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Saturday, 31 January 2009

[Audio] Rule (Sampling) 4.25 preview is out!

Thanks again for my friend, Alice! for letting me know about the almost full version of Rule that's available at Youtube!wowww i love this song a whole lottttttt!!! 

Credit: dbofchannel @ Youtube

[Audio] Rule 59s is out!

Thanks to our regular visitor Alice! who has found this longer preview of Rule for me!!
and after i heard the longer version, i think i'm going to like it!
the song feels different! unlike any other songs that Ayu ever had! love this one!
so can't wait to watch the PV!! as well as Dragonball movie!

☆ Refer to this entry

Credit:  aNthoNyPoRath @ Youtube + Alice!

Friday, 30 January 2009

[TA Message] no. 417: It's very sudden...

It's very sudden ...
No. 417 29-01-2009 09h19

... but I'm in Hawaii.

I'm recording.

How should I say it... in Hawaii at this time, it's very cold.

The story goes back several years. Because of an excessively large crowd of people, a shop became over-flooded and the windows there exploded. Since then, realizing that my presence can cause trouble, I used to not get close to shopping centers like Ala Moana Center or known restaurants restaurants... but because I was told that at that time there weren't too many people, I went.

I found myself in the middle of a crowd in 2 seconds! lol

and moreover, because we are under the very open skies of Hawaii, the excitement of all this is big... so big! lol

Ah! By the way, I changed the subject. When my baggage was being checked at the airport in Honolulu, they asked me: "Why do you travel with so many children's clothes?" No, these aren't children's clothing, but those of a 30-year-old woman! lol

Well, that's all.

Disconnection ...!

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com

[Translation] ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 98 Dec 2008

Thanks to isaac hiew @ AHS Forum who has given the permission of me to post his translation of ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 98 Dec 2008 :)
I think it's better for you guys to read the translation and see the magscans of ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 98 in order to understand~

Here are the magscans for vol. 98:
Click the pictures for bigger version!

Credit: taylayu @ Ayunite Forum

[First Page, Ayu's handwriting]

What welcomed a-nation '08 was actually a very heavy rain!! (Laughs)

It was really raining cats and dogs which damaged two of Yocchan's guitars (tears) and another three more video cameras (tears)

But then from a certain perspective, we are the very ones who got drenched throughly ^_^v  

I'm kind of thankful to experience another lovely summer worthy for my memories.

[Page 2, Top]

The elderly gets to move around in those shuttles
For you youngsters, just stretch your legs and tab along.


Arrived at Hong Kong and caused a big mess (laughs)
I really do appreciate the fact that everybody(minna-san) welcomed me everytime I came here 

But looks like armageddon's existence grabbed all the attention.
Next one coming up is the shooting of the 2009 calendar~!!


Both me and armageddon waiting for the crew members.
There's a cute duuty-free store in the middle. (laughs)

[bottom left]

We had to take the helicopter to Macau...
I was terrified throughout the journey while the other giggled along...
I really was scared...


Me posing in front of the neon lights in front of a Macau casino during the shoot...

Isn't my hairstyle kawaii?

[Left, magenta bubble]

Ayu's news on this month

* The calendar of 2009 mentioned in this issue of ViVi can now be pre-ordered at teamayu's homepage! Meanwhile, it will be on sale at "mu-mo" store starting 1st Oct 2008 onwards!

* Single Best Album [A complete ~All Singles~] Now on sale!

[Page 3, Top]

Okei, thank you for taking the trouble of adding these heart-shaped accessories one by one onto the umbrella.

I love this set of kimono made by Akira for me!!

[Below Top]

What's wrong with him? This dude on the right gets high without reason. (laughs)


Today we are shooting this part of the footage at the beautiful Macao National Park.

The flower on my cute hairstyle was taken from my room's decorations by Takahashi-san.

He is really something!! (laughs)

[lower right]

These nail art are cool huh. But it looks the hair of the chief or something...

[lower left]

The nail artist had broke the limits of nail art which made my hands blossoming with flowers just like my nails did.

[Bottom left]

Everybody (minna-san) always wait for me in front of my hotel.
I would try my my best to give out autographs as long as time permits!!

[Bottom right]

This ball dress is also the handiwork of Akira

You guys will have to see it in the calendar

The hairstyle and make-up were great too~ 

[Page 4, top]

This dress wasn't picked by Shimoco but by the daring "mii-chan"


Returned to Hong Kong from Macau...

I must be ganbatte for the rest of the week~

What on earth was Stan-chan holding anyway?


The final day of the schedule!
Here I am on the top of the double-decker bus in my favorite rocker look.

By the way, my ifestyle was actually kind of like a rocker. (That's what my mum said)

[Lower right 1]

It's getting crowdier below

even the evening news is covering my shooting...


[Lower right 2]

Everyone gave applause after I have done the last scene.

That's what I call a truly busy Hong Kong night with all the hustle-bustle.

[Bottom right]

everyone, cheers (kampai) !!
The crew memberswere really having a good time, yeah

Please support the calendar alright 


me at the dinner party

Actually, the dress was quite heavy (laughs)

But I tried on it since it was cute~~~

The sunglasses are from PUCCI's though~~ 

Translated by isaac hiew
Translated from ViVi Dec 2008 International Chinese Edition
Page 20~23

Thursday, 29 January 2009

[Audio] Rule 20s preview is out!

Yay! Finally..the 20s preview of Rule, the theme song for Dragon Ball Evolution live-action movie has finally out!
Thanks so someone who has shared the preview for us!

Check it out!

Personally, hmm i don't really like it..hmm but i don't know..i can just change my mind if i hear the full version when it's leaked :)
but for its movie, i'll definitely watch it!!

Credit: KeisnakeMV @ Youtube

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

[TA Message] no. 414 - 416

No. 414 27-01-2009 18h56

It concerns the "Today's Photos" * . I don't know why but I can't send it to KAZ. (sweat)

Is it because I have changed my old laptop for a new one?

Well I'll try a little more (T.T)

But before that, I'll go see the massage girl so my body can get back to being healthy!


No 415 27-01-2009 18h56

most likely that's it.


No 416 28-01-2009 00h34

These photos, it's when I became a Super Sayan! LOL*

*She write about Today's photos posted yesterday !

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com

[Info] ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 ~10th Anniversary ~ Ayupans on sale

This is what i've been waiting for!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate the release of ASIA TOUR 2008 DVD, a set of 7 styles of ASIA TOUR 2008 Ayupans will be on sale at mu-mo shop on 6th February 2009 starting from 18.00 pm. 

Better hurry up if you're fans of Ayupans!

Source: mu-mo shop

[Info] Rule is ready to be downloaded at Dwango.jp

Many version are ready to be downloaded already:

Just too bad that we're not Japanese
Can't wait to hear these mp3!

Source: Dwango

[TA Photos] Today's Photo no. 425-426-427-428 : Rule PV

Wowww just can't wait to watch the RULE PV soon!!it seems that Ayu will be have lots of dance moves!! yay!!!

During the shooting
No. 425

When I going outside, the snow fell, these are photos of people who were under big pressure! lol

From the left to the right: Minazô, Chon-chan, Bancho

Photo of right: Someone who moves and who is too blurred! lol

And then ...
No. 426

Radical switching, really serious training of choreography.
I learned from Jin sensei and Subaru Sensei.
And as reward for this hard training, everything that I received is ... terrible muscle pain lol!

How ...
No. 427

... the choreography is violent, it's a photo that clearly shows this isn't it? lol

The three one who are blurred, and then the hair of Chon-chan testify it!

you will enjoy the PV ... ♪

Finally ...
No. 428

Photo taken during the casting of the dancers!

Again, I made helped by Jin Sensei and Subaru Sensei! !

To all the "Rule dancers" (that is how they were called on the shooting), thank you very much 

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

[TA Message] no. 413: Finished

No. 413 26-01-2009 09h24

at laaaaaaaast !!!

It sucks.

My body is full of scratches and bruises! lol

All the dancers are broken too! lol

We wondered if we were shooting an action movie! lol

You will discover what I mean when you see the PV ♪

Jin san gave us a special training all through night, and I can't even begin to tell you of the pain of in my calf and right arm. But after that, the masseuse seemed to be amused. She succeeded in making all the pain go away. Unbelievaaaaable! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I look forward to the montage we made!

But before I sleep a little ...

Thank you all very much! ☆

(-_-) zzz ...

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com

Monday, 26 January 2009

[Video] ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 Live in Taipei videos

(don't) leave me alone performance

Fly High performance
Watch here

Depend On You performance
Watch here 

evolution performance
Watch here 

Credit: StopDeletingAyuVids @ Youtube + LacusClyne @ AHS Forum + Alice!
Source: aboss's wretch blog

[News] French J-music Awards 2008

Wow Congratulations to Ayu that she got 2 awards~
i'm not sure where this award is official in France or not..
even though it's not official, i believe that Ayu has a lot of fans in France :)

Best female solo single of the year 2008 : Hikaru Utada - Prisoner of Love
Best male solo single of the year 2008 : Gackt - Jesus
Best female band / band with female lead vocal single of the year 2008 : Perfume - love the world
Best male band / band with male lead vocal single of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - NEXUS 4/SHINE : 14.67%
Best collaboration of the year 2008 : Anna Tsuchiya - Crazy World feat.AI
Best female solo album of the year 2008 : Hikaru Utada - HEART STATION
Best male solo album of the year 2008 : Ken Hirai - FAKIN'POP
Best female band / band with female lead vocal album of the year 2008 : Perfume - GAME
Best male band / band with male lead vocal single of the year 2008 : KAT-TUN - KAT-TUN III QUEEN OF PIRATES
Best "best album" of the year 2008 : Ayumi Hamasaki - A COMPLETE ~ALL SINGLES~
Best live DVD of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - Tour 2007-2008 Theater of Kiss
Best choreography of the year 2008 : Namie Amuro - WHAT A FEELING
Best CD cover of the year 2008 : Ami Suzuki - Supreme Show
Best female artist or band (female lead vocal band included) of the year 2008 : Namie Amuro
Best male artist or band (male lead vocal band included) of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel
Best newcomer of the year 2008 : VAMPS
Best asian album of the year 2008 : DBSK - MIROTIC
Highlight of the year 2008 : Laruku's Paris concert, along with all other Jpop concerts this year.
Disappointment of the year 2008 : Kumi Koda's boring year
Best J-music concert of the year 2008 : L'Arc~en~Ciel - TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~ (Zénith, Paris - 09/05/2008)
Most wanted japanese artist in France for 2009 : Ayumi Hamasaki

Credit: KarenPang @ AHS Forum
Source: Shito @ JPM

[Info] Ayumi Hamasaki ViVi Deji Deji Diary book release

A Special Ayumi Hamasaki ViVi Deji Deji Diary book will be released on 31st March 2009.
I think this book will contain the collection of Deji Deji Diaries of Ayu that have been released in every month's ViVi magazine issue.
and it's pretty expensive, it will be around USD$43 O_O ~
this book should be thick~


定価:3780円 (税込) 
販売価格:3780円 (税込) 

販売状況 予約準備中 


Credit: LacusClyne @ AHS Forum
Source: JBook

Sunday, 25 January 2009

[TA Message] no. 411 - 412

Woahh Ayu will have lots of dance moves in RULE PV...that's great!!
even though Ayu looks kinda stiff when she dances, but maybe she has improved a lot :) Can't wait to watch the PV soon!

No 411 01-22-2009 10:40 AM

...or lately should I say, I admit I had dumps. For various reasons.

But, thanks to the many messages you sent me by any form, now I feel better.

But yeah.
Whatever it is, love, hope, dream...
There are days when, without really know why, you have the feeling that these are pipe dreams which are far away, out of reach, but, actually, it isn't true.

"Love is not an illusion
Dreams will surely come true
There will be a ray of hope"*

And particularly, concerning this hope, it's not enough to persist alone.

Hope is within the human being himself.

That's what you allowed me once again to understand.
Thanks to you.

And then, yesterday at night, to the person who clearly suspected something and sent me a mail.
I didn't open it, but actually I was glad.
I almost cried lol.

Well what am I gonna choose as song of the day??

Hmmm, there is only this one without a doubt...

"No need to have a serious talk
I need nothing except your smile"**

Well, I'm going...

See ya later...


No 412 01-25-2009 07:18 AM

I neglected to post a lot...

But you know, I'm in very high-spirits! (ˆ_-)-☆

Yesterday, we started to shoot a new PV! ! !

And a while ago, it was done, I came back home. Well that's what I thought, but already time to go again was getting close...

This said, I can tell you that among all the pictures I took by teaming up with Ishii-chan, these ones this time are really out of category. I mean that they really rock!

You so can believe it!

Little news, I think that...... among all my PVs, this one must be the one when I dance the most.

But well, no problem, because it's really fun! And it's all that matters, doesn't it? (ˆ_ˆ)v♪

Well, I'll be back when the shooting will be dooone!

Hmm, so I don't know when...! lol

Ssssshosssh! Gooonee!

Credit: Luna62 @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito@ayuangel.com

Saturday, 24 January 2009

[Photo] New Wacoal promotion pictures bigger sizes

Just found the bigger pictures of new Wacoal promotion pictures.
Ayu looks even more stunning :)

★ Related to this entry

Click the pictures for the larger version

TRUST ME 2009 Spring & Summer Style Collection

Credit: baba @ Ayunite Forum + princelee911

[Info] avex Access Ranking: Ayu's site is no. 1!

Congratulations to Ayu!!
Her official site got no. 1 ranking again! YAY :)
and my fave boyband Tohoshinki is no. 3. Double YAYYYY~ LOL :D 

Source: avexnet official site

[Articles] Ayu on Singapore The New Paper 23.01.09

Well, the articles are majorly talking about why Ayu has started to be on the lingerie ads, and she shouldn't have that kind of ads (Wacoal ads). Comparing between Ayu and Koda Kumi again~ 

Tongues wag over Japan pop icon's lingerie ads
- Ayumi bumps it up
Singer's deep cleavage sets tongues waggingIf you've got it, flaunt it.

That seems to be the message from Japanese pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki.

The 31-year-old singer is fronting a new ad campaign for lingerie brand Wacoal.

And her fans are buzzing about her generous cleavage being splashed all over the ads, which is part of a campaign called Trust Me.

The advertisements are out in magazines and at Wacoal boutiques and various department stores all over Singapore.

They are also available in other countries in Asia.

Plans are in the works for the lingerie-clad Ayumi to grace the giant billboard outside Tangs along Orchard Road, says Ms Elaine Seah, public relations director of Brand Incorporated, Wacoal's public relations agency.

The sexy ads show the singer frolicking about in bed with just a bra and a pair of panties.

 Is Ayumi playing catch-up with Kumi?
- RIVALS: Kumi Koda had beaten Ayumi for two years running after adopting a bold, sexy image.

There is also a making-of video on the advertisements making its rounds on the internet (the newspapers states the website as www.tnppostwoman.com).

This video can also be viewed at all Wacoal boutiques.

Ayumi's spilling decolletage has got Singaporean fans and netizens wondering if the petite 1.56m J-pop star has had a boob job.

Wrote Arashi on the same forum: 'It does look photshopped, since Ayu isn't exactly known for her bodacious curves...'

Added local fan John Ng, a 28-year-old investment banker: 'For her age, she looks very good. But in the photos, she looks bigger, no?'

Ms Lillian Lee, a 23-year-old secretary, agreed: 'Her face is very pretty but we all know she is a very petite girl. All the past photos I've seen of her, she only looks normal-sized.'

Other fans attribute Ayumi's new assets to clever photography and posing.

Netizen Imuya wrote: 'Ayu is not like Beyonce or something. But with the right push-up bra and good positioning, I can see how Ayu could achieve a healthy cleavage without much help from photoshop.' 

Apart from Ayumi's figure, fans are also questioning why she is doing a lingerie ad.

This is Ayumi's first foray into the lingerie market.

She has previously endorsed make-up, jeans, handphones, sports drinks and electronic products.

After all, the singer, who has been in showbiz for 11 years, has usually relied on her music videos and album covers to sell her sexy image.

Shooting a lingerie ad tends to be the route taken by newbies hoping to break into the entertainment scene.

Said netizen Kyayu on A-H.net, a forum dedicated to the J-pop star: 'This is a very nice picture... I'm just surprised that she would do this. I really never thought she would start doing lingerie ads.'

Added another netizen called Milkycat: 'Never in my life would I imagine Ayu to be a spokesperson for lingerie... All I can say is WOW.'

Said Singaporean fan, retail manager Claudia Low, 26: 'I didn't think Ayumi would do lingerie ads because she's such a big star already, she doesn't need it. But I guess she's doing it before she gets too old.'

In the Wacoal press release, Ayumi said: 'I am honored to be selected as the spokesperson for Wacoal. Wacoal's pursuit for perfection and functionality is akin to my belief and attitude in work.'

Perhaps Ayumi's campaign had to do with competition from the new threat to her J-pop throne - label mate and pop rival Kumi Koda.

The 27-year-old broke into the market in 2001 with a Japanese-turned-English single, Take Back, which peaked at No. 18 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music chart.

But she only made it big in 2005 with a sexy promotional campaign and has been flaunting her shapely curves in skimpy outfits since.

That same year, a 23m tall promotional poster of the Japanese bombshell clad in a cleavage-baring, peacock feathers-adorned (it was actually the cover for BEST ~first things~... if you don't know lol) dress was placed at a crowded intersection in Tokyo's Shibuya district by her record label Avex Trax.

 How Kumi beat Ayumi 

Fans lapped it up and Kumi proved that sex sold.

She went on to triumph over Ayumi for two years running - winning the Nihon Golden Disk Award in 2006 and 2007, Japan's version of the Grammy Awards - to be come Japan's best-selling pop act.

Furthermore, Kumi is famous for being well-endowed.

Once, she turned up as a guest on a popular TV show, Music Station, clad in just leopard-print lingerie. She also happily flaunted her figure in the fourth album Secret, in 2005, which contained a 28-page booklet with pictures of her posing topless.

Kumi's willingness to sell her sexpot image also made her a champion of a 'if you've got it, flaunt it attitude among young Japanese women', noted Amy Chozick in the Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps Ayumi is trying to play catch-up?

Whether her hot new lingerie pictures will outdo Kumi's next project remains to be seen but J-pop fans on JapanForum.com are sticking with Ayumi.

Wrote Kanabros: 'Kumi's pretty darn sexy, but I fell in love with Ayumi's voice.'

Dethbydisco commented: 'I kind of like both, but Ayumi wins! I think she's got more going for her!'

Added Singaporean Rachel Ong, 25, a marketing executive: 'Not everyone can pull of lingerie. And she does it in such a classy way. If you have what it takes, why not?'

Credit: waterballoon @ AHS Forum
Source: The New Paper, 23/1/09.

Friday, 23 January 2009

[Info] glitter will be included in Hayauta NONSTOP megamix album

I'm not fond of the remix or trance music, but Ayu's song "glitter" will be included in the "Hayauta NONSTOP megamix" album compilation which means "glitter" will be released in the same tone, only faster speed 1.5x. (wondering how it will be sounded like~). The song will be released via online website on 23rd January 2009 and the album itself will be released on 11th March 2009.

Credit: LacusClyne @ AHS Forum
Source: Hayauta

[Photo] Asia Tour 08 DVD & Booklet pictures

Wow! I've been wondering how AyuChina member could get the DVD earlier before the release date, I also want my copy now!! can't wait!
anyway, no offense to the Taiwanese fans, but I still don't like the idea of putting "Live in Taipei" on the DVD cover unless the Asia Tour was only held in Taiwan, i mean, why don't avex trax release each DVD for each countries? and for Japan itself? but, never mind, just a little of my rants~ 
anyway, aside from that, i love the packaging :)

Click the pictures for the larger version

Credit: LacusClyne @ AHS Forum
Source: Beat @ Ayu China

Thursday, 22 January 2009

[Photo] ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 ~ 10th anniversary ~ DVD cover

I know i'm pretty late, but just found the bigger cover for ASIA TOUR 2008 DVD..
Ayu looks stunning on the cover, and Mirrorcle World is my most favorite performance throughout all the songs :)

Click the picture for larger version

Credit: Ayumi Primenova

[TA Message] no. 409-410

I don't know why ...
21-01-2009 No. 409 ... ... 1.50 PM

... since this morning, "Secret"'s been playing in a loop in my head.

I wonder why.

So, there are days like that, huh?

Come on, today is also a day that illuminates your faces with a big smile!

No 410...21-10-2009...7.01 PM

I turned my eyes away from the girls I passed by
Because they looked dazzling to me
They had free wings like an innocent child

Even if I search for a light place over the darkness
Spreading the only wing left for me
I can't reach the truth alone

How am I viewed
In your eyes from your place?
Please laugh away
These days of mine filled with false things
Before it's too late

Even when I get tired of flying, I don't even have courage to rest my wing
If I could have a wish come true
Take me away from here, please

I'm still here and have been searching as before
For a place I can fit in
I heartily wish
This feeling could reach you at least
I want nothing else

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito@AyuAngel.com

[Scans] ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 102

The latest ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 102 contains The Premium Count Down Live 2008-2009 report.

Click on the pictures for the larger version

Source: taylayu @ Ayunite Forum