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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 555 - 562

Bunch of TA Photos!!!

Photo No. 555: it is at 3 Km ... 

about it began to go wrong for everyone! lol 
todays_555_1.jpg (59 KB)todays_555_2.jpg (74 KB)

Photo No. 556: And 5 Km ... 

from SOU and me, nobody spoke lol. 
Koichi fell from his machine lol. 
Gori is being rather walk lol. 
Chon san died of laughter and continued to run. I am in good shape moiiiii! 
That day, we had to go to Shizuoka, the meeting ended after 1 hour. 

  todays_556_1.jpg (53 KB)todays_556_2.jpg (76 KB)

Photo 557: And then ... 

first photo festival abs. 
At the center, is the self-named Majorette is Kanako Miura Bancho! 
Another photo, festival back. 
In the foreground is Gori ... ça va? lol

todays_557_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_557_2.jpg (82 KB)

Photo No. 558: And then ... 

Quickly transfer to the station of Shin-Osaka ♪ 
This is when we finally all vuuu! (*_*) 

todays_558_1.jpg (57 KB)todays_558_2.jpg (73 KB)

Photos No 559: Departure! ! 

for Shizuoka! ! 
By the way, Bancho ended up surrounded by lots of people who told him "kawai, kawai" (cute, cute), and at that moment, one (older) man who knew nothing exclaimed, "But which, already, this person? ". A great moment lol. 
Like "Well, it Bancho. lol 
todays_559_1.jpg (46 KB)todays_559_2.jpg (58 KB)

Photo 560: Ittekimaaaasu (I VAAA) 

Last salvation to all inside the Shinkansen ...! ♪ ♪ ♪ 

  todays_560_1.jpg (65 KB)todays_560_2.jpg (72 KB)

Photo 561: To all ... 

Thank you very much! (*_*)(*_*)(*_*) 

  todays_561_1.jpg (54 KB)todays_561_2.jpg (68 KB)

Photo 562: Bonus! 

that's my imitation of smileys!

todays_562_1.jpg (45 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits! 

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