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Friday, 30 January 2009

[Translation] ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 98 Dec 2008

Thanks to isaac hiew @ AHS Forum who has given the permission of me to post his translation of ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol. 98 Dec 2008 :)
I think it's better for you guys to read the translation and see the magscans of ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 98 in order to understand~

Here are the magscans for vol. 98:
Click the pictures for bigger version!

Credit: taylayu @ Ayunite Forum

[First Page, Ayu's handwriting]

What welcomed a-nation '08 was actually a very heavy rain!! (Laughs)

It was really raining cats and dogs which damaged two of Yocchan's guitars (tears) and another three more video cameras (tears)

But then from a certain perspective, we are the very ones who got drenched throughly ^_^v  

I'm kind of thankful to experience another lovely summer worthy for my memories.

[Page 2, Top]

The elderly gets to move around in those shuttles
For you youngsters, just stretch your legs and tab along.


Arrived at Hong Kong and caused a big mess (laughs)
I really do appreciate the fact that everybody(minna-san) welcomed me everytime I came here 

But looks like armageddon's existence grabbed all the attention.
Next one coming up is the shooting of the 2009 calendar~!!


Both me and armageddon waiting for the crew members.
There's a cute duuty-free store in the middle. (laughs)

[bottom left]

We had to take the helicopter to Macau...
I was terrified throughout the journey while the other giggled along...
I really was scared...


Me posing in front of the neon lights in front of a Macau casino during the shoot...

Isn't my hairstyle kawaii?

[Left, magenta bubble]

Ayu's news on this month

* The calendar of 2009 mentioned in this issue of ViVi can now be pre-ordered at teamayu's homepage! Meanwhile, it will be on sale at "mu-mo" store starting 1st Oct 2008 onwards!

* Single Best Album [A complete ~All Singles~] Now on sale!

[Page 3, Top]

Okei, thank you for taking the trouble of adding these heart-shaped accessories one by one onto the umbrella.

I love this set of kimono made by Akira for me!!

[Below Top]

What's wrong with him? This dude on the right gets high without reason. (laughs)


Today we are shooting this part of the footage at the beautiful Macao National Park.

The flower on my cute hairstyle was taken from my room's decorations by Takahashi-san.

He is really something!! (laughs)

[lower right]

These nail art are cool huh. But it looks the hair of the chief or something...

[lower left]

The nail artist had broke the limits of nail art which made my hands blossoming with flowers just like my nails did.

[Bottom left]

Everybody (minna-san) always wait for me in front of my hotel.
I would try my my best to give out autographs as long as time permits!!

[Bottom right]

This ball dress is also the handiwork of Akira

You guys will have to see it in the calendar

The hairstyle and make-up were great too~ 

[Page 4, top]

This dress wasn't picked by Shimoco but by the daring "mii-chan"


Returned to Hong Kong from Macau...

I must be ganbatte for the rest of the week~

What on earth was Stan-chan holding anyway?


The final day of the schedule!
Here I am on the top of the double-decker bus in my favorite rocker look.

By the way, my ifestyle was actually kind of like a rocker. (That's what my mum said)

[Lower right 1]

It's getting crowdier below

even the evening news is covering my shooting...


[Lower right 2]

Everyone gave applause after I have done the last scene.

That's what I call a truly busy Hong Kong night with all the hustle-bustle.

[Bottom right]

everyone, cheers (kampai) !!
The crew memberswere really having a good time, yeah

Please support the calendar alright 


me at the dinner party

Actually, the dress was quite heavy (laughs)

But I tried on it since it was cute~~~

The sunglasses are from PUCCI's though~~ 

Translated by isaac hiew
Translated from ViVi Dec 2008 International Chinese Edition
Page 20~23

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