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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 24.05.2010 - 31.05.2010

The right answer!!
24 May 2010. 1:23am

Last show at Osaka Jou Hall ★

Unlike the horrible weather, everyone in the packed venue were so hot and enthusiastic!

In rain or shine, when we get it on, we really get it on!

And that is what Rock'n'Roll is about!!!

More under the cut!!

During the customary MC corner, we had an experimental trial to teach the Kansai dialect.

Are you looking forward to hearing a report about that, and lots of other interesting things??

From now on, both the main show and the encore will be powering up, so don't look away!!

And so and so, the thing about the girl dancers yesterday,

the "ayupan Mirror from the neck up ★ The Who Am I Quiz" (← I just made that up)

Seems like it was too easy for all you fans of the Rock'n'Roll Circus troupe. (sweatdrop)

One right after the other, everyone answered super quickly, and got it all correct too!

The first person was...

AKI-saan ☆

The second one was...

KAYANO-saan ☆

The third person was...

MIDORI-saan ☆

The 4th one was...

Chi- CHISA-san!?

And what's that behind her. (frightening)

Yeaa, even with that face, everyone's really pretty-- ♪ (and one's really interesting too)

Please continue to amaze us with your awesome dancing ↑↑↑


Talking about this, there was one more person, right? (sweatdrop)

The correct answer is.....

Yo RO-----------CK!!!!

Good old ZIN-san ♪

That's all, do look forward to more unexpected quizzes next time ♪

A-STAFF Minazou

(」゜□゜)」 Osaka Jou Haaaaaaaall!!
24 May 2010. 3:04am

Thank you~!

Though I grew up in Kanagawa, I was born in Osaka.

So can I really say that my hometown is Osaka?

This is dancer KAZUMA here.

For me, Osaka is where my granny lives.
I used to play here lots, so it's a city with many special memories.

And that was the final show at Osaka!

Everyone got totally high!!

Osaka Jou Hall almost collapsed under all the excitement and tension "(ノ><)ノ Well, it didn't. But who knows, we might have made some cracks somewhere! (laugh) Though everyone must be waiting for some news from the dancers' dressing room in today's entry, I was nominated to update the blog just when everyone was going home. So because we were all so tired, I gave up (ρ_;) To make up for that... I found this Osaka signboard Sign: That's right. Do take precautions about fire. "That's right"... Why is it starting with a response? Aaaaand My Osaka granny goes rooooock!!! Bye! A-DANCER KAZUMA

Backstage @ Osaka Jou Hall
25 May 2010. 12:05pm

Everyone, konnichiwa ♪

We're having shows at Nagoya this weekend,

but before that, there's more about the backstage at Osaka Jou Hall, so let's go back there once more!!

During the shows at Osaka, the huge symbol of Osaka haven't yet made an appearance on the blog. (sweatdrop)


it's this ↓↓

Takoyaki~ Maro-san is holding the sign the wrong way round~ (laugh)


MIDORI-san, applying mayo.

Done ☆


2-YAN says "Ahh~ ♪"

MIDORI-san just looks confused. (sweatdrop)


KARANO~san*1, no, KAYANO-san chooses tonkotsu ramen~ ♪



The super cute Papiko~ ☆

Everyone, have a great afternoon ♪

A-STAFF Minazou

*1 All the time Minazou says "Ready~", he uses the word "karano~".

Afterall, Nagoya is
30 May 2010. 3:25am

So awesome--!!

Because everyone was so energetic. (laugh)

Let's continue to rock out with this power tomorrow--!!!

And and so, when we talk about Nagoya.....

We definitely think of this~ ♪

Everyone's favourite hitsumabushi ★

Princess Yoko-san is so graceful even when scooping food ↓↓

And it becomes all crispy after mixing.

Yoko-san, who's always so pretty, can even make hitsumabushi look tasty. She's so wonderful.

And then

The big selfish glutton who hurriedly comes and scoops away just his own portion ↓↓

It's me, Minazou. (sweatdrop)

Of course, even this person's portion

Was snatched away with a "ZA!" and eaten with a "PERO!" by me.

Snatching away food from those who really need the nutrition.....

I feel really bad about it, but my hand just unconsciously reaches out to snatch the food away. (sweatdrop)

I'm so sorry m(__)m

With that, let's get it up for the 2nd day at Nagoya Gaishi Hall too---- ↑↑↑

A-STAFF Minazou

31 May 2010. 2:38am

Today, Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour had its 4th Nagoya show.

Everyone's heat and enthusiasm was just so staggering, I was sweating so much. This is Nagoya-born Midori aka Midoring.
Please take care of me m(_ _)m

We're almost halfway done with this tour.

We've come all this way, with ayu-chan's support,
and of course all those who come to watch us,
and all the staff members who never show their faces. With everyone's help, we are able to perform on stage...

Dancer Aki-chan.

She helps out with hairstyling and make-up before every performance.

Performer Kuni-kun.

He gets drawn on every time.
If you want to know why he has to paint his face white, please do come down to the concert to find out.

This is just a very very small part of what goes on behind the scenes with the staff members,
but there's still so many things that they do which are never seen. And it's because of their efforts that we can stand on stage.
Thank you for everything!!

With all our emotions and hard work squeezed into this tour, we're taking the country by storm \(^ー^)/

I love Nagoya.

Do look forward to the next shows at Fukui--!


Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
Translated by Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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