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Monday, 25 May 2009

[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 584 - 590

Photo No. 584: Uh ... 

I think it is difficult to see, but the man with the yellow T-shirt is the owner of the property called "Hakka". 
It's been years that Ayu's go Team! ☆ 
Everything is very good, but I recommend the watercress sea urchins! ♪ 
So in essence it is not or poorly, there Minazo and Bancho, Chon san SOU Gori, Domo-kun,-chan Okei, Akira and RUSH! 
And before, in fact there is also Armageddon, Koichi, Takashi, Kome, and even the team managers! ☆ 
todays_584_1.jpg (71 KB) todays_584_2.jpg (67 KB)

Photo No. 585: The athlete Minazo 

... is so high in the figure of stunned that I chose this picture! It is for that reason. 
When suddenly I realized that even in the "village", in another restaurant near us, there were the dancers! ! 
And then Chon Chan plays with Maro-chan! 

  todays_585_1.jpg (68 KB)todays_585_2.jpg (60 KB)

Photo No. 586: More ... 

San Chon who plays with Maro chan. 
Behind, the "Oriental Beauty", I appointed Midoringu. She smiles as if she watched sympathetically as children we are. A true goddess. 
The second photo, Maro chan who tries to find the best pose to eat skewered octopus! 
That? lol 

todays_586_1.jpg (56 KB)todays_586_2.jpg (62 KB)

Photo No. 587: The big sisters ... 

... are also here! ♪ 
Here is big sister and Kayanocchi Aki. 
Another photo, from left to right, Takashi, Armageddon, and Koichi Bancho ☆ 
todays_587_1.jpg (68 KB)todays_587_2.jpg (63 KB)

Photos No 588: With Midoringu ... 

... a photo every two 0 ∈ ∋ ♪ 
Finally it was previously thought. But it seems that in our back, there is a slight effervescence ... 
The second picture is when we have again a picture every two only ... 

todays_588_1.jpg (69 KB)todays_588_2.jpg (68 KB)
Photos No 589: No maaaaais! ! ! 

Y en a plein behind us! 
They are too funny, everyone! lol 

todays_589_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_589_2.jpg (57 KB)
Photo No. 590: Finally ... 

we managed a photo to both! ♪ 
Well, I stop on this truly joyful smile Chon san! ☆ 
Next, the views of airports and Haneda Hiroshima! (_) V

todays_590_1.jpg (57 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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