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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[Twitter] Ayu's Tweet About Max Matsuura 28.06.2010

I just read about Ayu tweeted something important for certain people to stop tweet Max Matsuura in a serious way.

Here it is: (thanks to Misa-chan for the translation)


Attacking Masa just because you have no other outlet to vent your anger and sadness, I beg you, please stop. Even though he doesn't want to know about it, there is no way that he can't know it. That is Masa's position. And because he knows everything, it's making him cry. He is just like us. We are all hurt, but we don't give up hope, right?

and Some Japanese fans saying that it's about Tohoshinki fans who asked or complained to Max Matsuura

^a japanese girl said it: she said about Max Matsuura that some ppl tweet complaining (about Tohoshinki,etc) only to him too many times, so Ayu asked them 2 stop.

That Tohoshinki's fans have many questions about them and ask him. Maybe some questions include violent words.

Even he answered a bad question. So a part of fans (I think they thought he's childish) is angry and blame max.

But please don't blame Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSK but the fans if it's neccesary, I'm a fan as well, and I'm sad as well for the whole situation happens with the group, but still as a fan, we really need to calm down and it's really something we can't do but have to wait for it patiently. We don't want anything like this to happen, Max Matsuura-san also doesn't want it. So please, if possible, LET'S MOVE ON TOGETHER. Don't act so immature, ok?

One more thing, Please don't blame Ayu for this because I think she's RIGHT!

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