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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 02.06.2010 Part 1

Another one spotted!!!
2 June 2010. 1:35am

After Satoru from the acrobatics team, I found Kat-chan's blog!!!


The positions of S and T are actually reversed...

Satoru, Kat-chan, Tomoki, the 3-man acrobatics team, who appear only during certain songs...

And they're all so young too...

However, they can really do lots of top-notch tricks, considered the best in Japan. Just watch them, and you will surely see how good they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guarantee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone, please support them with your cheers.

That will be the best encouragement, & I think it'll give them more confidence too ♡

More under the cut!!

Fashion Check-- ☆
2 June 2010. 8:24am

It's been a long time since I've done this.

Without further ado, let's go-------

First up, a full-body view looks like this ♪

Ruu~ Lalaa~ ♪


Because it's not really clear, one more time!!!


Yep, on the feet are comfy boots.


I really love this pair of boots, so I keep wearing them, and they've become this faded colour now ♡

But I still enjoy wearing them ♡

And, next up is...


A vintage bag and a vintage lace vest.

For the bag, because there were just so many designs available, I couldn't pick one when I was buying them. In the end, I got other designs too. When I use them next time, I'll upload photos ☆

The shop where I got it is in Daikanyama, just follow the road running opposite ZACC, and you'll reach this shop, named Long Beach ☆

And, next is~ this!!!!!!!!


Sparkly spangly tight denim shorts ☆

I got them from Toco Pacific--

A definite must-have item for the season to come~

The turquoise belt is from Long Beach too!!

Aaand, lastly~...


Loveless' Mickey T-shirt ♡

It's super cute.

With all this, I'm a happy girl.

And with that mood, we've come to the end of the long-absent Fashion Check~ ♡

Later, I'll be updating with a heartwarming entry-- ♪

Credit: Misa-chan
Original source: Team Ayu Official Site
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