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Monday, 31 August 2009

[Video] Ayumi Hamasaki at a-nation 2009 TV News footage

Credit: keitajen2 @ Youtube + LostHeaven @ AHS
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[Ranking] Recochoku Chart: Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ ranks no. 5

It's surprising that Ayu's Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ is still on the Recochoku ringtone chart, rank no. 5

Credit: nellojnkeis @ Soompi
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[Ranking] mu-mo Disney Music Box Chart

mu-mo Disney Music Box Chart

Ayu's Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ ranks no. 1 and Sunset ~ LOVE is ALL ~ ranks no. 6

and i think both are really good songs for Disney hehe :)

Credit: DBSKnights @ Blogspot
Source: mu-mo
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[Fanaccount] Ayu's male fan's Point of View about Tohoshinki

*Puppy eyes*
Sorry for always talking about Tohoshinki here, but this is very interesting that Ayu's fans have put their interest towards Tohoshinki during a-nation 2009 and in fact that Tohoshinki's fans also cheered for Ayu during her performances!

Here's the fanaccount:

Ayu male fan's comment at a-nation Osaka 09:

This year at a-nation Osaka, what was surprising was definitely TVXQ. First of all, they performed after Kumi Koda. Does that mean that they are more popular than Kumi now? Last year, I didn't really notice them, but this year, there was a huge difference in atmosphere. It seemed that the whole place was filled with TVXQ fans, and right before they showed up, we had to cover our ears because the cheers were incredibly loud. We could not hear anything but the cheer of the fans. Both my friend and I were amazed of the heat the whole TVXQ fans brought to the place and made us worry if Ayu would have as good a response as TVXQ. But we did not have to worry since these TVXQ fans cheered for our Ayu at the final of the concert. They brought good energy to the a-nation which we were happy about.

Source: Mai, Akira, tvxqlove, Yoosu, sholonpo
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[Photo+Video] a-nation 2009 video news + Ayu with Max Matsuura's picture during a-nation 2009

Ayu and Max Matsuura, The CEO of avex trax picture during a-nation 2009

It seems that they were looking at something interesting..which probably, Tohoshinki's performances? and Max probably told Ayu how great they are? Ayu might as well agree to him.. hahahaha lol :D

*sorry for my fangirl mode again~ forgive me~*

One video news about a-nation 2009

Credit: LostHeaven @ AHS + richandoson @ Youtube + AyuKuuFan @ Blogspot
Original source: Max Matsuura's official blog
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[Ayu's Diary] 29.08.09

Yesterday evening ...
29-08-2009 09h46

I went to bed too early, the result this morning I woke up at 6:30.
In fact, the programmable electric kettle in my room and asked who was starting at that hour, I do not know why.
Because of it I have a raspy voice!
Yeah, it scared me, and in the morning I started to cry lol
But then, a voice rather serious and altered because of the time.
I have been busy for the next room ...
Uh, actually, I realized that the next room was occupied by my managers! lol
I have nothing to do, I wake up? (Stop! Lol)
Right now, I start to feel sleepy.
You know, the usual appearance of things that! lol
But hey, there's no shame in admitting it.
hmm ... I hesitate to go jogging ...
In fact, especially since I hate this weird feeling we experience when we woke up fell back asleep again. Like "damn, I'm back to sleep" lol
But hey, if I stay awake, it'll make me go on stage more than 12 hours after my alarm clock! lol
Bah, okay? ? ?
Yeah, it will go!
Well in the meantime I'll go eat! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Alone. lol

Sleep again ...
29-08-2009 11:47

Nope, I'm not asleep again ♪
I was wondering what I could eat, I realized that two hours had elapsed! lol
What I'm free, I then! lol
In addition I have still not decided.
Someone wants to choose for me? lol

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki a-nation 2009 Osaka pictures from Max Matsuura's official blog

The CEO of avex trax, Max Matsuura has updated some a-nation 2009 pictures on his officia blog.

Click the pictures for larger version

up_227178.jpg (34 KB)up_227179.jpg (53 KB)
up_227180.jpg (79 KB)up_227181.jpg (46 KB)

Credit: haru @ AyuChina
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Sunday, 30 August 2009

[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki at a-nation 2009 Osaka 29.08.09

The pictures from a-nation 2009 Osaka 29.08.09

Click the pictures for larger version

02289819.jpg (20 KB)02289820.jpg (23 KB)
02289850.jpg (16 KB)02289857.jpg (17 KB)
02289904.jpg (16 KB)

02289821.jpg (22 KB)02289858.jpg (17 KB)
02289898.jpg (21 KB)02289905.jpg (25 KB)

A Smootie pictures
I seriously want one of these!

m_163511.jpg (24 KB)m_229855.jpg (26 KB)
m_268185.jpg (23 KB)m_458996.jpg (19 KB)m_481332.jpg (16 KB)

Credit: kerozoro & 又夏 @ AyuChina
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[Info] Japanese Paper Daily Sports will be giving out a-nation artists goods as gifts!

This year, 「a-nation'09 powered by Weider in Jelly」was also organised.
Daily Sports will also be bringing news related to a-nation to our readers.
Daily Sports' publications on 30 & 31 August will be giving out a-nation's artists' goods as gifts,
and this time, Daily Sports have also attended a-nation at Ajinomoto Stadium for exclusive interviews!

For the following days, we will show everyone the touching and exciting events that took place.
Of course, this year, we'll also give out a lot of artist goods as gifts!!
In the publications on 30 & 31 August, there will be coupons for the artist goods.
Please cut out the coupons, stick it to a postcard and send it to the publisher's address.
More details on the goods will be available on the publications on 30 & 31 August.
Please look out for it!!

Source: [daily sports + withTVXQ]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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[Fanaccount] a-nation 2009 29.08.09: Ayu got Tohoshinki's signatures

When I read this fanaccount, i was so extremely happy.. Ayu has once again shown off her fangirl side!!

read it thoroughly, will you guys?

Fanaccount a-nation 2009 29.08.09 Osaka 

A-nation Osaka was really good! Well, everything after Alan really. Her voice....I've never heard her live before and never listened to one whole song of hers but...Wow, she totally blew away all the other female singers beforehand. Lovely song, main theme of the epic film Red Cliff.

Anyways, when the beginning video for DBSK started the crowd went wild. The stadium became a sea of red and blue lightsticks and everyone (when I say everyone, I mean most of the female population and a few males) was standing up screaming and waving their fans.

Ahhh...They started off with Share the World and it was so good. Yunho and Junsu had a little dance break in the middle where they both did handstands and a flip....People were screaming so much lol, so much more energy than when I watched the 3rd tour T (in Osaka as well). It was great!

Then they sang Purple Line...ahh, the urge to shout *OK!* when Yoochun sings *I really want to touch myself*.....so tempting, so tempting lol. Yoochun was really sexy today lol....

They sang Sky, Doushite, Stand by U, Survivor (this got loads of screams), Summer Dream and Somebody to Love.....

During the ment, the camera focused in turn on each member and the screams grew louder and then ear-splitting when it got to Yoochun. Lol, Yunho went "Yah, isn't that enough for one person?" Haha, poor Leader. There was a pause when it forcused on Junsu and then the screams grew gradually lol...Dolphin is so cute. His charisma was on full blow today.
In Summer Dream he kept the first two moves from the MV (at the end when he improvises) but for the last part he did a hip swing and a thrust aha, he knows how to get the crowd pumped.

It was good to see everyone so energetic and happy despite this whole lawsuit thing. I hope it works out for the best

Once again Ayu held her THSK towel but this time she went "Today it got signed!"....Waaaaah, my heart. The girls were screaming away.....Lucky Ayu.

Stand by U was beautiful.....Perfectly in tune and they really put themselves into the song. If only they'd cut out the other "Shooting acts" and the main singers excluding Do as Infinity, Ayu and AAA.....

Oh, and Naoya from AAA went "As I thought, Tohoshinki is everywhere" when he saw the stadium filled with green towels, both from BigEast and the official A-nation goods. I was first in line :)

Next time I'm, going to make sure I'm near to the front...Need to ask a friend in Japan to book for me since you can't do it overseas.

Tohoshinki ganbatte!

Please credit if you use this entry to clubotaku@livejournal.com. Thanks!

Credit: clubotaku@LJ
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[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki waved Tohoshinki's a-nation 2009 towel again yesterday

Found this fanaccount again.. on Yesterday's a-nation 2009 29.08.09, Ayu was holding and waving Tohoshinki's a-nation 2009 towel again!

It said probably Ayu got signatures from the boys already but not sure about it, WOW!

Credit: Dbsknights @ Blogspot
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Saturday, 29 August 2009

[Info] a-nation'09 BEST HIT SELECTION - Music Clip Edition(micro SD)

Release Date: August 1st 2009
Price: ¥ 2.000

Watch a-nation’09 performers’ Music Video Clip in your mobile now!
You can watch the video anytime, anywhere through mobile “microSD” released!

Compatible mobile phone type:
DoCoMo, au, SoftBank

1 A4 Blue Teddy sticker

micro SD content:

All Music Video Clips are:

●大塚 愛「バイバイ」
●Every Little Thing「Dear My Friend」
●LINDBERG「今すぐKiss Me」
●島谷ひとみ「Perseus -ペルセウス-」
●GIRL NEXT DOOR「Seeds of dream」
●Do As Infinity「本日ハ晴天ナリ」
●hitomi「WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!」
●倖田來未「Run For Your Life」
●TRF「Live Your Days」

Credit: tvxq_luv @ Tohosomnia.net
Original source: mu-mo
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Friday, 28 August 2009

[Ayu's Diary] 28.08.2009

Well then ...
28-08-2009 00h07

... finished the job today ♪
So here I am back home, and I'm filling my bathtub.
But in fact it takes very little water, because that's my dog!
You know what? They love to nap in the bath!
You really are the dogs? ? ? lol
I'll try to photograph them.
Aaaah I want to show you ...
I swear it's worth a look! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol
I'll try.
Oh, about the day "Zzzz zzzz", it ended at 08:30 am.
I confess that I do not remember everything ... lol

28-08-2009 01h10

Because, my doggies, as we pointed a camera at them, they stand on their feet, they are laying staring at the goal lol!
I wanted to photograph them in natural poses more ....

diary_28082009_1.jpg (11 KB)

Maroon san ... it seems un p'tit father ....
While it is a girl (T_T)

diary_28082009_2.jpg (12 KB)

Well I'll try again ♪
I photograph them without their seeing me! ! ! ! !
Chon-san also saw that tomorrow is the last rehearsal of a nation, I think I'll also take me a good bath .... ♨

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story
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[Ranking] Ayumi Hamasaki a-nation 2009 goods ranking at mu-mo

*A little bit of fangirling mode:ON*

It seems that Ayumi Hamasaki's & Tohoshinki's a-nation 2009 goods have dominated the whole Top 20 ranking at mu-mo shop

Picture capture from mu-mo official site

Credit: Dbsknight @ Blogspot
Original source: mu-mo
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki and Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSK Asia Song Festival 2004 bigger picture

*Sorry for my fangirling mode, but I just found the bigger picture of Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSK (still in their super ugly look =_=) and Ayumi Hamasaki*

I bet that when Ayu saw this picture, she must be shocked! haha lol :D

Credit: Soompi
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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

[Download] Rule audio at a-nation 2009 Tokyo download link

File name: a-nation'09 8_23 in 味の素スタジアム.mp3
File size: 5.85 MB
☆ Download link: here

Credit: AYUTV @ AHS
Original source: http://since1997.tistory.com/1884
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[Ayu's Story] My Ayu's cover updated with Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ 26.08.09

Here's my cover of Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~
go click here if you want to listen to it :)




[Ayu's Diary] 24.08.09 - 26.08.09

24-08-2009 21h51

After our performance, with all musicians and dancers, we met at the usual place and we made a sort of holiday party work.
By including birthday parties Shingo san, born on August 22, Mom & Gomi Akirax one born August 24 ☆.
With all the energy received from the public Aji Sta, we all celebrate until morning!
But Chonsan, within the institution, she made a sacred fall. Enough to remember the legendary Saitama Super Arena! lol My back and my kidneys were toasted! lol
These are Bancho Kanako or mom and mom Aki who have kindly extended a hand to this kind of schoolgirl still four paws in the air, and have treated me suddenly ice and massages!
No actually, I should say Mom and Dad Kanako Aki lol.
Big sister Aki has indeed stood by my side like a real man!
Merciiii ♡
But before this accident happens, we had fun doing things like this:

diary_24082009_1.jpg (15 KB)

You have trouble understanding? ? ?
Pictured from the bottom, big sister Aki, Enrique san, Chon san lol
And if I told you what we did ...

diary_24082009_2.jpg (19 KB)

Not forgetting the fingers in a V.
Whatever ... ! lol
That's why it was funny! lol
Good! Then I mention ...? You know, the famous thing ...
What Satsuki chan and his staff, without even taking the time to sleep properly manufactured and brought me ...
Well, you be ready? ?
So I go ...

diary_24082009_3.jpg (146 KB)

Voilàààààààààààà! ! !
A new computer ♡
it's huge, eh? ? ?
Me at him, seriously, I was so moved that I almost weep with joy.
Even my manager who had received was quite returned.
Ave such a computer, it will be even more fun to publish things here ♡
Do not you think the night wind starts to do some fall?
I still want to do stuff summer ....

As often
25-08-2009 04h10

I'm the one who fights against a strange sense of emptiness. Bonsoir, c'est moi!
What can it be this feeling?
Oh, I want to go somewhere with lots of Nature ...
I want to go do somersaults in the great outdoors.
I would contemplate the vast sky until my tire.
And then the sea or river .. ...
it would siouper.
Uh .. siouper is Shimoko language, it means Super!
Here I am doing a great journey in my head, but in reality I am completely in the polish lol
Does someone ...

26-08-2009 01h37

TLords First, I had something to do with Bancho Kanako & Kayanotchi, then return home, we amused ourselves with big sister Aki to send us photos ZERO! And then, the urge to go sweat a sudden I went running about 1 hour and then when I go to take a shower, that Cocoa san asked me to play with his Koppepan (toy shaped piece of bread).

diary_26082009_1.jpg (13 KB)

This toy I can run and throw, the Cocoa always related.
In addition to this toy, it makes a noise: "Biii biiii"
Every morning I am awakened by this "Biiii Biiiii!!" Lol
Ah, Cocoa san decided to rest and take his ease on a pile of blankets piled in every direction.

diary_26082009_2.jpg (14 KB)

It has a head ... like "You want something?" lol
Well, I'll take my shower and then I go to work.
I wonder why, in my work, I am more efficient at night ...?

Zzzz ... zzzz
26-08-2009 06h12

Y'se not finish this work.
Perhaps to 07h ...?
We'll try to believe these predictions Prince, go courage! ! ! ! ! !
Zzzz ... zzzzzz

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story
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[Photo+Video] a-nation 2009 venue Ajinomoto Stadium Tokyo pictures + a-nation 2009 Japan TV News

More pictures from a-nation 2009 Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

001_10.jpg (173 KB)002_6.jpg (223 KB)
003.jpg (120 KB)004_3.jpg (183 KB)
005.jpg (134 KB)006_4.jpg (139 KB)
007.jpg (122 KB)008.jpg (210 KB)
009_1.jpg (214 KB)010_2.jpg (145 KB)

and Japan TV News, We can hear Boys & Girls here, I seriously love Ayu's Boat!

Credit: Ж→Чаи℃ @ AyuChina + richandoson @ Youtube + AyuKuuFan @ Blogspot
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