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Saturday, 9 May 2009

[TA Message] no. 525 - 527

Convince ...
No. 525 07-05-2009 17h32

... that all goes well and show his smiling face as we know so well done.

Not something that starts like that, but the sensation that has really changed.

If I hid my hand trembles, because compassion is too cold.

I contemplate with warmth without conviction does not heat. Except that it does not look at me at all.

Until I m'écroule and disappears without a trace.

I no longer want or to hear or say nice words.

The pain is increasing, then the bear as possible.

An air that is too pure has proved to be the calm before the storm.

All these people who seem so nice, what do they really know?

Beyond a look that seems friendly, he is hiding a blade that is called curiosity perfidious.

But what would you?

But what you want then?

But what purpose do you want to achieve?

And with whom do you get it?

This is the first and last time that you will be able to live as you.

After unfolded a large map, you do draw quà what will be your way to you.

Taking care that I drew based only and does not trouble not because of rain, being careful, I return to my work ...

Go! !
No. 526 08-05-2009 02h09

In search of a Next Level even better, we held a summit meeting.

Hmmm, the second round will turn out the ...! (_-)- ☆

Well, the prototype of the Live DVD is finished PCDL, Chon-san will make a quick check.


I am ...
No. 527 09-05-2009 02h19

... ready (_) v! ! !

You can come, Round 2! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I will live each moment by potrtant most attention!
I remember all the details and locking in my heart.

And I change the subject, but just now I went to jogging.

History climb under my beats.

Then a man shouted at me completely saoûl with a huge voice:


That is what he shouted.

And obviously, everyone who is walking quietly there have heard everything ...
Small panic! lol

Well, the "AYUUUU!!" I can understand. Ben yes, since I am ... Ayu!
As against the "WOOOOOOOW!!!" ... Believe that? It is a bit limited, no? lol

Finally, it is tomorrow (Ayu said tomorrow because she has posted before going to sleep even if the message is dated 9 ...) to Yokohama Arenaaaaa! ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits! 

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