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Friday, 22 May 2009

[News] Hamasaki Ayumi and Avex face investigation by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

This piece of news has been so big today! *Shouldn't they just need to pay more attention about the Swine flu rather than this?*

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki (30) 7. April last month used the streets outside Shibuya '109' without permission on the book-release events surrounding the Shibuya Station area in Tokyo.

This event, the book "Ayu Diary of DEJIDEJI 2000-2009A" (Kodansha) commemorate the launch of the book in front of the "109" building. Without notice, Hamasaki Ayumi appeared in front of nearly 8,000 people and fans.

Also, shortly before the book lanch event, Hamasaki visited TSUTAYA, HMV, Tower Records and other large CD stores in the area. In a surprise of this event, crazy energized fans were going to chase Hamasaki from shop to shop, which led to wild conditions in the streets.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Hamasaki did not get permission to use the roads in the area, and is now being investigated for violating the Road Traffic Law in the metropol.

Police are now concerned that the obstruction of traffic and the flooded crow. Events were held on the premises all venues, including the unauthorized movement "event in Shibuya Jack" seems to be determined. And on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Law, Policy questioning from the trial operation of the event to view the document.

As a result, Hamasaki was asked by the reporters of "FRIDAY" in connection with the accusation. Sunday, she attended a event held in Tokyo, but was surprised by the prosecution against her. "I thought this issue was cleared in advance, while she smiles watching the staff. New at "GOLDFINGER'99" from 10 to commemorate the release of "I'm thinking a little planning shold be handy," said "in Shibuya? Heehaw. I should be allowed to move where I want, without having to submit an application specifically for this," she said, smiling.

Several sources of the piece of news, it's been discussed everywhere:

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