-kun,-chan Okei, Akira and RUSH! 
And before, in fact there is also Armageddon, Koichi, Takashi, Kome, and even the team managers! ☆ 
todays_584_1.jpg (71 KB) todays_584_2.jpg (67 KB)

Photo No. 585: The athlete Minazo 

... is so high in the figure of stunned that I chose this picture! It is for that reason. 
When suddenly I realized that even in the "village", in another restaurant near us, there were the dancers! ! 
And then Chon Chan plays with Maro-chan! 

  todays_585_1.jpg (68 KB)todays_585_2.jpg (60 KB)

Photo No. 586: More ... 

San Chon who plays with Maro chan. 
Behind, the "Oriental Beauty", I appointed Midoringu. She smiles as if she watched sympathetically as children we are. A true goddess. 
The second photo, Maro chan who tries to find the best pose to eat skewered octopus! 
That? lol 

todays_586_1.jpg (56 KB)todays_586_2.jpg (62 KB)

Photo No. 587: The big sisters ... 

... are also here! ♪ 
Here is big sister and Kayanocchi Aki. 
Another photo, from left to right, Takashi, Armageddon, and Koichi Bancho ☆ 
todays_587_1.jpg (68 KB)todays_587_2.jpg (63 KB)

Photos No 588: With Midoringu ... 

... a photo every two 0 ∈ ∋ ♪ 
Finally it was previously thought. But it seems that in our back, there is a slight effervescence ... 
The second picture is when we have again a picture every two only ... 

todays_588_1.jpg (69 KB)todays_588_2.jpg (68 KB)
Photos No 589: No maaaaais! ! ! 

Y en a plein behind us! 
They are too funny, everyone! lol 

todays_589_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_589_2.jpg (57 KB)
Photo No. 590: Finally ... 

we managed a photo to both! ♪ 
Well, I stop on this truly joyful smile Chon san! ☆ 
Next, the views of airports and Haneda Hiroshima! (_) V

todays_590_1.jpg (57 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 580 - 583

Photos No 580: First ... 

Haneda Airport (Tokyo). 
That day I had the impression that there were more people than usual came to me. 
Y a pas à dire, ça fait plaisir ...! 
These are precious moment (*_*). 

todays_580_1.jpg (59 KB)todays_580_2.jpg (62 KB)

Photo No. 581: So many people ... 

ÇáÃãä that! (*_*) 
When they line up as well, it's a hell indeed! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
todays_581_1.jpg (59 KB)todays_581_2.jpg (56 KB)

Photo No. 582: At the airport in Hiroshima 

Is the arrival ♪ 
And again, thank you to all those who came to me very many (*_*) 
I was so happy to be able to shake hands full! 

 todays_582_1.jpg (58 KB)todays_582_2.jpg (67 KB)

Photo No. 583: Bonus 

SOU and Armageddon 
Oh the dirty they head! lol 
next is that Gori is pleased to have received a T-shirt from SOU!

todays_583_1.jpg (47 KB)todays_583_2.jpg (55 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[TA Message] no. 541 - 543

No. 541 23-05-2009 11:40 

I post the following pictures! 
Those concerns my return to the airport to Hiroshima and Haneda 

In fact, today it's super beautiful! (*_*) 
That's why just now, on the terrace, I played in the swing with my dogs! 
Well, be that my body is rust, I'm going to run! 
And if you cross me, please, do not "Wooooooooow!!" 
It hurts my modesty! lol 
Come on, that is also a day full of love! (_-)- ☆ 

My PC ... 
No. 542 23-05-2009 13h25 

... does not do well, I can not post ... 
Give me a little time siouplaît ... > _ <... 

Yeeeeeeah! ! ! 
No. 543 23-05-2009 19h20 

My PC is fully repaired! 
Excuse me for the repeated phone calls, I'm really too ignorant! > Dear Apple employee. 

Come on, I post photos of jooooour! (_) V ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Sunday, 24 May 2009

[Info] Press Release from Avex regarding the Shibuya 109 incident

Press release that has been made by Team Ayu as well as avex trax regarding to the Shibuya 109 issue:

Original message:



"According to some news organizations, there was an recent event which included Ayumi Hamasaki in a negative way. However, Ayumi Hamasaki was not involved in the planning and managment of the event, and will not be prosecuted for the incident. We regret the concern caused to all the fans of Ayumi Hamasaki, we urge you to understand this situation." - The office of Team Ayu. "

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.no + AyuAngel
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[Ayu's Story] Dresses with Ayu's faces on them

Look at what I've found!!!!!

Dresses with Ayu's face on them! Cooll..... lurveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!! i decided to get both...since the sales girl told me there are only two, white and beige colors~~ :)

Credit: Ayu's Story

[Scans] Team Ayu Magazine vol. 32 full scans

Team Ayu Magazine vol. 32 full scans
Click the pictures for larger version

scan0001.jpg (254 KB) scan0002gfq.jpg (242 KB)
scan0003b.jpg (279 KB) scan0004h.jpg (253 KB)
scan0005z.jpg (247 KB) scan0006a.jpg (243 KB)
scan0007m.jpg (222 KB) scan0008p.jpg (254 KB)
scan0009.jpg (210 KB) scan0012.jpg (247 KB)
scan0013h.jpg (220 KB)

Credit: pchan1986 @ AHS Forum
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