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Thursday, 15 January 2009

[TA Message] no. 399 - 401

Recently ...
13-01-2009 No. 399 ... ... 7.40 PM

... I don't know why, when my alarm clock ring, the time that I need to wake up is really long.

In Hawaii, each morning I get up, I spent my time turning around in the house, and didn't finding the exit door.

And having walked a lot, I manage to find myself the bathroom ...

Anyway, I put this on the account that I was not in my house ... but I must confess that back in Tokyo, I do exactly the same.

Here, the first night after my return I stayed in my room, but I was thirsty during the night, I went to fetch water. And after that, I went back to sleep ... in an other room!
In this piece, the floor is covered with marble, I can assure you that morning the back's pain wasn't half-pain! (lol)

And this morning, convinced that it was a door, I rushed into a wall ...!

I simply scratched the forehead (lol)

If You see me, I look like a real primary schoolgirl! (lol)

You know if there is a way to get a better wake up ...? ? ?


In truth ...
14-01-2009 No. 400 ... ... 4.03 PM

... there shouldn't be only me, looking at the blog of SOU, which I thought it was written "Sano ga haku" and means Sano bring up ...

But in fact it was written "Sano gahaku" means "the painter Sano" ...

Ah, it seems that quite a number of people who had difficulty finding the blog of SOU, I will send you the URL.

Uh ... I don't know how doing this! (lol)

Well, then, the URL of the blog of SOU, you can find it on the blog of Zin, must go there! (lol)

You can also see a lot of pictures on the Ayu team in Hawaii ♪

Okay, especially of Gori! (lol)

Then ... I received lots of messages from you, telling me: "huh? Gori is a makeup artist?!!" (lol). Something disturbing me: "What do you thought he did?"
So, as we are booming Gori, I will take a few minutes tonight to find some strange pictures of him!

And of course, I send it to SOU! (lol)

Well, finally, I will tell you the story of the Chon chan 's arrival in Tokyo ~prologue ~ 

Yes, I will never to forget
I was 13 or 14 years ....

huuum,if I start it with "I will never forget" it sounds wrong ... so I will stop here! (lol)


Currently ...
14-01-2009 No. 401 ... ... 4.17 PM

... I'm reading the blog of Zin-san, I must admit that I'm completely addict!

We always want to know the continuatiiiiiooonn ! ! ! ! (lol)


Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito@AyuAngel.com

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