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Thursday, 30 April 2009

[TA Message] no. 516: does not have to say...

does not have to say...
No. 516 30-04-2009 00h10 

it was énooooorme! Fukui! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

As always, the atmosphere! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

This morning when I got up, the temperature had fallen, I thought the day would be cool, but then early in the Live, in a moment I was swimming! lol 

No half-measures ..... Fukui power! (0)ノ♪ 

Seriously, there is no error, Fukui! (0)ノ♪ 

It's a bit Chon-san the pleurnicharde these days, but there I shed tears of happiness on a voice transvestite! 

Really, thank you all! (_-)- ☆ 

And then, then! ! ! 

You are all worried, which I lost ... 

retrouvéééééééééééééé! (> y <) 

You know, the famous guy who was misled by reading the schedule, a manager from home, Tadashi ... very quietly, but then quietly hyper: 

"Ayu san, I heard that you lost something, is it by chance that it would be this?" 

With one blow, so, right in the Komatsu airport .... 

(?_?) Huh? 

while I watched with surprise, the guy, but quietly, he hands me something in his hand. 

And then, what I thought lost, I see my lucky blue shining ... 
Aaaah! Conteeeeente! (/_;) 

Uh ... atta! 
Tell Môssieur Tadashi Tsukasa, if you have found ... 

Say it viiiite more!! (-_-#) 


Let. You know these days, is something that concerns me vaaaaaaaachement, it makes no sense, but there is a mystery that prompted me wooooooooow that has finally become clearer. I feel better! 

Sure, there are times when words have no power, on the contrary, they sometimes blur the truth, but it is true that there are also times when we must say things clearly, huh? 

Chon and think san! 

Me, what I chose and decided, it is neither for nor the fault of someone, but I'm going through. Chuis not someone who stops along the way! (_-)- ☆ 

Good! It is soon back at me is Fukuokaaaaaaa! ♪ 

I look forward ∈ 0 ∋ ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits! 

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