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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

[TA Message] np. 521: First round ...

First round ... 
No. 521 05-05-2009 01h06 

... done! 

Finally, it is our impression a bit. 

Hmmm .... Fukuoka Saitama, it was a succession of such days of tidal waves ... 
And icing on the cake, the atmosphere in Fukuoka has been enormous, almost unbelievable, so that for 1 second, I wondered if this was not the last concert of the tour! 
When they come through, the people of Hakata (_-)- ☆ they do not half-measures! 
Really thank you for these moments, perhaps the best of recent times! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
For the second performance in Fukuoka, my city, while I sang the last song, the emotion was a bit overwhelmed ... 

For musicians and dancers, too, every day, every day, I think it was a battle with himself during this first round. 
They are all human beings, then it is normal they have ups and downs depending on the day. 
But it should never be on stage, or spectators, and days where it would feel even a little, while the dream collapse immediately into a loud crash. 
That is what I hate most on stage. 
I repeat often, but each performance is not "1 date among 35" is indeed "1 single representation of that day, there can have these 2. In other words, I think that each performance can only be "1 on 1 date." 
But this does not mean that therefore everyone should be always to perfection, this means that everyone is every day the best of himself. 
Uh ... what it takes to Chon-san to tell stuff like that? lol 

Bah, as the tour is long, at times I think back of all the desire in this way. I firmly believe that it is for me to be the lever that motivates others. 

And you know, for the technical staff of the Tour, it does not stop at night without sleep, build, and then after the show, take down this huge scene, and change the city. And yet again, to the show, and dismount the matching city. These are the kinds of activities they repeat endlessly. 

I have a really deep respect for them. 

Get all the technical staff, the second round again at the "Ari Yoko (Yokohama Arena), I pray that you can even just rest your mind and your body ... ☆ 

And while I was making this prayer, I do not know why, Chon party san is walking! 

And then, quite naturally, I lost ...! lol 

And looking carefully around me, I realized that I was near my home! lol 

Ah .. but the breeze was nice, I felt happy, I walked a lot ... 

The people I met, I think they stared at me twice lol 

Well, I will work with all my strength and I will distract me from all my strength! 

Thinking as well (but what this thought? Lol) Chon san returned home ... 

Come on, just now, I post photos of the day! (_) V ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!  

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