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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

[TA Message] no. 515: Today ...

Today ... 
No. 515 28-04-2009 21h38 

... it was great to stuffing, and all of you who have come to Haneda (Tokyo airport) to accompany me, you tried to tell me many things, but me, running as if I was sucked by forward as in the manga, I really could not answer you, huh? (>_<) 

I'm so sorry! ! ! ! ! 

Me too I had stuff to say or to ask you .... 

In fact, you know, today, before boarding the plane, there was a case of misread the planning staff, and as time progressed and started to be really critical, no one came looking for me ( sweat). At that moment I was with Bancho, and I do not want someone, I told him: 

"Come on, there (`_')/!!!" 

and reproduced on the pub Weider was made to run sweating great drops in Omotesando, where: 

"... uh ... but why is short?" 

this is what was said (lol) and is fitted with such a momentum in a taxi that was parked in a nearly out the door opposite! And both of us burst out laughing! 

And in the taxi as we were sitting by the front sucked lol. 

The portable Bancho kept ringing to repeated calls of Staff, and a repeat at least 30 times "But yes, I tell you that I am with" it "(me!) In a taxi and headed to the airport. " In the end, it tends to raise the voice ... lol 

I was sitting next to, and address of the driver: "I have not Live in a long time, I can not miss that plane!" I tried to convince him. When I think Live is tomorrow ... lol 

And then, when I gave the schedule for the aircraft to the driver: 

"Ayu chan (huh? ... Since when was it overview (◎ - ◎;)?), The m'sieur he will do his best ... but it's still a little desperate ... with all these plugs ... " 

And I answered: 
"Say not CAAA, m'sieeeeeeeur! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)" 

when j'atteinds my limitations, I find my southern accent and become familiar. 

As if it knew. 

Here the m'sieur, he pulled out the big Thursday 

And, incredibly, we arrived on time. 
When we saw the airport, in the car, about 3 people have shouted for joy ...! lol 

When I'm off the taxi, it was with the driver, type in hand, it was moving! lol 

But no time to be moved. 
Koichi san was there, come to expect, and a hyper-serious air, he gave only 3 words: "it's limit." 

Ah! yes, it's true. 
It is not just arrive at the airport, it was not even on the plane ... 

And again the sprint ('_')/! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I thought we had no time to discuss as is usual ave all ceu from me, but I promise at least catch all the letters that I intended ! ! Thus I ran slowly, I was running in reverse, sincerely I regret a little bit of me sometimes shown in a posture not necessarily to my advantage, but does not want me huh? lol 

And here, the control of luggage, new case! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

But here it's serious, I'm really depressed, you can not laugh then I do not write ... 

I've lost something that I wanted so, so, so ..... 

Where did I lose or so? (/_;) 

Please pray for all that I retroooouve! (T.T) 

Woow, this message is super long, I have to calm myself. I found my spirits. 

Hey, all of Fukui, M'Attende you tomorrow with a super drive, ok ... ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I promise you a great time! (_-)- ☆ 

To all of you who have come to the airport Komatsu, faces all full of smiles, thank you very much! (*_*) 

I love all those hands clapping! (*_*)(*_*)(*_*) 

And here is how, safely (?) Chon Chan landed in Fukui! 

A look forward, they all have so much energy, Fukui ...!

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits! 

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