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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

[Download+Translation] Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~ live performance at HEY! HEY! HEY! and talking part download

File name: HEY!HEY!HEY! Sunrise ~Love is Al..mp4
File size: 144.44 MB
☆ Download link: here

English translation of the conversation:
Title: Tonight, The Destined First Meeting
The Hosts: "It's Mr. Matoba Kôji!"
Ayu-Matoba meeting: "Nice to meet you"
Host (to Ayu): "What's the problem? Are you crazy or what? (lol) Go sit down there! WOOOW What loud screams? we too will end up with stage fright if you scream like that! (at Matoba): "You also are focused huh?"
Matoba, "Yes, I am very focused!"
Host: "Saying that you are very focused, yet you still watch from the corner of your eye, huh?" -Idle video-
Matoba "Yes, I've seen her!"
Host: "It seems that you hesitated to come?"
Matoba: "Yes, I hesitated a lot, because even if I really wanted to meet Miss Hamasaki, I was also very afraid to keep quiet. But in fact I have my wife and daughter, who are big fans, and when I mentioned my doubts to my wife she told me, "You gotta go!" .. and therefore I am!"
Host to Ayu: "but how is this way of looking at your hands while he speaks ????" "that's for sure, it will be completed in sunsets!" (laughs)* "And you, how long have you known him?"
Ayu: "uh .. it goes back to primary school, I saw published photos of Mr Matoba published in Myôjô**! I also loved him in high school!"
Host: "And you, since when did you like Hamasaki?"
Matoba: "As it has been a long time since I listened to a singer attentively ... What's funny?"
Host: "No it's not you, that is, she looks at you like she's praying!"
Ayu "Well you never know, I may not see him again, perhaps not even a second time in my life!"
Host: "Uh, perhaps you should give him a deep kiss!" (Laughs)
Matoba: "Uh, in short! So it's been a long time that I appreciated a singer, but in fact my daughter who has been a true fan, since the age of three, has seen all of her PVs and videos, so I've become acquainted with Ayu through my daughter. And then I realized that beyond the songs, the images were fantastic. In short, we watched you on CD, DVD, video ...!! " ***
Host: "Well you are a guest, you have something to say?"
Matoba: "Uh ................ You're beautiful!" 
Host: "Huh? That is all you have to say to her? Lol. (To Ayu) And you, you want him to say something?"
Ayu: "Uh...I don't know...what you say ?.....um.... a second wife, perhaps?" -General laughter-
Host: "Stop your nonsense, you????" "I meant your staff has not recommended you say anything?"
Matoba: "Um, yes they said that I had the opportunity to request an autograph or a picture ... but that is impossible .."
Host: "But it is possible, Right Ayu? You agree?
Ayu: "Yes!"
Matoba: "But for ME, it is actually impossible!"
-Host grabs camera-
-Ayu sings Sunrise-
They take their photo together

*Tying her new single into the joke?
**Myojo - Well-established teen idol magazine with a focus on male singers and actors like Johnnys!
***I don't know if I got that right

Credit: Handjan + krazeyo @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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