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Monday, 18 May 2009

[Info] Ayu's Official site's pop up information

Something to do about the Swine Flu maybe?
Osaka has been suspected to have Swine Flu? better not!

here's the original pop up information

and google rough english translation

For action on avian flu in concert 
The spread of avian flu, local governments and from Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture, made the announcement on measures to reduce the spread of infection. 
In our response, in consultation with the concerned companies run organized by the concert, the following matters, that you've decided to adhere to everyone that is visiting. 
The customer, We are sorry for the inconvenience very understanding, we appreciate your cooperation. 

○ to everyone in the concert will be visiting the region [reminder] 
1. The entrance to the concert hall, for washing hands "antiseptic" will be established, should help to prevent infection. 
Two. When you enter the hall, you have symptoms of cough and sneeze, please adhere to wear a mask. 
Three. To the bathroom in the hall "mouthwash" We set up, please help us to prevent infection. 

○ concert that 
2009 Wednesday, May 20 Osakajo Hall 
2009 Thursday, May 21 Osakajo Hall 

May 18, 2009 
Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Original source: avex Official site

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