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Thursday, 30 April 2009

[Download] Ken Hirai's version of Love ~ Destiny from Ken's Bar II album

Ken Hirai's Love ~ Destiny version has been released~
I've listened to it, i think that this song is better off sung by a female artist :)
because it has somehow a feminine touch on the music :)
so for Ken Hirai, it's a big NO NO sorry~

If you want to listen to it,
here's the download link:
Ken Hirai's Love~Destiny cover

Credit: KarenPang @ AHS Forum
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[Photo] ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 ~ NEXT LEVEL ~ T-Shirts close up pictures

Oh mY!!! the T-shirts just look awesomeeee!!!
it's all bling-bling at the front and at the back! woahh!

Click the pictures for larger version!

01_19.jpg (25 KB) 02_3.jpg (31 KB)
03.jpg (20 KB) 04_4.jpg (23 KB)
06.jpg (45 KB) 07_1.jpg (44 KB)
a433.jpg (52 KB)

Credit: 步步向前冲 @ AyuChina
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[TA Message] no. 516: does not have to say...

does not have to say...
No. 516 30-04-2009 00h10 

it was énooooorme! Fukui! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

As always, the atmosphere! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

This morning when I got up, the temperature had fallen, I thought the day would be cool, but then early in the Live, in a moment I was swimming! lol 

No half-measures ..... Fukui power! (0)ノ♪ 

Seriously, there is no error, Fukui! (0)ノ♪ 

It's a bit Chon-san the pleurnicharde these days, but there I shed tears of happiness on a voice transvestite! 

Really, thank you all! (_-)- ☆ 

And then, then! ! ! 

You are all worried, which I lost ... 

retrouvéééééééééééééé! (> y <) 

You know, the famous guy who was misled by reading the schedule, a manager from home, Tadashi ... very quietly, but then quietly hyper: 

"Ayu san, I heard that you lost something, is it by chance that it would be this?" 

With one blow, so, right in the Komatsu airport .... 

(?_?) Huh? 

while I watched with surprise, the guy, but quietly, he hands me something in his hand. 

And then, what I thought lost, I see my lucky blue shining ... 
Aaaah! Conteeeeente! (/_;) 

Uh ... atta! 
Tell Môssieur Tadashi Tsukasa, if you have found ... 

Say it viiiite more!! (-_-#) 


Let. You know these days, is something that concerns me vaaaaaaaachement, it makes no sense, but there is a mystery that prompted me wooooooooow that has finally become clearer. I feel better! 

Sure, there are times when words have no power, on the contrary, they sometimes blur the truth, but it is true that there are also times when we must say things clearly, huh? 

Chon and think san! 

Me, what I chose and decided, it is neither for nor the fault of someone, but I'm going through. Chuis not someone who stops along the way! (_-)- ☆ 

Good! It is soon back at me is Fukuokaaaaaaa! ♪ 

I look forward ∈ 0 ∋ ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

[Scans] Team Ayu magazine vol. 31 full scans

Team Ayu magazine vol. 31 full scans
Click the pictures for larger version

scan0001eqg.jpg (257 KB) scan0002blz.jpg (299 KB)
scan0003fba.jpg (279 KB) scan0004lsw.jpg (279 KB)
scan0005r.jpg (248 KB) scan0006d.jpg (308 KB)
scan0009u.jpg (297 KB) scan0011g.jpg (292 KB)
scan0012k.jpg (299 KB) scan0013.jpg (294 KB)
scan0014m.jpg (320 KB) scan0015.jpg (290 KB)
scan0016j.jpg (325 KB) scan0017.jpg (329 KB)
scan0018j.jpg (326 KB) scan0019.jpg (296 KB)
scan0020.jpg (268 KB) scan0021.jpg (248 KB)
scan0022.jpg (245 KB)

Credit: pchan1986 @ AHS Forum
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[Wallpaper] 『Ayu's Deji Deji Diary 2000 - 2009 A』wallpapers collection

Go to this link for more of the wallpapers:

『Ayu's Deji Deji Diary 2000 - 2009 A』Wallpapers collection

Credit: RMX Works
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[TA Message] no. 515: Today ...

Today ... 
No. 515 28-04-2009 21h38 

... it was great to stuffing, and all of you who have come to Haneda (Tokyo airport) to accompany me, you tried to tell me many things, but me, running as if I was sucked by forward as in the manga, I really could not answer you, huh? (>_<) 

I'm so sorry! ! ! ! ! 

Me too I had stuff to say or to ask you .... 

In fact, you know, today, before boarding the plane, there was a case of misread the planning staff, and as time progressed and started to be really critical, no one came looking for me ( sweat). At that moment I was with Bancho, and I do not want someone, I told him: 

"Come on, there (`_')/!!!" 

and reproduced on the pub Weider was made to run sweating great drops in Omotesando, where: 

"... uh ... but why is short?" 

this is what was said (lol) and is fitted with such a momentum in a taxi that was parked in a nearly out the door opposite! And both of us burst out laughing! 

And in the taxi as we were sitting by the front sucked lol. 

The portable Bancho kept ringing to repeated calls of Staff, and a repeat at least 30 times "But yes, I tell you that I am with" it "(me!) In a taxi and headed to the airport. " In the end, it tends to raise the voice ... lol 

I was sitting next to, and address of the driver: "I have not Live in a long time, I can not miss that plane!" I tried to convince him. When I think Live is tomorrow ... lol 

And then, when I gave the schedule for the aircraft to the driver: 

"Ayu chan (huh? ... Since when was it overview (◎ - ◎;)?), The m'sieur he will do his best ... but it's still a little desperate ... with all these plugs ... " 

And I answered: 
"Say not CAAA, m'sieeeeeeeur! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)" 

when j'atteinds my limitations, I find my southern accent and become familiar. 

As if it knew. 

Here the m'sieur, he pulled out the big Thursday 

And, incredibly, we arrived on time. 
When we saw the airport, in the car, about 3 people have shouted for joy ...! lol 

When I'm off the taxi, it was with the driver, type in hand, it was moving! lol 

But no time to be moved. 
Koichi san was there, come to expect, and a hyper-serious air, he gave only 3 words: "it's limit." 

Ah! yes, it's true. 
It is not just arrive at the airport, it was not even on the plane ... 

And again the sprint ('_')/! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I thought we had no time to discuss as is usual ave all ceu from me, but I promise at least catch all the letters that I intended ! ! Thus I ran slowly, I was running in reverse, sincerely I regret a little bit of me sometimes shown in a posture not necessarily to my advantage, but does not want me huh? lol 

And here, the control of luggage, new case! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

But here it's serious, I'm really depressed, you can not laugh then I do not write ... 

I've lost something that I wanted so, so, so ..... 

Where did I lose or so? (/_;) 

Please pray for all that I retroooouve! (T.T) 

Woow, this message is super long, I have to calm myself. I found my spirits. 

Hey, all of Fukui, M'Attende you tomorrow with a super drive, ok ... ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I promise you a great time! (_-)- ☆ 

To all of you who have come to the airport Komatsu, faces all full of smiles, thank you very much! (*_*) 

I love all those hands clapping! (*_*)(*_*)(*_*) 

And here is how, safely (?) Chon Chan landed in Fukui! 

A look forward, they all have so much energy, Fukui ...!

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

[Photo+Article] Ayu in italian weekly magazine "Il venerdì di Repubblica"

MADE IN JAPAN The last trend in Tokyo is to wear Louis XVI court’s inspired clothes


Between an anime and Louis XVI’s court we can find the latest trend Made in Japan.
It is called Himekei and consists in dressing up like 18th century’s ladies.
The trend smashes among Meiji Street’s girls, in the deep heart of Harajuku.
Their inspiring sources are the queen of J-Pop Hamasaki Ayumi and the cult movie Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola).
The furnitures to decorate their “antique style” bedrooms can be bought at princess House INC and their favourite brand is Osaka’s Jesus Diamante that opened many shops in the capital; here, these modern Japanese princesses queue up to gain the expensive colthes (starting from 450 arriving to 1200 euro each) from Marie Wanpi’s collection, designed by Chinomi Yuri.
The girls are helped by shop assistants, a great group of addicted to this style.
The most famous one is Keiko Mizoe, 24 years old, called Princess Keiko. Her presence is, actually, in the pages of every magazine loved by Himekei fans.
Really popular is, for example, Koakuma Ageha: approximately 350000 copies.
Unbelievable the bill these modern ladies spend every month for their passion: 3000 euro.

CAPTION (read what it’s written, LOL)
Keiko Mizoe (LEFT) ???!!!! the guru-shop assistant of Louis XVI’s style and Kirsten Dunst (RIGHT) main character of Sofia Coppola’s movie.

Credit: C+R+E+AYUMI @ AHS Forum
Shared by Ayu's Story
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[TA Message] no. 514: I thought ...

I thought ... 
No. 514 28-04-2009 00h36 

... have posted the pictures of the second day of gym, one where even Armageddon and Koichi had participated ... (sweat) 

Well, I just feel that it is a little late, but I post now ♪ 

And I added pictures of our travels! 

Ah! tomorrow, it is Fukuiiiiii .....! (_-)- ☆

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 555 - 562

Bunch of TA Photos!!!

Photo No. 555: it is at 3 Km ... 

about it began to go wrong for everyone! lol 
todays_555_1.jpg (59 KB)todays_555_2.jpg (74 KB)

Photo No. 556: And 5 Km ... 

from SOU and me, nobody spoke lol. 
Koichi fell from his machine lol. 
Gori is being rather walk lol. 
Chon san died of laughter and continued to run. I am in good shape moiiiii! 
That day, we had to go to Shizuoka, the meeting ended after 1 hour. 

  todays_556_1.jpg (53 KB)todays_556_2.jpg (76 KB)

Photo 557: And then ... 

first photo festival abs. 
At the center, is the self-named Majorette is Kanako Miura Bancho! 
Another photo, festival back. 
In the foreground is Gori ... ça va? lol

todays_557_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_557_2.jpg (82 KB)

Photo No. 558: And then ... 

Quickly transfer to the station of Shin-Osaka ♪ 
This is when we finally all vuuu! (*_*) 

todays_558_1.jpg (57 KB)todays_558_2.jpg (73 KB)

Photos No 559: Departure! ! 

for Shizuoka! ! 
By the way, Bancho ended up surrounded by lots of people who told him "kawai, kawai" (cute, cute), and at that moment, one (older) man who knew nothing exclaimed, "But which, already, this person? ". A great moment lol. 
Like "Well, it Bancho. lol 
todays_559_1.jpg (46 KB)todays_559_2.jpg (58 KB)

Photo 560: Ittekimaaaasu (I VAAA) 

Last salvation to all inside the Shinkansen ...! ♪ ♪ ♪ 

  todays_560_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_560_2.jpg (72 KB)

Photo 561: To all ... 

Thank you very much! (*_*)(*_*)(*_*) 

  todays_561_1.jpg (54 KB)todays_561_2.jpg (68 KB)

Photo 562: Bonus! 

that's my imitation of smileys!

todays_562_1.jpg (45 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
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Monday, 27 April 2009

[Photo] Fanmade Ayupan pictures NEXT LEVEL & Sparkle version

The guy who has made all these Ayupans pictures are just simply AMAZING!!

find for more of his works:

NEXT LEVEL version

Sparkle version

Credit: RMX Works
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[Photo] Fanmade ASIA TOUR 2008 Ayupans wooden mobile straps

A friend of mine made these and selling it worldwide! 
If any of you interesting in purchasing these stuff, just go to this for pre-order:

 Wooden Phone Strap-AYUPAN AT2008

Credit: BranV @ AHS Forum
Shared by Ayu's Story
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