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Friday, 11 June 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 01.06.2010 - 02.06.2010

Backstage @ Nagoya Gaishi Hall
1 June 2010. 2:15pm

Though the Nagoya shows have ended on a grand note,

I'm sure that there are many of you still caught up in the memory of it, eh?

Starting from troupe leader ayu, then band-san, dancer-sans, performer-sans, and of course all us staff-sans,

For every show, time goes by like a dream when we're with the audience, so that we are always filled with hot feelings!!

More under the cut!!

The Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour is already halfway done,

but, for those who are coming to watch it for the first time, and those who have come down various times already,

Let's create the best times and the best memories together ♪

We, the Rock'n'Roll Circus troupe, are still powering up--!!!

And and so, from here on, I'll be showing scenes from the backstage at Nagoya Gaishi Hall!

This entry will feature many new things which have not appeared on the Rock'n'Roll blog before ☆

Everywhere we go, there will always be a special catering corner backstage serving the local area's delicacies.

This time, it's ogura-toast*1 ♪

They even installed an oven toaster there just for this!

All this trouble the kind caterer took just for us makes me all teary (ToT)

KAZUMA-san is also

playing around like this!! (laugh)

And and~

The one who always amazes us with her wonderful tissue dance performances,

Yosshi-san ↓↓

Seems like she likes the ogura-toast too ♪


In an instant, it seems like the number of toasts have decreased.

The fast-eating culprits are...

The acrobatics team members!!!

From the left, we have Tomoki-kun, Satoru-kun, and Kacchan.

They look so young and fresh.

In fact, they are all really young. Satoru is only 19 years old!!

Mmm~ fresh!!! (laugh)

Don't tear your eyes away from these 3 and their super performances!!!

With that, I'll update again soon!

A-STAFF Minazou

*1 Ogura (小倉) - red bean paste made from adzuki beans

Whisper whisper... Tiptoe tipetoe...
2 June 2010. 2:12pm

What's this???

Caption: whisper whisper... tiptoe tipetoe...

For some reason, the ayupans have gathered together to share secrets.

Let's move closer and try to catch their conversation...
(Good kids don't listen in on other people--)

☆ "Hey hey, have you seen that??"

★ "Yeah yeah, I did!!"

☆ "It was like, it happened so fast and I was like what happened?? right~"

★ "Yea yea. But if you look closely, you'll see it."

☆ "Yep, I saw it. I saw it!"

★ "It came together inwards real----ly stealthily."

☆ "It did it did--!"

★ "That's probably the result of lots of practice, eh--"

☆ "Probably--"

★ "But, you know-- Why is she practising this anyway???"

☆ "......"

★ "............"

☆ "W- Well, who cares? There's no need for a reason!!"

★ "Y- Yea, that's right! She probably doesn't have a reason from the very beginning."

☆ "I, I guess you're right-- (sweatdrop)"

★ "Oh well. I'm really looking forward to the next show at Fukui~ ♪"

☆★ "Yea ♪ Me too me too~ ♪♪♪"

whisper whisper... tiptoe tipetoe..... whisper whisper...........

From these chattering ayupans, we hear the words

"Coming together" "Practice"

So what are they talking about....????

Well, I guess,

It's probably this scene.

Oh! It's troupe leader ayu, reflected in the ayupan mirror!

And when we zoom in a little....


It's real!!

They've come together!!!!

She's practising how to cross her eyes!!!!!!!!! (LOL)

B- But, for what............. (sweatdrop)

And that was a lead from the ayupans which pointed us to this unbelievable scoop. (laugh)

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You may even hear the secret whisperings of the ayupans!?

A-STAFF Minazou

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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