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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 30.06.2010 Part 12 [Updated!]

Still found out one picture of today though~

Click the picture for larger version!

Edited: Added more pictures!

editDSC_7373.jpg (169 KB) 36094_413134531951_41176481951_4397529_7735574_n.jpg (73 KB) 546335582010063020455002.jpg (61 KB) editDSC_7358.jpg (142 KB) P1000463.jpg (153 KB) P1000464.jpg (137 KB) P1000465.jpg (82 KB)

Credit: Ayu 濱崎步 @ FB + Ayumifans.net + LostHeaven @ AHS + shibuya + lonewolf @ RealAyu
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[Announcement] Let's Make #ayu Trending Topic On Thursday 1st July!

1st July is Ayu's Special Day, Why don't we celebrate it?

Copy-pasted everything from AHS Forum :)

As we all know, Ayumi has a Twitter (@ayu_19980408), so wouldn't it be awesome if we can make #ayu a Trending Topic (TT) on Thursday, July 1st?!

In addition to making her a Trending Topic, we can mention her in our tweets to make sure she knows about it!

I hope not only this is the right place to post this, but a great idea everyone likes.

Spread this around everywhere!


EDIT: There seems to be enough interest, and asking about rules, so here goes!

-Include #ayu in ALL your tweets to get the tag up and going (it'd be a plus if it mentioned something about her though!)
-Let's see if we can make "July 1st" another TT by including the phrase in your tweets as well!
-Go all out starting from 00:00 to 23:59 your time on Thursday! I'm sure it'll rack up to get it into the Worldwide trending topics!
-Like polka-dot-jewel said, just the tag "#ayu" will not count! There needs to be a tweet with it!!

-If you don't know what to say, just tweet "Happy July 1st!! #ayu @ayu_19980408"!

If you don't have a twitter, it's free to make one!

Thanks to DA1SUK1DAY01691 @ AHS who posted up detail about everything!
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[News] Ayumi Hamasaki Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour ~50th single anniversary~ Announcement!

So this is the big news for tonight!

Sorry for posting it late... due to some reasons~~ oh well.... let's ignore that~

Okay here we go!!

So, Ayu is going to do the RnRC Tour with the 50th Single Anniversary Theme, yes! reminds you of her A MUSEUM TOUR 30th Single Anniversary, isn't it?
Well, this year she's back with the 50th single anniversary and it's gonna be epic!
She will be doing 7 days in a row for this special anniversary starting from her birthday on 2nd Oct - 11th Oct at Yoyogi Gymnasium National Stadium.

More under the cut!!

Picture taken from Official site

“ayumi hamasaki Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour ~50th single anniversary~(仮)”の開催が決定!!
ayuの誕生日である10/2を皮切りに、国立代々木競技場第一体育館 7days!
ayumi hamasaki Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour ~50th single anniversary~(仮)



Original source: Ayumi Hamasaki Official Site
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[Fancam] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong Fan-Taken Videos Part 1

Some fancams from Hong Kong fans :)

Ayu giving out signs to the lucky fans again :)

Credit: MsLostHeaven @ Youtube
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 11

More Ayu in Hong Kong Pictures from Another media source

Click the pictures for larger version!

20106308258.jpg (59 KB) 20106308225.jpg (65 KB) 1277857063_tQPZZL.jpg (39 KB) 1277857063_4uIofN.jpg (39 KB) 20106308241.jpg (16 KB)

Credits: as tagged + Fey @ AyuChina
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[Info] Who Is This Lam Kin Ngok Man?

I think that many of you didn't notice about the man/the guy who have the meeting dinner with Ayu from the 1st day of the arrival, if you see a video news from this post (It's the video news part 5 there). If you read through the translation given there, the reporter mentioned about a man's name "Lam Kin Ngok" which is famous with his english name "Peter Lam" (Ring a bell yet?).

Well, I just realized by reading the english name "Peter Lam" that he is actually the owner of East Asia Music Holdings (EAM), East Asia Record Production Company Ltd. (EARP), Amusic Publilshing Ltd. and Clot Media Division Ltd. (CMD) music companies, which produced, distributed or are currently producing 42 albums for more than 20 different leading Asian artists, acts and compilations. These amount to more than one million units sold to date across Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Mainland China. Ok, Ring a bell more now??

I can't recall of how many famous Hong Kong Artists whom he has debuted through his company but I know that there are a lot!

and from Ianiee, He is a very rich and famous manager/"boss" who may i say has a lot of girl friends apparently haha. He also the one who deals with many superstars and actors in Hong Kong and invites these famous super stars and actors to perform and act in filming etc. He was the one who sorted out Ayu's stay in Hong Kong and this was why he was in the news report as he invited Ayu to come Hong Kong.

And for more details about Peter Lam, just read these two links given:
Link 1 | Link 2

Oh well, he's someone who really has "Power" in the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry. So, What is Ayu planning with him? No one know for sure yet since Ayu mentioned to the media that it's a SECRET PROJECT. But, Will it be the BIG NEWS that she's gonna tell us later tonight? or a totally different news? Let's wait and see ^^

I'm wondering, is she gonna act in a Hong Kong Movie?? or making a 3D CONCERT? since many mandarin artists right now have started to put the 3D concept as one of their concert themes. If that so, that's gonna be cool!

Thanks to Ianiee @ AHS who has found out about Mr. Peter Lam profile :)
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[News] Big News Announcement Tonight Through Team Ayu At 9 PM JST!

Okay..I think most people already knew about this..
Ayu tweeted about it this morning


Translation by Yagami Raito @ AHS:

"Today, at 9p.m. the big news will be announced on TA♪ and 3 hours after, at midnight, it seems that it will also appear in the news section of the official website!! Look forward to it"

So Stay Tuned from Now! haha!!
We are all so curious about what the big news gonna be right?

Original source: Ayu's Official Twitter
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 10

More Ayu in Hong Kong Pictures!!

It seems that she went shopping again yesterday~

Click the pictures for larger version!

693674550x5500.jpg (50 KB) 693675550x5500.jpg (53 KB) 693676550x5500.jpg (47 KB) 693677550x5500.jpg (63 KB) 693679550x5500.jpg (51 KB) 693680550x5500.jpg (31 KB) 693678550x5500.jpg (46 KB)

Original source: ent.qq.com
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 9

More new pictures from yesterday 29th June 2010!

Ayu looks sooo beautifull on the summer dress!!!

Click the pictures for larger version :)

IMGP690350.jpg (595 KB)

More under the cut!!

IMGP691850.jpg (589 KB) IMGP692050.jpg (587 KB) IMGP692250.jpg (577 KB) IMGP693050.jpg (596 KB) IMGP698050.jpg (494 KB) IMGP700150.jpg (228 KB) IMGP701550.jpg (600 KB) IMGP701750.jpg (535 KB)

34516_412783681951_41176481951_4388171_6017415_n.jpg (90 KB) hong_kong_2010_60.jpg (118 KB)hong_kong_2010_56.jpg (587 KB) hong_kong_2010_57.jpg (145 KB) hong_kong_2010_58.jpg (104 KB) hong_kong_2010_61_1.jpg (110 KB)hong_kong_2010_59.jpg (95 KB)

Credit: as tagged + 阿康 @ Real Ayu + Ayu 濱崎步 @ FB + ayuangel.com
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[Videos+Translations] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 2 [Updated!]

Added one more video news :)

Translations under the cut!!

Video Part 4

As Hong Kong fans heard Ayu was coming to Hong Kong, the air port was a big mess!

(0:20): bo jeh was extremely cheerful and extremely happy but the most funny part about what happened in the airport was Ayumi was helping someone pick up their shoes??

(0:41): as exhausting as this looks, bo jeh finally got out of the air port, however the first destination wasn’t the hotel?

(1:00): Bo jeh was shopping in “Jin sha joi” for 2 hours and finally went back into the hotel to rest.

*Off topic*

I dunno, but I think this video is defiantly out of synced. Because everything the reporter says, it not the exact same thing what the video is showing, and it seems like the video is movie slowly.

(1:17): you can see Ayu’s poor hand was about to get ripped off by that fan poor ayu!, thank god her bodyguard noticed this.

Video Part 5

Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki first day in Hong Kong was a real excitement. As she finished shopping in Jin sha joi (that’s the Hong Kong place pronounced you could say I guess) she went straight to the Hotel and rested for a bit, not long later a fully changed Ayumi came out of the Hotel to get ready to have some dinner, but she didn’t want to ignore her fans that were waiting outside of the hotel, so she took a few photos and signed autographs before leaving, everybody got their turn one by one everybody was happy and cheerful.

(0:38) Around 7pm Ayu went to “Jung wan” restaurant to have their meal. A very important manager arrived there (lam kin wok) I wonder if he and ayu had a meeting there? Was Ayu’s secret in Hong Kong had something to do with Lam kin wok? Who knows?
(0:54)Two famous Hong Kong super stars were also near the restaurant and and passing by, as they hear Ayu was nearby they were really happy and was looking around to see where she was.

Two girls: “Oh ban kay bo is here??”
Girl in the brown: “where is she? I don’t see her”
Reporter : “shes behind you”
Two girls: “Ohh.. *looks embarrassed* xD…

Credit: MsLostHeaven @ Youtube
Translations by Ianiee @ AHS
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 28.06.2010 Part 8

Sharing another pictures.. some of them have already been posted, just that the size before is a bit smaller so here's bigger size!

Click the pictures for larger version!

anyway Ayu went to lots of branded stores like Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, JOYCE and Christian Louboutin. Yea, I wonder why how many pairs of shoes did Ayu buy this time haha XD

0629-00470-030b1.jpg (62 KB) 0629-00470-030b2.jpg (55 KB) 0629-00470-030b3.jpg (50 KB) 0629-00470-030b4.jpg (60 KB) 0629-00470-030b5.jpg (29 KB) 0629-00470-030b6.jpg (31 KB) 0629-00470-030b7.jpg (33 KB) 0629-00470-030b8.jpg (68 KB)

Original source: on.cc
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[Videos+Translation] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 1 [Updated!]

Yeay~ Finally we got to see some HK Video News!

Read the translations of each videos under the cut ok?

From Applydaily.com.hk Video Part 1

The first thing the report says was “bo jeh” needed bodyguards to pick her up out the car…. (even though it was showing her coming out of the air port) lol… seriously…

The all important diva Ayumi Hamasaki looks like she was holding an Iphone 4 to take pictures of her fans. With hundreds of fans surrounding her while moving out of the airport, not being mad at all to her fans, she was instead really happy and was waving and shaking fans hands.

Wow, someone even took her shoes off while chasing Ayu. Oh wait, who’s this? What??? Ayu helping someone pick up their shoes?? And asked whos it was?? Surprised!

Now coming out of the cab, with bodyguards surrounding. Oh my?? Really?? She needed to be picked up out of the car, not necessary. Just so her long dress doesn’t get wet. I guess this is what it’s like to be all important (I really don’t understand the last few words the report says about all important and all but its close enough to what I put down, I had to ask my mum ¬.¬ ahha)

With the fake wig, Ayu continues shopping constantly in (somewhere in Hong Kong) every time she comes out of a certain shop, of course there would be many fans and reporters waiting for her.

After shopping for 2 hours, she finally left. As she arrived outside the hotel, there was 50 fans waiting for her and she would quickly sign auto graphs and take photos with fans.

Wahhh Ayumi is so sweet, a little drizzle of rain waiting for ayu is all worth it!

Video Part 2

News report without any title on it (part 2 of the video I guess? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z94L8...ature=youtu.be)
Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki arrived at Hong Kong today. Avex Trax asked people in Hong Kong to pick Ayu and her body guards up.

This of course attracted many fans in Hong Kong and has gotten them all waiting for Ayu to come out of the Airport.
Before “Bo jeh” even got out of the air port, you could already hear fans constantly calling out her name. As Ayu came out of the air port she was full of happiness and smiled towards all her fans at the air port and was happily and willingly shaking fans hands and receiving their presents.

Because of all this excitement, someone even lost their shoes and pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki was being very helpful and picked them up for someone.

As she left the airport, Ayu went straight to Tsim Sha Tsui to go shopping, of course Ayu coming out of the car, she must come out in style, as she got out the car, a bodyguard was picking her up so she doesn’t get the end of her dress dirty. Not only did she have body guards surrounding her while she was walking in the streets, but also bodyguards already inside the shopping centre for her safely and she was able to sign a few autographs before shopping.

As Ayu was very kind hearted, she would sometimes stop her shopping and sign autographs and continue shopping, and the same routine would happen for the past 2 hours. Ayu was very polite towards her fans.

Ayu is staying in Hong Kong for 3 days, it looks like the bodyguards still has plenty of work to do.

i guess this reporter wasn't as bad as the last two

From On.TV Video Part 3

reporter said Ayu coming to Hong Kong makes Hong Kong fans really happy. Around June the 28th Diva Ayumi Hamasaki arrives at Hong Kong at 1pm in the afternoon as the princess was wearing a long dress with a fake gold wig that attracted hundreds of fan.

Not much space to move around but seeing so many fans came to visit Ayu, Ayu would think it’s not a big deal and is very use to this media but she would still keep smiling towards her fans.

Around 2pm Ayu took a cab to Tsim Sha Tsui to go shopping. Due to the heavy rain, Ayu didn’t want her dress to get wet and the bodyguard would have to pick her up to get out of the car.

As Ayu went into the shopping centre, she was already looking at the big brands and helping herself with all kinds of luxuries (I really don’t think that’s true, just the way they say it I guess).

As many fans and reporters still following her and surrounding her around the shopping centre, she still brings up her usual smile and waves at all her fans and would sometimes go up to them to receive presents from fans, sign autographs, take pictures with fans and handshake them.

Seeing all this performance from Ayu, the most important thing we have to notice here is what she was carrying as she came out of the airport. Yes you guessed it, the new iphone 4. This is what you would call fashionable.

When you hear the report say “bo jeh” in Cantonese it pretty much means Ayu in english lol.
Ayu’s full name in Cantonese is “bun kay bo” as it’s pronounced.

Credits: MsLostHeaven @ Youtube + crea_spain @ AHS
Translations by Ianiee @ AHS
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[Photo] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 28.06.2010 Part 7

Sorry I'm late again, just got back from work..
but here are more pictures from yesterday~
Bunchhhhhhhh of Pictures!!
Pictures from HK media, Tung Star plus several others :)
they're so HQ and Ayu looks stunning!!!


Before that let's see Ayu cute gif here :)

Click the pictures for larger version!

More under the cut!!

162ib8501t45eoi0.jpg (28 KB) 162ib85010fv38i0.jpg (34 KB) 162ib850041138i0.jpg (34 KB) e2010179081506252.jpg (54 KB) e2010179081507787.jpg (40 KB) e2010179081518271.jpg (42 KB) e2010179081519319.jpg (49 KB) e2010179081505157.jpg (52 KB) 162ib8502pbvtgi0.jpg (46 KB) e2010179081507869.jpg (47 KB)e2010179081506414.jpg (55 KB)

704107530820408.jpg (95 KB) 704107531899517.jpg (89 KB) 704107532313656.jpg (125 KB) 704107533695624.jpg (118 KB) 704107534126924.jpg (106 KB) 704107535885102.jpg (120 KB) 704107536914872.jpg (91 KB) 704107537320592.jpg (125 KB) 704107538648915.jpg (116 KB) 704107539227456.jpg (109 KB) 704107542918519.jpg (89 KB) 704107543617252.jpg (101 KB) 704107544422364.jpg (125 KB) 704107549934124.jpg (89 KB) 704107550814357.jpg (124 KB) 704107551481357.jpg (120 KB) 704107554659764.jpg (120 KB) 704107555538339.jpg (123 KB)704107546988780.jpg (118 KB) 704107547873192.jpg (112 KB)

Credits: as tagged + butterfly_ayu + identity @ AHS
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