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Friday, 31 July 2009

[Screencaps] Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ PV screencaps

Screencaps of Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ PV

Download link will be updated later

Credit: NGKnight @ AyuChina
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[Cover] S Cawaii magazine September 2009 issue cover bigger picture

Just found bigger version of S Cawaii magazine September 2009 issue cover

Click the picture for larger version

Credit:  yanzi2571 @ AyuChina
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[Info] a-nation 2009 merchandises on sale at Yesasia

Ayumi Hamasaki's a-nation 2009 official merchandises are on sale now at Yesasia, check them out!

Click the pictures for larger version

Price and product details  go to Yesasia

ANHA-0329_t_01_400.jpg (31 KB) ANHA-0329_t_02_400.jpg (40 KB)
ANHA-0330_t_01_400.jpg (48 KB) ANHA-0331_t_01_400.jpg (47 KB)
ANHA-0332_t_01_400.jpg (36 KB) ANHA-0333_t_01_400.jpg (25 KB)
ANHA-0334_t_01_400.jpg (27 KB) ANHA-0335_t_01_400.jpg (33 KB)
ANHA-0336_t_01_400.jpg (16 KB) ANHA-0336_t_02_400.jpg (28 KB)
ANHA-0339_t_01_400.jpg (19 KB)ANHA-0339_t_02_400.jpg (31 KB)

Original source: mu-mo | Yesasia 
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[Info] July 1st / Greatful days / fairyland / BLUE BIRD / glitter Mega-Mash-Up-Mix is available as ringtone

Special Mega-Mash-Up-Mix (July 1st / Greatful days / fairyland / BLUE BIRD / glitter) ringtone has already ready to be downloaded as ringtone starting from today

Picture taken from Official site

Original source: Official site
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[Info] Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL Official PV will be aired tonight!

Yay! Guess that we will be able to watch the full PV later tonight or tomorrow morning

so can't wait!

Picture taken from SSTV official site

Original source: Space Shower TV
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[Cover] S Cawaii magazine September 2009 issue cover

Isn't she looked so cute on this cover?

S Cawaii September 2009 issue

Original source: Amazon
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[Ayu's Diary] 25.07.09 - 29.07.09

It does not end (part.4)
25-07-2009 00H52

Returned safely to the dress rehearsal (`_')>
Keeping the pressure of a high concentration level, I think we've all managed to be all as a coherent group.
I glimpsed a real a-nation!
You'll enjoy! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
To continue, I have too much strength to make long sentences.
My hand tape surl keyboard is all numb!
Jack is amazing.
What voltage pendant24 hours!
Oh, about, when we finally terin the entire PV, I was super touched by seeing out the staff with vast applause dark circles under the eyes like pandas!
Y a pas à dire, j'adore "manufacture" quelue thing.
And I love you as you ☆ who reads what I write!
Well ...

Ah want? ? ?
25-07-2009 15:35

On my message yesterday afternoon, I wrote


it appears that you have had interprétatios very different (^_^;)
It's probably my fault, it was confusing.
I receive lots of messages like "You have a new love? Bravooo!" lol
Unfortunately ...
If I have one I vousle say, promise!
What I meant is that I want to see you all, the public, whatever.
Seeing during the assembly of PV, your eyes to all that glitter, and looks super serious, I had tears in their eyes.
With Lives, which for a time are at rest, it's like a lack of your smiling faces.
I will not cry too Osaka lol!
If I saw you now I weep ...? I do too? ? ? lol
Go tomorrow to all those I see in Odaiba, we'll be in good shape huh? ♪ ♪ ♪
As the power of the TA has surprised the staff of NHK on subjugate the staff of the FujiTV also great spirit of our group, ok? ♪ ♪ ♪
Today, second glass of tea-Momi!

diary_250709_1.jpg (12 KB)

A bientôt (^_-)- ☆

Looks like ...
26-07-2009 23h58

the rumor that I can not lie seems true. Today, I saw a person whom I loved since I was a schoolgirl, and if I had decided to keep a poker face, here's finally the head without any class I had all the time!

diary_260709_1.jpg (16 KB)

it shows how I aaaime!
No mas, seriously, it has a great look ...
I am sure ....
injury to my hand is finally fully healed, yesterday I did something I had been able to depi a year ...
What emotion! (T_T)

diary_260709_2.jpg (16 KB)

huhu! ♪
I do not want word they say like that
and forgotten the next day
I did the last time a little more than usual
If a game is safe, simply look for another time.

Ah! Post Scriptum! !
27-07-2009 00h10

Tomorrow I'm going to Osaka! ♪
To all of you who have waited for this concert postponed, thank you very much! We will finally see! (*^_^*)
2 dates in Osaka, just before a nation. All of us here, we're pumped, then break it with you, huh? ☆
And if something special "...? ? ?
Today as I drank 3 glasses of tea-momi. This is the drink in style!

The short summer ...
27-07-2009 15:20

♪ begins ...
How many memories make me vaisje with you? ♪
... and I'm in good shape, while drinking my tea-momi. Hello! (I drink me too?)
Ah, tonight is the start to Osaka! ☆
I fear that it is as dab, just to catch the last flight ...
As for Itami, it is not too late.
The heat is such that even if it's true that I am very pleased that you are me, especially pay attention to your health, think about drinking, nerestez ps top longtempsà wait outside, I want to see with great me smile, ok? ! !
Now I begin to play the mom hens lol.
Say, you do not want to fireworks?
It will ... ok?
We will DO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Ah, I finished my glass.

diary_270709_1.jpg (8 KB)

Get Started! !
28-07-2009 15h27

Fifth concert Osakaaaa! ♪
You're ready to break? ♪

diary_280709_1.jpg (16 KB)

The 6th in Osaka! !
29-07-2009 15h46

It was great yesterday! !
Avantmême a curtain raiser, he ruled that a strange warmth spread up behind the stage! (^_-) ♪
Wow! Osaka powa lol
Today, the last of Osaka! !
Laughing, crying, dancing and singing together, we will make the best concerts! ☆
You are always ready to break?
Ah, yesterday I was looking for something. In fact, it is not one thing. I can not find it, I can not find it, I was worried, but worried ... I've almost given up.
But I've found. At the end of ends.
I was ashamed to have doubted this would q'un time. I'm wanted.
But it will!
I swear that I will not lose more!
I firmly believe this!

diary_290709_1.jpg (18 KB)

Credit: Cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story
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[Photo] ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 ~ NEXT LEVEL ~ pictures

Found more pictures

Click the pictures for larger version

narutoo115-img400x600-1248180122md6aml62273.jpg (32 KB)narutoo115-img400x600-12481797672cq03h51335.jpg (39 KB)
narutoo115-img450x600-12481797671pnhha51335.jpg (49 KB)narutoo115-img600x450-1248179767mjazru51335.jpg (55 KB)
narutoo115-img600x450-1248179924cjxh2n93153.jpg (49 KB)narutoo115-img600x450-1248179924fcbhkp93153.jpg (50 KB)
narutoo115-img600x450-1248179924us5jll93153.jpg (42 KB)narutoo115-img600x450-1248180122dffsin62273.jpg (43 KB)

Credit: AyuKuuFan @ Blogspot
Original source: Yahoo! Japan Auction
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Thursday, 30 July 2009

[Download] Sunrise/Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ Official CM

 File Name: Sunrise CM.asf
Size: 1MB
☆ Download link: here

Credit: Ayu's Story
Original source: Official site
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[Official+Video] Sunrise/Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL ~ PVs previews updated on the official site

Check out the official site guys!!
The PVs previews for both songs are out!!
they're freaking nice!
so Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL ~ is the ballad version of Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~
and both are filmed in the same place with Sunrise and Sunset


Streaming video:

Credit: Ayu's Story
Original source: Official site
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[Photo] Making of LOVEppears covers pictures

Found these rare pictures of the making off of LOVEppears album covers pictures

Ayu looked so cute back then, and I love her hair like that...and I feel like want to see her without fringe like on the pictures below, since she has been having fringe for quite long time now

Click the pictures for larger version

ayumi307.jpg (44 KB)ayumi308.jpg (40 KB)
ayumi309.jpg (35 KB)ayumi310.jpg (32 KB)
ayumi311.jpg (40 KB)ayumi312.jpg (35 KB)
ayumi313.jpg (33 KB)ayumi314.jpg (46 KB)
ayumi315.jpg (33 KB)ayumi316.jpg (39 KB)

Credit: PinkShinigami @ AHS Forum
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[Wallpapers] Sunrise/Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL ~ covers wallpapers

Grab them!! 
The bigger the pics are, the more I love it *bricks the 2nd time*


sunriseloveisallcddvdwall.jpg (1.0 MB)


sunriseloveisallcddvdwall2.jpg (1.3 MB)


sunriseloveisallcddvdwall1.jpg (1.3 MB)


sunriseloveisallcdwall.jpg (1.1 MB)


sunriseloveisallcdwall1.jpg (1.4 MB)


sunriseloveisallcdwall2.jpg (1.3 MB)

Credit: Jstime @ AyuChina
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