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Thursday, 10 June 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 10.06.2010

10 June 2010. 2:27pm

I thought the system would fix itself by now, but it seems not. I still can't upload my photos...

This is so horrible... (cries)

I'll try to find out why, and upload all my collected photos by the end of today, so please just wait a little longer!

I understand how everyone is really eager to see them~ ♡

Wait for them ♡

Today is another day, when I hold on tightly to the hands of everyone in TA.

Let's treasure this, and walk on together!!!!!

More under the cut!!

With Mr KAZ's,
10 June 2010. 3:11pm

Sure-kill technique, my computer can upload photos again~ ♪

Whee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♪

OK yep. Firstly, let's start with a full body photo of the coordination 2 days ago.

Something like this~


And then and then, yesterday was a day of rock...


No paparazzi-----------!!!


But, just in case, I still posed ♡

A photo feat.iPhone. (laugh)


Lulalaa~~~~~~~ ♪

I just wore the knee supporter just in case, so don't worry about it~ ♪

The bag that got so much praise on Twitter looks like this ♪


This hairstyle was done in just 2 seconds. (laugh)

First, take all your hair, and divide it into 2 parts along a diagonal line.

For me, I divided them so as to get one side on the left top, and the other side on the right bottom. And then, secure them in place at a position you like ♪

You can make the dividing line neat and beautiful. But if you divide it up really roughly instead, it looks really cute from the back ♡

And then, after you round the hair up into a bun, secure it with cute decorations like this ↓


For the other bottom side, just round it all together into a simple bun, and you're done!!!

For both buns, instead of making them round, take a risk and make it really messy like this. It's more rock---- ☆

And and so, lastly...

I want to end with the best shot from yesterday.


Caption: Cannibalism ♡

ayu feat. ayu*1

Ta-da-- ♪ (laugh)

*1 ayu (鮎) - Sweetfish, pronounced ayu in Japanese.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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