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Thursday, 14 May 2009

[Download] Ayumi Hamasaki woken up by Max Matsuura during her stay at Osaka

 to traThis piece of audio/recording clip is taken from Max Matsuura's official blog site where he phoned Ayumi Hamasaki when she was still sleeping. This piece of recording clip can onlyto friends.
I'll try to find a friend to translate the whole conversation later~ it seems that Max and Ayu are like old friends not Boss with employee. that's cool!

File name: Ayumi Hamasaki anwering her phone in sleep - Telephoned by her manager Max Matsuura.mp3
File size: 8.56 MB
☆ Download link: here

Here's the brief translation of the conversation

*tooot* *tooot*

Ayu: Hello?
Max: Where are you now?
Ayu: Now... I'm... in Osaka.
Max: Are you gonna perform in Osaka?
Ayu: yeah... yeah...
Max: (he said something but took it back)
Ayu: Boss, I'm gonna eat lunch now
Max: Where are you gonna go to eat lunch? ah there, were Ayu is
Ayu: huh... huh...
Max: mmm... now.. there someone here
Ayu: yeah, I can hear a laugh
Max: ah, yeah, Yousuke, dozo!
Yousuke: aah so... today... now, the person we called
Max: (interrupting in between, but Yousuke didn't hear) Ayu
Yosuke: so who is this person?
Max: Ayu!
Yosuke: WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (like he cannot believe it!)
Ayu: ahhh I don't sound like Ayu, with this voice
Yousuke: but but.... what happened?
(And then, Ayu says something I really cannot understand, because they started to speak really fast, LMAO!)
Yousuke: aahh, I see... But really, I cannot believe it that it's you!
Ayu: But REALLY, this is Ayu!
Yosuke: Yeah, it's Ayu there.
(Max laughing in the back)
(Then Yosuke said something I didn't understand)
Ayu: I can hear the laughs!
Yousuke: I understand you have to go to lunch, so please hurry kudasai!
Ayu: yeaaah!
Yousuke: yes, putting on effort on it... is so cute!
Ayu: hehehe
Yousuke: but this is incredible!
(then Yousuke say something I really don't understand)
(and then, they laugh of Ayu, answering with "roarrr, roaar! don't bother me!")

and finally they say "Ja neeee, bye byeeee"

Credit: Maxker @ Ayu.noBrief translation by maneayu @ AHS Forum
Original source: Max Matsuura's official blog
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!


  1. I think Ayu said that sumthing is wrong w/ her throat so she sounds different.. and Max also told Ayu to eat good and don't have too much sake so that she could give her best (for the tour of course)

    but well my japanese sucks, should ask Ci Moi for this wehehee

  2. Thank you for sharing. I did a translation (with my terrible Japanese listening skill) ^^