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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[Videos+Translation] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 1 [Updated!]

Yeay~ Finally we got to see some HK Video News!

Read the translations of each videos under the cut ok?

From Applydaily.com.hk Video Part 1

The first thing the report says was “bo jeh” needed bodyguards to pick her up out the car…. (even though it was showing her coming out of the air port) lol… seriously…

The all important diva Ayumi Hamasaki looks like she was holding an Iphone 4 to take pictures of her fans. With hundreds of fans surrounding her while moving out of the airport, not being mad at all to her fans, she was instead really happy and was waving and shaking fans hands.

Wow, someone even took her shoes off while chasing Ayu. Oh wait, who’s this? What??? Ayu helping someone pick up their shoes?? And asked whos it was?? Surprised!

Now coming out of the cab, with bodyguards surrounding. Oh my?? Really?? She needed to be picked up out of the car, not necessary. Just so her long dress doesn’t get wet. I guess this is what it’s like to be all important (I really don’t understand the last few words the report says about all important and all but its close enough to what I put down, I had to ask my mum ¬.¬ ahha)

With the fake wig, Ayu continues shopping constantly in (somewhere in Hong Kong) every time she comes out of a certain shop, of course there would be many fans and reporters waiting for her.

After shopping for 2 hours, she finally left. As she arrived outside the hotel, there was 50 fans waiting for her and she would quickly sign auto graphs and take photos with fans.

Wahhh Ayumi is so sweet, a little drizzle of rain waiting for ayu is all worth it!

Video Part 2

News report without any title on it (part 2 of the video I guess? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z94L8...ature=youtu.be)
Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki arrived at Hong Kong today. Avex Trax asked people in Hong Kong to pick Ayu and her body guards up.

This of course attracted many fans in Hong Kong and has gotten them all waiting for Ayu to come out of the Airport.
Before “Bo jeh” even got out of the air port, you could already hear fans constantly calling out her name. As Ayu came out of the air port she was full of happiness and smiled towards all her fans at the air port and was happily and willingly shaking fans hands and receiving their presents.

Because of all this excitement, someone even lost their shoes and pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki was being very helpful and picked them up for someone.

As she left the airport, Ayu went straight to Tsim Sha Tsui to go shopping, of course Ayu coming out of the car, she must come out in style, as she got out the car, a bodyguard was picking her up so she doesn’t get the end of her dress dirty. Not only did she have body guards surrounding her while she was walking in the streets, but also bodyguards already inside the shopping centre for her safely and she was able to sign a few autographs before shopping.

As Ayu was very kind hearted, she would sometimes stop her shopping and sign autographs and continue shopping, and the same routine would happen for the past 2 hours. Ayu was very polite towards her fans.

Ayu is staying in Hong Kong for 3 days, it looks like the bodyguards still has plenty of work to do.

i guess this reporter wasn't as bad as the last two

From On.TV Video Part 3

reporter said Ayu coming to Hong Kong makes Hong Kong fans really happy. Around June the 28th Diva Ayumi Hamasaki arrives at Hong Kong at 1pm in the afternoon as the princess was wearing a long dress with a fake gold wig that attracted hundreds of fan.

Not much space to move around but seeing so many fans came to visit Ayu, Ayu would think it’s not a big deal and is very use to this media but she would still keep smiling towards her fans.

Around 2pm Ayu took a cab to Tsim Sha Tsui to go shopping. Due to the heavy rain, Ayu didn’t want her dress to get wet and the bodyguard would have to pick her up to get out of the car.

As Ayu went into the shopping centre, she was already looking at the big brands and helping herself with all kinds of luxuries (I really don’t think that’s true, just the way they say it I guess).

As many fans and reporters still following her and surrounding her around the shopping centre, she still brings up her usual smile and waves at all her fans and would sometimes go up to them to receive presents from fans, sign autographs, take pictures with fans and handshake them.

Seeing all this performance from Ayu, the most important thing we have to notice here is what she was carrying as she came out of the airport. Yes you guessed it, the new iphone 4. This is what you would call fashionable.

When you hear the report say “bo jeh” in Cantonese it pretty much means Ayu in english lol.
Ayu’s full name in Cantonese is “bun kay bo” as it’s pronounced.

Credits: MsLostHeaven @ Youtube + crea_spain @ AHS
Translations by Ianiee @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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