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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[Video] 28.09.2011 Ayu x Aquascutum New Photoshoots Making Off Video

Ayu x Aquascutum New Photoshoots Making off Video

Credit: Aderianu @ AHS
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

[Trans] 27.09.2011 S Cawaii Magazine October 2011 Issue Full Translation

Full scans can be seen here

Ayumi Hamasaki Dream Girl 100+11 Questions!

Ayu answers 111 questions with grace!

Following 2010 November’s ultra-popular legendary feature on “50 Never-Before-Asked Questions to AYU”, we have more than doubled the number of questions to commemorate S Cawaii’s 11th Anniversary, and ayu answers it all with grace! A special dream feature only with AYU X S Cawa, we bring to you unprecedented enjoyment ♪

Q1. After the disaster, lots of people changed their perspective towards various things. Did ayu change too?
A. I feel like I’ve become simpler. I think everyone feels the same too, we clearly know what is essential and important to us. What I absolutely need can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Q2. We’ve done a 50-Questions series before, now we’re doing a 111-Questions one. What do you feel about this?
A. I remember having lots of fun the last time, so I’m up for this one too.

Q3. What did you do yesterday?
A. Preparation of a-nation at Osaka.

Q4. What time did you wake up this morning?
A. Because we had to move out today, around 9:30am. Normally, I would still be in that golden just-awakened state. (laugh)

Q5. How’s life been lately?
A. I’m as antisocial as always. (laugh)

Q6. This issue will be released on 7 September, what do you think you’ll be doing?
A. Because of work, I probably won’t be in Japan.

Q7. Express your recent mood with an ayu song?
A. Not a super high or a super depressing song… Maybe like a rippling alpha wave. Some song like that.

Q8. Why’s that?
A. Because I’ve been busy with work, there’s no spare time for fantasies or to care about emotions, so I’ve been quite calm.

Q9. Any personal failings that made you feel guilty recently?
A. Just a mistake that everybody makes. I wanted to send a mail to someone, asking them to “Please tell ○○ this”, but I sent the mail out to ○○ instead.

Q10. What happened after that?
A. I followed up with the message “LOL ♪”

More under the cut!

Q11. What’s a favorite item that you’ve recently bought?
A. I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had materialistic cravings. If I have to pick something, maybe my pressure training belt?…… Wow, that sounds really sad. (laugh)

Q12. What’s your recent fashion like?
A. It’s still hot these days, so I wear bikini tops or loose shirts. Today too.

Q13. Fall/winter items will start going on sale soon, anything you’d like to get?
A. I’ve been really casual all summer, so I want to go for a super ladylike look this fall/winter. However, basically I still like the casual style, like what I’m wearing for this S Cawa photoshoot, so I guess it’ll depend on the time, place and occasion.

Q14. How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet at home?
A. I don’t count them, but it’s best not to ask. You’ll probably hate me. (laugh)

Q15. Which is your favourite pair?
A. Right now, Havaianas beach sandals. They’re light and easy to walk in, and the colours are pretty.

Q16. How many pairs of that do you have?
A. I have them in different colours. There’s also the vintage designs, and the limited designs, lots of different types… It’s not a complete collection, but I have quite a few.

Q17. If you had to throw all your precious bags away and leave only 1, which one will it be?
A. You know all the bags I have at home? (laugh)

Q18. Name something that is essential in your life recently.
A. Asahi’s Rokujou barley tea. I need it on hand anytime, anywhere ♪

Q19. Where’s your power spot?
A. My spot changes, depending on what’s currently puzzling me, or what I’m wishing for. Recently, no matter where I go, I burn some sage. When I can’t sleep, I get up and burn some sage, which gets me sleepy again. When I do that, the place where I am will become my power spot.

Q20. Are you enjoying Twitter nowadays?
A. It’s more fun these days. I’ve finally understood all the different functions. It’s a platform that allows me to easily share my thoughts, but because everyone can see what I’ve written, I have to protect myself. We sometimes say hurtful things, don’t we? If we don’t want to get hurt, we have to use it wisely and cautiously. Also, it’s important not to press the wrong button and send a personal mail out as a tweet. (laugh)

Q21. What’s your current obsession?
A. Pressure training. As a muscle otaku, it helps to tone my body.

Q22. About the bracelet you’re wearing now, what did you wish for when you tied it on?
A. Hey hey, I’m not supposed to say it out, right? (laugh)

Q23. At this moment, if you can have just one wish come true~? (by ayu song)
A. I want to sleep…

Q24. How many contacts does ayu have in her phone right now?
A. I don’t really keep count, I normally just go through my call log and do redials. On a normal day~, I do about 10 redials? (laugh)

Q25. What is ayu’s ringtone?
A. “Piriririri”. (laugh) When someone calls me, they hear “Purururu”. (lol)

Q26. Any special traits of ayu recently?
A. Beautiful abs (by nailist nearby)

Q27. What does ayu consider to be her “battle costume”?
A. It’s probably far from what you’re imagining. When I need to meet up with someone whom I can’t really open up to, I arm myself by putting on make-up and maybe wearing a beautiful dress. On the contrary, if it’s someone whom I can really open my heart to, I’ll feel ok to be without make-up and in casual wear.

Q28. Are you confident without make-up?
A. Not sure if you can call it confidence, but I like my face better without make-up.

Q29. If you had to rate your no make-up face? (laugh)
A. It’s kind of sad if you hate your face without make-up. So I give myself 100 points!

Q30. What’s a favourite skincare technique?
A. I don’t really do anything special. Just keep it normal and take care not to let it dry out.

Q31. Do you do your own make-up sometimes?
A. I have all of what’s needed, but I really seldom use them myself. I only put on make-up when I need it for work, but otherwise, I like to go without.

Q32. Any make-up point that you are obsessed with?
A. Lip cream. I’m so not girlish! (laugh)

Q33. Any secrets to maintaining such good looks even after 10 years?
A. Don’t overdo skincare.

Q34. Why are you so beautiful?
A. You say that, but I’m starting to think that everyone else are the more beautiful ones now. Girls here put on beautiful make-up and curl their hair nicely everyday. Whenever I go overseas, I always realize that Japanese girls are really concerned about their looks.

Q35. On to scalp care, what’s a beauty item that you’d like to promote?
A. I’ve written about this on Twitter: an edema cream that my pressure training sensei produces. It really produces results, whether used on the face or body, so I like it. You can buy it off the internet. Katou Yasuko’s BODY DESIGN CREAM.

Q36. What’s your favourite fragrance?
A. Plumeria recently, to fit with the season. I like the smell of Arabian Jasmine, just like the Southern Islands. And Lavender basically helps to sooth my nerves.

Q37. How many keys do you have?
A. Zero. I never go home alone.

Q38. You know that your answer is really mysterious?
A. I guess. (laugh) But no matter where I may be, Tadashi will always come to fetch me home, so I don’t have any chances to go home by myself..

Q39. What would you do if a group of little old ladies surround you on the street?
A. Little old ladies are sweet, so I’ll let them do whatever they want.

Q40. If someone mistakes you for another person, how would you reply?
A. I won’t reply directly, but will tweet about it later on.

Q41. What would you do if you encounter a molester on a train?
A. Use whatever strength I have to lash out. If I see another girl in that situation, I’ll do the same to help her.

Q42. Any food you’ve been addicted to lately?
A. Woodberry’s Frozen Yoghurt from Kichiouji ♪

Q43. What would you be if you were food?
A. A quail egg peeled from its shell. I relate to its whiteness and small size. (laugh)

Q44. Anything that you didn’t do but felt like you should have done recently?
A. I’m sure everyone thinks the same thing, but it’ll be good to tell it to the young ones. “It’s better if you go to school”.

Q45. Do you watch TV? Any favourite programmes?
A. I don’t watch local channels, just cable ones. I like scientific detective dramas like NCSI and CSI.

Q46. What would you do if you have some free time at home?
A. Talk to the dogs, as usual.

Q47. What do you think of that, objectively?
A. So cute ♥ Both the dogs and myself. (lol)

Q48. When was the last time you drove around the city on your own?
A. About 3-4 years ago. Traffic rules are stricter now, so I don’t drive anymore. I don’t have a car anyway.

Q49. Does ayu bring friends home to drink?
A. Nope~ But I drink alone at home. Stuff like beer.

Q50. That’s surprising?
A. Less of surprising, more of dark and emo. (laugh)

Q51. Any moments that made you feel good recently?
A. When I was sure I’d miss my bullet train ride, but I managed to get on anyway. Not that I ran for the train myself, more like I was swept along by the staff. (laugh)

Q52. We’re nearly at the halfway point… How would you express this in a tweet?
A. …

Q53. What would you do if a cabaret club scout approaches you?
A. I’ll listen to what he has to say. I’d love to hear a personal assessment!

Q54. “Please become a teacher at our school” Which subject would you teach?
A. I’ll work in the sickroom. The reason? I hate classrooms.

Q55. Is there anything that you have to do every single day?
A. Steam some mugwort and do a personal sauna. If I don’t sweat for the entire day, I feel really gross. Each day, our bodies absorb both good and bad stuff, and at the end of the day, I want to detox out the bad things. That’s why I do the sauna every day, even when I’m touring or overseas.

Q56. Which is your favourite room in the house?
A. Bedroom. I have quite a few of those, each with a differently-styled interior.

Q57. What’s your favourite phrase recently?
A. “I think that’s good”. I like using it even in situations when you don’t normally say that. The staff and band members are also starting to pick up the phrase~

Q58. Was there a reason why you cut your hair short?
A. I wanted to have a simple style after the disaster.

Q59. The previous time, you said that the largest item you’ve ever bought is your home. So how many rooms are there in that house?
A. I’ve never counted, but I’ll say that there are some rooms that I’ve never even seen myself. (laugh)

Q60. How many bathrooms are there?
A. I think there are some which I haven’t been in as well. (laugh) There are some just for guest use. Even though lots of staff go in and out of my house, I don’t really know where they go for that…?? Well, I don’t really care about those things. (laugh)

Q61. Do you plan to change your hairstyle soon?
A. When it becomes a little longer, I may stop being blonde and go for dark hair.

Q62. Do you like to bare your legs or back more?
A. I’m an abs expert, so I’m the “tummy-baring” type.

Q63. What would you do if you woke up one day and found yourself fat?
A. I’ll get really angry, and start running like crazy! (laugh)

Q64. What would you do if you woke up one day and found yourself a super ganguro?
A. I’ll burst out laughing. When I calm down, I’d like to take a bath, just to see what happens?

Q65. It’s 1 more week to payday. You only have 1,000yen in your wallet. How would you live?
A. I’ll sleep as much as I can so I won’t feel hungry. (laugh)

Q66. What would you do if you suddenly became penniless?
A. What will I do? More like there’s nothing I can do. Will anyone give me a job~?

Q67. You have to do a forfeit in front of 109 (the most famous shopping complex in Shibuya). Would you wear Kato-chan’s bald wig or Shimura’s swan?
A. I don’t mind, but I will definitely pick the wig! The swan looks uncomfortable~ (laugh)

Q68. You have to change your stage name. Would you pick Star Hamasaki or Diva Hamasaki?
A. The former title is Nishikino’s, so I’ll take the latter.

Q69. If you were in a different situation, do you think you would be able to manage a ramen store by yourself?
A. No problem. I’m totally flexible with that. I don’t mind how people look at me. I can even work at a convenience store. Even if my life changes, I won’t mope around and think “This is bad”. As long as I can do anything I like, I’ll lead a normal life. Anyway, it’s easier that way.

Q70. You lost your way. What is the first thing you would do?
A. Give Tadashi a call.

Q71. You just tripped and fell. Everyone is looking at you. What’s the first thing you would say?
A. “Tadashi~”

Q72. If life without your mobile phone or life without your computer harder?
A. Mobile phone, because I won’t be able to call Tadashi, so I won’t be able to go home. (laugh)

Q73. A guy is hitting on you, and he’s really persistent. What would you do?
A. I’ll keep calling for “Tadashi~” (lol)

Q74. By the way, who is Tadashi?
A. My manager. (laugh)

Q75. What is the limit on ayu’s credit card?
A. No limit.

Q76. If you have to tattoo a kanji character on your body, what would it be?
A. My name “歩” (ayumi). Speaking about that, there was one time in the past when I seriously considered getting such a tattoo.

Q77. What’s your favourite English phrase?

Q78. Do you go to convenience stores?
A. I can’t really go~. Actually, some time ago, I was somewhere out of Tokyo, and I thought it would be fine for me to go, but it turned ugly after 2 seconds. Sorry for causing trouble!! (laugh)

Q79. Is the person you are now similar to the person you imagined yourself to grow up to be like in the past?
A. I used to think that, at this age, I would be alot more adult-like. Even though I planned to become more of an adult… This is unimaginably nice.

Q80. If you had to choose between 2 of S Cawa’s popular features: The 30 days dress-up and the BEFORE&AFTER make-up, which would you choose?
A. The make-up one seems easier to do. But if everyone wants to see me do the 30 days dress-up one, I’m fine too. But I’d like to do a different version: 10 days with 3 costumes each. (lol) I guess the biggest challenge will be to secure 10 days in my schedule!? Work hard at that, S Cawa!

Q81. What praise satisfies ayu the most?
A. As long as it’s praise, I’m happy whatever it is~ (lol)… Is that an answer?

Q82. You have to earn 1 million yen. Would you busk on the streets or work in a cabaret club?
A. You mean as an experience kinda thing? If it’s something fun like that, I’d love to do it. Even though I’m not of the appropriate age anymore, I still want to try.

Q83. What is one characteristic that proves that ayu is an adult?
A. I can provide support to others.

Q84. What were you thinking when you created POWER of MUSIC?
A. The disaster was my chance. We were already in the final preparations for a tour that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but I scrapped it all and recreated everything. And that is the show now.

Q85. What meaning does it hold then?
A. I think you will understand if you watch the show. Every performance brings everyone in the venue closer together than ever before. I’m glad I made this show. And because I’m really glad I made this show, I hope everyone will come to see this tour. There are still tickets left ♥

Q86. What is this show to ayu then?
A. Usually, I can’t predict how the show will turn out, but this time more so than ever. Since there were no props and stage set, each song’s performance and design were based on the current feelings of myself, the band and the dancers. So the show was constructed out of such feelings.

Q87. What about the changing setlist, from the 1st to final chapter?
A. That’s because Japan is progressing. That wasn’t in the plan at the beginning, but came about during the tour itself: the idea of progressing together.

Q88. What are your reflections after completing the first half?
A. Now, I’m wondering what will happen in the coming autumn. It’s not that I’m lost, but just that I want to match the show with the direction Japan will be heading in, so there are some details which I won’t be able to include until the right time comes. I’m looking forward to how things will turn out.

Q89. Anything new you’ve discovered while touring?
A. While the tour is limitless, I shouldn’t stress my throat. That is usually my first concern.

Q90. Any fads from backstage during the tour?
A. Everyone was burning sage. By the way, we burned some on stage as well.

Q91. Is it really true that you require your backstage room to be fitted to become like your own?
A. Eh? Doesn’t everyone do that? It’s a natural response, right? (laugh)

Q92. When do you come up with lyrics?
A. When the deadline is near. Even if I write some beforehand, I’ll change them. Even though the things I want to bring across remain the same, the phrasing, perspective, how to end the song, all these change according to my mood.

Q93. Have you ever suffered a broken heart?
A. Every now and then.

Q94. What are your thoughts about that?
A. Women’s intuition is really amazing.

Q95. How is ayu like when she is writing lyrics?
A. I won’t do anything except write the lyrics. I don’t even eat or drink. Until I finish, I can sit at the same place in the same position for hours without moving, and people often wonder “Hey. Are you ok? Still alive?”

Q96. What is the biggest gamble ayu took in her life?
A. When I couldn’t decide if I should debut as a singer.

Q97. About that gamble?
A. I won.

Q98. New mini-album 「FIVE」 is released! What does the title mean?
A. Well… I won’t tell you. (laugh) However, there are hints everywhere, on the jacket cover, in the lyrics, in the PVs. I didn’t start out with a firm concept in mind, so the lyrics were written during different periods, and the songs are of different genres too. However, in the end, I felt that this is what I want to say “now”… And that became the mini-album.

Q99. By the way, this issue marks S Cawaii’s 11th Anniversary. Any congratulatory words? (laugh)
A. Congrats! I shall work hard so that I can grace the cover on S Cawa’s 15th Anniversary too!

Q100. Tell us more about 「progress」!
A. I’ve performed it during the tour, and this song’s message really links up to the “present”. The message will come across better if you watch the PV while listening to the song. By the way, the PV was made by stringing lots of still shots together to make a video. The directors spent 5~6 hours walking along mountaineous paths in LA, clicking their camera shutters probably thousands of times. I take my hat off to their spirit!

Q101. Who is the JUNO who featured in 「Why…」?
A. He is JYJ’s Junsu’s elder twin brother. He told me during recording that Junsu gave him some advice regarding the lyric meanings and how to sing earlier on. The perspective of the lyrics really matched with JUNO’s sorrowful voice, and it came out really well ♪ The PV is a tricky video made using the latest technology available in Japan, so do check that out too.

Q102. How about 「ANother song」 with AAA’s Urata-kun?
A. The lyrics are a story written after a talk with NAO, so they’re not really from my personal perspective. The PV was also made because NAO did it together with me, since I rarely do dance videos.

Q103. The 「BRILLANTE」 PV packs some punch. I really like it!! What’s the meaning behind that???
A. You should honestly laugh at 「BRILLANTE」. (laugh) The photographer who did this S Cawa x AYU shoot, Leslie Kee, was the one who directed the PV. By the way, Leslie also directed the LOVE&HOPE PV for 「beloved」. It’s frightening… the extreme difference between these 2 PVs. (laugh)

Q104. Countdown Live DVD is released. I’m surprised that ayu’s troupe can accomplish such a show, so what was the toughest bit?
A. The 360-degree center-stage. We didn’t know in which direction to look, and some of us even got motion sickness, and it was personally tough beyond expectation at first. Basically, I will always be back-facing someone. It’s ok for groups, but since I’m a solo artist, I had to solve that problem. There were some skeptical opinions during the brainstorming process, and we went through lots of ideas until we found one that just might work, and we took up the challenge at year’s end. POWER of MUSIC uses the same center-stage concept as CDL, but I recommend seeing this show live instead of on DVD. The stage will seem alive, and it’ll be easier to see the difference from CDL’s stage.

Q105. I’ve heard that you eat carbohydrate meals before each live. What do you eat, and how much?
A. I eat pasta. However, I somehow always can’t get warm pasta and eat alot, so it’s always cold packaged pasta for me.

Q106. How do you decide on your costumes?
A. Looking at the theme and setlist, I naturally get a feeling of how each scene will be like, and the costumes come to mind. Same thing for the band and dancers’ costumes.

Q107. You sometimes cry when singing ballads, right? Is that an act, or real tears?
A. What? It’s probably just my sweat.

Q108. This is the 28th time you’ve graced our cover! (of course, the most number of times as well)
A. Well… I’m getting senior. (laugh)

Q109. Since the 30th time will come soon, any way that you would like to commemorate it?
A. Shall we do it?~ That 30 days dress-up feature ♪ However, I can’t last 10 days with 3 outfits per day!!!! (lol)

Q110. What should S Cawa’s female readers do?
A. Well, fall in love lots and hone your discerning eye ♪

Q111. Lastly, any themes which ayu wishes to sing about in the future?
A. To be honest with every part of myself, and then to freely express them all…

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
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[Info] 27.09.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki's New Product Eyelashes Are On Sale! [Updated]

mu-mo will have a 2nd round of preorders for the 『』!! Comes with free gifts: 1 clear file and 1 postcard (there are 2 different designs)

Preorder Start Time: 20 October 19:00 onwards

The 12 Eyelashes line:

A eyelash <Natural Days> No.1


A eyelash <Natural Days> No.2


A eyelash <Natural Days> No.3


A eyelash <Natural Days> Bottom Lashes No.1


A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.4


A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.5


A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> No.6


A eyelash <Gorgeous Days> Bottom Lashes No.2


A eyelash <Royal Days> No.7


A eyelash <Royal Days> No.8


A eyelash <Royal Days> No.9


A eyelash <Royal Days> Bottom Lashes No.3



Hamasaki Ayumi Produced Eyelashes, which bring out the cuteness of a girl’s eyes, are here!

A transparent hem that fits perfectly to the curve of your eye and your own eyelashes, fine lashes to bring out the girlish outline of your eyes, lasting curl despite its fineness, Hamasaki Ayumi designed all these details herself for !

From a natural-looking volume-up type, to the impact-enforcing type, there are a total of 12 different designs, categorized into 3 lines. Each pack of 3 pairs of lashes costs ¥1,480!


From 30 September on, the lashes will be on sale nationwide. Preorders are also available through mu-mo shop, and purchases will come with an original free gift!

* mu-mo page will be updated from 22 September 18:00~
* mu-mo shop will start taking preorders from 26 September 19:00~
* The timings listed above follow JPT time.
* There will be cancellations after purchase.
* For enquiries, do not contact TA. Please use the Enquiries form at mu-mo shop instead.

Credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Team Ayu
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

[News] 27.09.2011 Big Hit Mini-Album 『FIVE』 to be Released as BDM on 9 November!

Big Hit mini-album 『FIVE』 to be released as BDM on 9 November! A world first! Mini-album 『FIVE』 pushes the Blu-ray Disc to its maximum potential with the release of the new music media format “BDM”!!

The tracks are recorded in high sound quality of 48KHz, 24bit, plus a BD-LIVE function used to link up with the Internet. Customers who purchase this BDM will have access to a limited website, where one can purchase otherwise unavailable merchandise and fanclub original gifts!

2011.11.09 in stores

AVXD-91641 ¥3,150(tax incl.)

01. progress
●PS3 “Tales of Xillia” Theme Song
02. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA
●BeeTV「sweetTV」 Theme Song
03. Why… feat. JUNO
●HIS Taiwan Campaign CM Song / Recochoku TV CM Song
04. beloved
●Japan Television “Sukkiri!!” Theme Song for August
●music.jp TV CF Song

01. progress (video clip)
02. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (video clip)
03. Why… feat. JUNO (video clip)
04. beloved (video clip)
05. BRILLANTE (video clip)
06. progress (making clip)
07. ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA (making clip)
08. Why… feat. JUNO (making clip)
09. beloved (making clip)
10. BRILLANTE (making clip)

* This BDM Disc makes use of the BD-LIVE function of blu-ray players, allowing customers to enjoy special contents. In order to access the online contents and services, the blu-ray player has to be connected to the Internet Broadband service. Without the internet service, or without the BD-LIVE function, it is not possible to access the special contents and services.
* This disc is compatible with hardware that can read blu-rays. There is no need to connect to the internet to enjoy the music and videos within the disc.
* More information about offline contents and purchase gifts will be updated soon.
* For questions regarding the usage of BD-LIVE, please approach the maker of the device specified in the instruction manual.

Credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Team Ayu
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

Friday, 23 September 2011

[Trans] 23.09.2011 Sweet Magazine October 2011 Issue Full Translation

Full Scans can be seen here

Ayumi Hamasaki: Black & White

Hamasaki Ayumi dresses simply in black and white!

Either in a white Tee and jeans, or a knitted black top and shorts, Hamasaki-san looks wonderful in these super casual coordinations. Such simple styles show off her true human nature, she is definite the real thing. It’s been a long time since her last short hairstyle…… We present such a visual.

A work that I really hope people other than ayu fans will listen to

All of her works always had a meaning and theme that is “Hamasaki Ayumi”. So, what is the secret behind this album 『FIVE』? Anticipating the answer, we look to the 5th song, 「BRILLANTE」. A very dramatic song showcasing vocal power that must have underwent much training. However, the question lies with the lyrics. Since this is her first release after her marriage, we expected songs that would more or less relate to her private life. We have accepted that her heart usually reflects the norm, but even so… Also, why is the album titled 『FIVE』? Is it because there are FIVE songs in the album? Will ayu think so simply? Or could it be “a divorce FIVE months after marriage”?! With these most extreme of possibilities, we hold this interview. With determination, we popped the question directly.

“Ahaha. That’s really funny. (laugh) Well, I see why you came to that conclusion~. I just want to say in general that “This is the album”, so that people will be interested and come listen to it. 『FIVE』 is a work that I really hope people other than ayu fans will listen to, so it doesn’t matter what conclusions they make. (lol)”

With that, she laughed it off, so that was the end of that silly notion… Nonetheless, there were many who listened to this album and came to this conclusion. But in reality, rather than her personal thoughts and screams, the lyrics are meant to reach out and appeal to the hearts of the masses. As such, the songs were of differing genres, so as not to target only listeners with a specific mindset.

“I sang 「progress」 during the tour, and though I wrote the lyrics last year, it seems to really fit the mood now. And I personally really like the song. The duet songs with AAA’s NAO and JUNO, which were well-received during a-nation, are both sad love songs, but seems like people have read too much into them. (laugh) To solve any misunderstandings, 「ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA」 with NAO was written as the two of us were talking about lots of things. Even though I wrote the lyrics, the perspective is more of NAO’s. (laugh) The sorrow of 「Why… feat. JUNO」 came alive because of JUNO’s unique way of pronouncing Japanese. He was not really used to speaking in Japanese, so during the recording, I had to teach him pronunciations of words, line by line. But he really did his best. 「beloved」 was born from a “love” mail sent to me from a friend. It has a fresh feel to it. By the way, you’ll be able to see a rare scene of me, with almost no make-up, frolicking with kids. (laugh) As for the mysterious 「BRILLANTE」…… No comment. (lol)”

There is always hope. Because I believe that, I could make this. That’s what this album is like

With these new revelations, we listened to the album again, and got a new ayu-ish perspective: Humans live, wishing for fated meetings and bonds. However, opposite to that, there is loneliness, and in our quest for a rightful place, love, and a deeper meaning to life, we get hurt. But we still move forward… With that, the scars we bear makes us human and able to love.

“True, even though we feel bonded, we are still lonely, and those are our scars. Of course, each of the songs holds a certain meaning for me, but they will coax out different meanings and resound in a different way for each listener, based on their personal experiences. However, I have to say that hope resides in each of these songs, because there are many things which I have not given up on yet.”

After 3/11, the plan for Arena Tour was scrapped, and a truly simple show was used to deliver the “power of music”. Inspired by ayu, we had her pose with pearls for this issue’s shoot. No amount of detailed jewelry work can replicate the simple, elegant existence of the pearls—- Her concerts and this album may be a hint of what’s to come on Hamasaki Ayumi’s next show, but she herself may also just be setting off from that point.

“After the disaster, I wanted to make things simple, so I cut my hair short, but I’ve changed from then. I grew my hair a little longer, darkened it, and styled it like Coco Chanel. Classy, proud, strong. I was aiming for her feminity. If I had to put that feeling into fashion…… It’ll be like a tight miniskirt? That’s why, during my lives, there are pearls floating around. I’m really glad that I can explain it here. For the final chapter starting this autumn, I wish everyone will come and watch the show, to see where it leads, and how the songs will resound in your hearts.”

The DVD contains PVs for all the songs on the album. For the first time, ayu herself undertook the artwork design of the font.

“If you look at the title FIVE closely, you’ll find a hidden word. So do check it out!”

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
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[Trans] 23.09.2011 Look!s Magazine Autumn 2011 Issue Full Translation

Full Scans can be seen here

Ayumi Hamasaki: Secret Garden of Autumn

Hamasaki Ayumi-san, the song princess who represents Japan, debuts in Look!s! In a garden bathed in dazzling light, she reveals this autumn’s latest styles. We present to you the charm of this lovely fashion icon ♥

Quote: “Personality comes from staying true to your favorite colours and shapes”

Cuteness, beauty, coolness… All the fashion keywords which we love. The song princess ayu easily shows us her own interpretation of all these, in her debut appearance on Looks! She revealed all her favorite fashion coordinations for this autumn season ♥

Out of the fashion coordinations you’ve modelled for us today, which fits your mood the most?

“Because I have short hair now, I’ve stopped wearing the more boyish styles I’ve had in the past. Nowadays, my taste leans towards the girly, lady side. That’s why, I welcome Coco Chanel’s French Retro style this autumn. (laugh) Out of today’s pieces, I’ll pick the knitted dress. When autumn comes, I like to wear tweed. It’s great that I’m born a girl, because I can dress up all I want. In summary, I like lady-like, elegant styles, but I also love to add small accessories to my clothes or onto my shoes.”

Any accessories that you’re into lately?

“Jewelry brand 「TASAKI」’s creative director Thakoon Panichgul has put out this pearl necklace which I really like. The pearls lend a classic elegant air to the item as a whole, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the highlight of the necklace are little stars and metal chains that add a touch of spice.”

Since her debut, ayu has won numerous fashion awards, always shining and showing us her own style. Please give us some advice on how to create our own styles!

“Don’t wear something only because it’s popular, it’s important to think about whether you like it, and whether it suits you. If we don’t do that, everyone will end up looking alike. Everyone surely has things which they like, and it’ll be great if you can incorporate your likes into the current trend. You have to judge for yourself if something fits you, but if wearing something makes you feel good, then go for it.”

For this year, she has held her own live tour, a-nation in summer, and recently recording and filming for newly-released mini-album 「FIVE」, which contains 5 songs that she had penned herself, all of which come with PVs. Living through such a packed schedule all year round, we asked ayu about how she relaxes.

“To me, perspiring during training is a form of relaxation. Other than that, I like watching foreign drama 「CSI」 before I go to bed ♥ I’ve watched the DVD countless times. (laugh) It feels good to fall asleep while watching it.”

With this, she concluded the interview with a laugh.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ Wordpress
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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

[Info] 21.09.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki's New Product Eyelashes Are On Sale!

Hamasaki Ayumi Produced Eyelashes, which bring out the cuteness of a girl’s eyes, are here!

A transparent hem that fits perfectly to the curve of your eye and your own eyelashes, fine lashes to bring out the girlish outline of your eyes, lasting curl despite its fineness, Hamasaki Ayumi designed all these details herself forFrom a natural-looking volume-up type, to the impact-enforcing type, there are 12 different designs sold in a pack of 3 pairs. Each pack costs ¥1,480!

From 30 September on, the lashes will be on sale nationwide. Preorders are also available through mu-mo shop, and purchases will come with an original free gift!

* mu-mo page will be updated from 22 September 18:00~
* mu-mo shop will start taking preorders from 26 September 19:00~
* The timings listed above follow JPT time.
* There will be cancellations after purchase.
* For enquiries, do not contact TA. Please use the Enquiries form at mu-mo shop instead.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Team Ayu
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[Info] 21.09.2011 New Aquascutum x Ayu Trench Coats Collection

Ayumi Hamasaki Collaboration collection
More info here

New Aqua Tech Collection
More info here

Short Military Trench
More info here

More close up pictures:

Credit: Aderianu @ AHS
Original source: http://www.ayu-aq.com/
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

[Translation] 18.09.2011 WWD Magazine Autumn 2011 Issue Full Translation

Full Scans can be seen here

Music by Leslie Kee

The chance meeting between the song princess who believes in the “power of music” and the photographer who believes in the “power of photos”, and their tracks since “3/11″

On 23 July 2011 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, the concert 「ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A」 opened. With more than 30,000 audience waving their pink penlights and cheering, the curtains rose to reveal a round centre stage, on which stood Hamasaki Ayumi, belting out 「forgiveness」 to the elegant sounds of classical instrumentation. Dressed in a pale pink ruffled dress studded with rhinestones, she sang as she conducted the orchestra, recalling the image of a divine Goddess from Greek myth. And in the audience seat in the arena, photographer Leslie Kee followed the song princess on stage through the lens of his camera.

The first photoshoot Leslie did with ayu was for the jacket cover of 「Daybreak」 single, released in 2002. When the photoshoot ended, the two learned that the destination that ayu would be travelling to the next day for the MTV Awards was also Leslie’s home country, Singapore. Chatting animatedly about gourmet yatai spots and other things, the two subsequently worked together on other shoots, such as album jacket covers, tour live documentaries, as well as visuals for Japanese and Asian magazines, and their friendship strengthened. In 2006, in aid of charity for the victims of the Sumatran Earthquake and Tsunami, Leslie started a campaign to photograph 300 famous people from Asia for collation into a photobook named 「Super Stars」. At that time, ayu also took part as one of the models, and her attention to details, completion and professional attitude touched Leslie.

More under the cut!

Right after the Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster on 11 March 2011, ayu took advantage of the fact that she had over 500,000 followers across the country to help disseminate information about the disaster, evacuation centres, volunteer events and mental health care tips, continuing to provide useful notices to the affected areas. At the same time, Leslie was visiting in Ishinomaki City and Onnagawa Town in Miyagi Prefecture for a photoshoot when the earthquake struck, and he was at a loss for words after witnessing the situation. Immediatedly, Leslie sent a tweet to ayu, “Will you take part again in a charity project I’m undertaking to support the areas affected by this disaster?”. ayu sent off an instant reply through Twitter, saying OK, and many fans also expressed support for this project.

Leslie’s passion to help the affected areas touched the heart of Stephan La Faye, the CEO of Tiffany & Company Japan Inc, and the company offered their support by publishing the charity photobook. Its title is 「LOVE&HOPE」, a collection of the portraits of 200 celebrities from 32 countries, all taken when Leslie was working in NY. The only celebrity who had her photo taken at that time was ayu, who graced the cover of the book. The photoshoot took place on 30 April at Makuhari Messe, where ayu was holding tour rehearsals. The Arena Tour this year was also postponed because of the disaster, and everything from the costumes, stage, setlist, to the concert goods were all reconsidered and redesigned. The concert title was also changed, from 「HOTEL Love songs」 featuring the album released end of last year, to 「POWER of MUSIC」. The tour logo was drawn by ayu herself, and the message of 「LOVE」 and 「HOPE」 miraculously coincided with the photobook’s title.

In the short 15 minutes given to do the photoshoot, the two’s bonds as artists gave birth to the best shot possible. On 27 May, the 「LOVE&HOPE」 photo exhibition opened at Space-O in Omotesando Hills. ayu took time off from her busy tour schedule to attend the opening reception, generating plenty of media buzz. The photobook was sold out on the internet the next day, and about 15 million yen was successfully collected for the affected regions.

During the ending scene of 「ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A」, a video showing photos of the hands of international fans reaching up to the sky was shown on the large screens. The inspiration for the video came from the lyrics of 「Daybreak」, the first work created by Leslie and ayu. And then, ayu performed finale song 「a song is born」, which was the message she had dedicated to the 「LOVE&HOPE」 photobook. Listening to this, Leslie was extremely touched and filled with emotion.

Following that was a whole series of collaborations between the 2 artists who thought as 1, and Hamasaki Ayumi’s new mini-album, released on 31 August, had Leslie working on the jacket photo and 2 PVs. In response to ayu’s question about his idea for the cover’s image, Leslie raised his hand, showing the number 「5」. For this mini-album, ayu had written 5 songs. The DVD contained 5 PVs and 5 making-of videos. 「5」 is also Leslie’s lucky number, standing for the idea of “destiny”. Furthermore, Leslie wished for everyone to use their “5 senses” to feel and understand the photo, and with ayu’s approval, the album was titled 「FIVE」.

Hoshino Yasuhiko, the composer of famous song 「A Song for xx」, also composed the much-anticipated ballad 「beloved」, a PV which Leslie undertook. The theme for the PV is “priceless love”. Children from all nationalities and a Goddess-like ayu at a beach, holding their hands up to the sky, creating the idea of a waking dream that shows these 2 artists’ wish to bring smiles to everyone in the world. On the other hand, the mysterious and impressionistic 「BRILLANTE」 takes on the image from movie 「Cleopatra」, starring Elizabeth Taylor. In the midst of more than 50 macho men made up of models and mixed martial-arts fighters, ayu dressed as Cleopatra leads the impressive parade in this dramatic PV.

Right after 3/11, the 2 artists continued to tweet on a casual basis, and having discovered similar interests, they worked together again in a collaboration. The song princess who believes in the “power of music” and the Singapore-born photographer who believes in the “power of photos” got over their nationality and language differences, using themselves to prove that when sorrow is born, so is “love and hope”.


“I can’t reach out without singing. For me, I have that song.” Hamasaki Ayumi

Behind The Scene 01 / July 18, 2011 @ IINO Hiroo Studio

For this issue, we have Hamasaki Ayumi adorning the cover. During the photshoot, we took the chance to get a cover story from her, starting with her tweeting activity right after the 11 March Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster. Due to their mutual feelings towards the disaster-stricken regions, ayu and Leslie started exchanging short messages on Twitter, leading to the creation of charity photobook 「LOVE&HOPE」. After 5 years, they finally meet again.

The photoshoot session with Leslie and ayu is going at an amazingly speedy pace. Pairing Viktor & Rolf’s fall/winter collection with her signature rock-styled accessories, ayu stands in front of the camera. Leslie’s eyes reflect respect for this song princess who represents Japan, as he captures fleeting expressions and poses on film. In this one cut, the two artists chat with us spiritedly (Leslie talking over his camera’s finder). Full of artistic vigour, as if giving a live performance, the two carry out the photoshoot, creating the best visuals as this interview is being conducted.

Hamasaki-san, what charm do Leslie Kee’s photos hold for you?

ayu: Leslie will not take photos of things which he has no love for. At least, that’s what I think. He will never take photos just out of obligation, or for any motive. When he takes a photo, it’s because, at that moment, he truly loves his subject. (scan is cut off) That is what is most attractive about Leslie’s photos for me.

Leslie: The ayu that I photograph gives me a feeling of scale and aura. And a strength to produce everything herself.

ayu: Furthermore, Leslie doesn’t just love his subjects, he loves the photos he takes as well. There are photographers who take vague shots, then do trimming work on the photos later, but Leslie definitely doesn’t do that. He instinctively knows things like “this shot will only work with this person in these clothes from this angle”. Because he maintains this mood throughout the photoshoot, photos aren’t just taken during that one moment, he takes photos of the subject before and after each shot as well…… It’s sort of like he’s taking a video. Oh, when the photoshoot starts later, he’ll be moving around lots. He is the only person I know who runs around so much while taking photos. (laugh)

It’s been a long time since you’ve last worked together. Do you both feel that the other has changed?

Leslie: For 5 years, starting in 2002, I’ve been with ayu almost every single day, having a hand in almost all of her photoshoots. It’s an honour, to have influenced one of Hamasaki Ayumi’s eras, and it’s one of my lasting inheritances. The photobook 「LOVE&HOPE」 has 2 different covers. One features a photo I took of long-haired ayu some years back, and that symbolizes “hope”. The other features the first photo of short-haired ayu after her marriage, and that is a symbol for “love”.

ayu: It’s been 4 years since the time we used to work together lots, and we were both 4 years younger than we are now, I wonder if our works then were edgy. Looking at the photos Leslie has taken this time, they are still edgy, but I also feel a sense of deep gentleness and love. I’ve written about this in my lyrics too, about becoming gentler after being hurt…… All the work he does now really inspires a feeling of respect.

Are there meanings behind the costumes Hamasaki-san wears on stage?

ayu: (scan is cut off) …even outside of my job, I usually link the clothes I wear to music. For example, when it comes to a concert, I have to decide on the setlist first, or else I can’t decide on the costumes. When I’ve decided on which songs in which arrangement to sing, and with what kind of sets and props, the colour and shape of the costumes will slowly form in my mind.

Even when I’m doing recordings, if it’s a rock song, I definitely won’t wear a frilly dress when I’m recording it. When I’m writing lyrics, if a rockish melody comes to mind, I’ll start dressing in a rockish fashion too. That’s why, even the clothes I wear normally are chosen to fit with whatever song is playing in my head.

How does the tour this time help us to believe in the “power of music”?

ayu: Initially, the tour was planned around the title 「HOTEL Love songs」. The stage sets, lighting effects, and most of the costumes had already been prepared, and it was supposed to be a flashy, highly entertaining concert. And then, the disaster happened, and I realized that “this is not what I want to say right now”…… What our society needs is not entertainment, but something more earnest. Then, I was painfully aware of my inability to do anything, and my mind was just a blank.

Leslie: Me too. When I was visiting the affected regions, I thought about the significance of me being there, taking photos. In the end, I had to believe in the “power of photos”.

ayu: After I calmed down a little, I managed to get all my staff together and tell them how I felt. Even without magnificent sets and costumes, I can still sing. For dancers, they have a body to dance with. Band members can still play their instruments. Everyone just wants to do what they can. We’re all alone, but if we can put all our talents together and perform the best we can, people may get courage and energy from that. Even though singing is the only thing I can do, I still have my songs. When I thought about that, a new show gradually came to mind. My energy started to flow, and that was the “power of music”. (scan is cut off)

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
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[News] 18.09.2011 Ayu Unable to Return Due to Fu… Misses MSta 25th Anniversary Performance

ayu unable to return due to flu… Misses MSta 25th Anniversary performance

On the 16th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi (32) missed her live appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme. On her website, Hamasaki stated that she “could not board flights due to an illness”.

Following this, an aplogy message was also posted onto her fanclub site. She wrote “I’m really regretful, pained, and sorry for causing such trouble. I’m really sorry.”, a message meant for the music programme staff, other performing artists, her band members and fans.

According to staff, Hamasaki travelled to New York earlier this month for work, after a brief stop in Hong Kong. Due to a delay in her calendar photoshoot schedule, she changed her flight back. After that, she caught a cold and developed acute pharyngitis, and was unable to board her new flight home. On Twitter, she tweeted about her mad rush to get flight tickets, and also revealed how her staff mixed up flight times by an hour.

Hamasaki’s performance had been announced on newspaper TV listings, and it was revealed that she was going to perform 「beloved」 from her new mini-album 「FIVE」. During the music programme’s opening, hosts Takeuchi Yoshie gave an explanation and apologized for Hamasaki’s absence. During December 2008, Hamasaki also suddenly cancelled an appearance on MSta due to a wrist injury.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Asahi
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[News] 18.09.2011 MSta Last-Minute Cancellation: The Gap Between A Rebellious Hamasaki Ayumi And Her Record Company

MSta last-minute cancellation: the gap between a rebellious Hamasaki Ayumi and her record company

On the 16th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi could not board a flight home due to health complications, namely acute pharyngitis that she contracted in the US, and so made a last-minute cancellation of her live appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme.

According to her company office, Hamasaki had travelled to New York, USA, earlier this month for a calendar photoshoot. However, due to a delay in photoshoot schedule, she missed her flight back home. After that, she could not book another ticket back, and during her extended stay, she contracted acute pharyngitis, making her unable to board any flights.

“If there was a chance that she may not be able to return, why did she schedule a photoshoot then? Furthermore, Hamasaki was supposed to be the main attraction on the programme on the 16th, yet she still did a last-minute cancellation. I worry that this may lead to a worsening of relations between the music programme and Hamasaki’s company” — Staff from the music industry

On her official site, Hamasaki wrote “To everyone who has been waiting eagerly for this TV appearance, I’m really regretful, pained, and sorry for causing such trouble. I’m really sorry.” However, a gap had already existed between her and her record company, a gap which has widened due to this incident.

“During the record company’s outdoor live event held at the end of August, Hamasaki voluntarily resigned from her position as closing act. The reason concerned various matters regarding her wish to perform songs with other artistes, resulting in a substitute artiste having to do the closing act instead. There were also trust issues because senior artistes in the company had their performance times cut short in order to extend the performance times of artistes from other companies. Hamasaki voiced her displeasure over Twitter countless times, and resulted in strife among fans.” — Staff from the music industry

This incident may result in lasting consequences.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: The Real Live Web
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[News] 18.09.2011 Insulted Ayu: AKB48 The Cause of Last-Minute Cancellation of MSta

Insulted ayu: AKB48 the cause of last-minute cancellation of MSta

Hamasaki Ayumi (32), who cancelled her appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme on the 16th, returned to Japan from Los Angeles from the night of the 17th. Though Hamasaki offered “a deep apology”, her company avex has taken a stance that punishment is inevitable, stating that she will be “dealt with harshly”.

Regarding the reason for the last-minute cancellation, MSta and avex both put out that it was because “her body was weak after contracting acute pharyngitis, so she could not board the flight back”. On the 12th, 4 days before the programme, Hamasaki complained that she felt ill. On top of that, the “special privilege” of closing the programme, which she thought was hers, was given to AKB48 instead. Hamasaki was insulted, and openly expressed her unhappiness to her staff.

However, this problem with performance order “could have been easily solved”, according to a MSta staff. What became a problem with the programme was the reality that she “could not fly back in time”. Even though Hamasaki claimed to have been searching for flights back with all her might, suspicions from some TV staff still abound: “Did she really want to come back?”

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Yahoo! Japan
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[News] 18.09.2011 Ayu Spotted at Narita Returning from LA

Ayu spotted at Narita returning from LA

Hamasaki Ayumi (32), who failed to make an appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme on the 16th, returned to Japan through Narita Airport, on a Singapore Airlines flight from Los Angeles. A little after 7:30pm, Hamasaki appeared at the arrival lobby, surrounded by numerous staff members, and wearing black sunglasses and a large white mask. When asked about her health, she replied with a simple “Thank you, I’m fine”. According to staff, Hamasaki went to New York earlier this month for work. Due to a delay in the schedule for her calendar photoshoot, her flight back was changed, and soon after, she caught a cold and contracted acute pharyngitis. It seems like she was unable to board the rebooked flight because of her condition.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Nikkan Sports
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[News] 18.09.2011 Severe Consequences for Ayu for Last-Minute Cancellation, avex States This as “Setting a Bad Example”

Severe consequences for ayu for last-minute cancellation, avex states this as “setting a bad example”

Hamasaki Ayumi (32), who did a last-minute cancellation of her performance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme on the 16th, returned to Japan via Narita Airport, from Las Vegas in the US on the night of the 17th. For this breach unbecoming of a top singer, Hamasaki offered a “deep apology”. On one hand, her record company avex had also hinted at punishment, stating that she will be “dealt with harshly”. There is a possibility that she may be forced to take a break, in order to refresh her mind and body.

At around 7pm, Hamasaki returned on a Singapore Airlines flight, with transit in Los Angeles. Surrounded by staff members at Narita Airport, she apologized with a “I truly deeply apologize for this incident”. She sounded worn out, talking in a small voice. Under her mask, she exuded a tough appearance, as if reflecting on this serious breach and loss of not appearing on the Anniversary Programme of this popular music show which had supported her performances since her debut in 1998.

Regarding the last-minute cancellation, a source from avex stated that “ayu has a special existence within our company, as a “goddess of restoration”. However, because she did not manage herself well this time, letting her off will be setting a bad example for the younger artistes. We have no choice but to deal with her harshly”. Last month, at the company’s live event 「a-nation」, she also got into a confrontation with the organizing staff about performance issues. As a distinguished artiste within the company, most of her demands had been granted, but this is the first time since her debut 14 years ago that this “Queen of no-pretense” has to be put back into the position which she has come to forget.

On this day, to questions about her health, Hamasaki replied with a weak “Not yet…”, and nodded thanks to words of encouragement. In these 13 years, this remarkable song princess has run non-stop with all her might, pulling avex along for the ride. In this memorable year which started with lightning announcements of her “marriage”, her future activities may start to meet with heavy resistance, and she may be forced to take a break to have a complete, slow rest.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ wordpress
Original source: Sponichi Annex
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[News] 18.09.2011 Ayu Cancels MSTA Performance, Returns Home From US

ayu cancels MSta performance, returns home from the US

On the night of the 17th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi (32) returned home to Narita Airport, from Los Angeles, US, where she had been staying. Wearing sunglasses and a mask, Hamasaki responded with a simple “Thank you” to media questions “How is your health?”, and boarded a car which was there to pick her up. She seemed calm and on the way to full recovery. According to staff, she will not be going to a hospital, but will be making a quiet recovery at home.

Hamasaki was scheduled to make an appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme on the 16th, but had contracted acute pharyngitis while abroad. Unable to return home, she cancelled her performance, and apologized on her homepage, stating that “I really feel pained and regretful”.

Translation credit: misachanjpop @ Wordpress
Original source: Daily Sport News
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

[Scans] 17.09.2011 JELLY Magazine November 2011 Issue Full Scans

JELLY Magazine November 2011 Issue Full Scans!

Wow so sexy, but wish to see more of the photoshoots though.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Credit: kiseki89 @ AHS
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Friday, 16 September 2011

[Info] 16.09.2011 Ayu Apologizes Through Team Ayu Front Page

Apparently, Team Ayu website can't be accessed because the server is down, probably too many people access to the site.

Then after that, Ayu posted a message on the front page for another apology to the fans for unable to appear on tonight's MUSIC STATION SPECIAL.

Original source: Team Ayu Official Site
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[News] 16.09.2011 Ayu's Appearance For MUSIC STATION SP Tonight is Cancelled

It's announced through Ayu's official site that she won't be able to attend MUSIC STATION SPECIAL tonight as one of the performers.

Due to her bad health condition, she couldn't take flight return back to Japan.
Through the statement by avex management made today, she apologized to ASAHI TV and the fans that she hopes for an understanding.

Here's the official statement:




テレビ朝日「MUSIC STATION 25周年記念特別番組」

本日【平成23年9月16日】テレビ朝日「MUSIC STATION 25周年記念特別番組」生放送にて出演予定でありました「浜崎あゆみ」は体調不良により帰国予定の航空便に 搭乗することが出来なかったため、残念ながら急遽出演を降板させていただくことになりました。

テレビ朝日様、関係者の皆様、ファンの皆様には、大変なご迷惑をお掛けしまして申し訳ございませんが、何卒 ご理解賜りますようお願い申し上げます

Original source: Ayu's Official Site
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Thursday, 15 September 2011

[News] 15.09.2011「ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA」as A Theme Song For「sweetTV」

「ANother song feat. URATA NAOYA」has been chosen as the theme song for the new news program「sweetTV」which is part of [BeeTV] (BeeTV is mobile TV broadcasting service).

「sweetTV」is part of the popular fashion magazine「sweet」which through its mobile video will deliver the fastest and latest fashion magazine content.

※ [BeeTV] is only available in DoCoMo mobile devices.

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[Cover] 15.09.2011 JELLY Magazine November 2011 Issue Cover

JELLY Magazine November 2011 Issue Cover is out!



Credit: Luna62 @ AHS
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[Audio] 15.09.2011 beloved (Orchestra Version) Full Version

Full version of beloved (Orchestra Version)

beloved (Orchestra version) by nonchi-withloveayu

Credit: nonchi-withloveayu @ dailymotion
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

[Unconfirmed] 14.09.2011 Hidden Meaning From Ayu's Mini Album's Title "FIVE"?

Japanese fans through Mixi (an ONLY Japanese online community) have been discussing about the possible hidden meaning of Ayu's latest mini album title "FIVE" and Ayu gave a hint through her recent Sweet Magazine October 2011 interview that there's a hidden message that can be found on the title "FIVE".

Japanese fans have been speculating the hidden meaning would be that "FIVE" word is designed to create another new word, "HOPE" like seen below:

It's quite make sense, isn't it?

I appreciate the mini album more now because of this message, whether it's real or not.
I know that Ayu wouldn't create the title of her albums without any meaning behind it.

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS
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[Photo] 14.09.2011 Leslie Kee Posted Pictures of Ayu in NYC

Leslie posted 3 pictures of ayu and the crew at NYC


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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

[Scans] 13.09.2011 Sweet Magazine October 2011 Issue Full Scans

Simple yet elegant!

Love the photoshoots!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Credit: HULUFan @ AHS
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[Photo] 13.09.2011 Ayu Meeting NYC Fans Pictures Part 6

From today's NYC time!
It's probably the last time Ayu gotta meet the NYC fans.


Credits: Luan Luu + Mai Sakoda @ Facebook
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[Picture] 13.09.2011「LANDS OF Eden.」Ad JUNO Featuring Ayu HQ TextlessPicture!

Thanks a lot to Aderianu @ AHS to get this HQ picture of「LANDS OF Eden.」from the official website.

Click the picture for larger version!

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Credit: Aderianu @ AHS
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