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Thursday, 10 June 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 09.06.2010 Hmmmm???

9 June 2010. 1:11am

Is something wrong with my computer-san??? For some reason, I can't upload photos for today's fashion check...

Oh well, since I have the photos anyway, I'll just get someone to fix it tomorrow!!!

Taking about that, since yesterday, I've received many questions about something both here and at Twitter, so I shall take the chance to answer it now.

Actually, at the end of last year, I hurt my left kneecap...

Since then, I've always been keeping it hidden away. But now, I have to pay the price. Yesterday, when I was rehearsing for the first show at Fukui, it suddenly acted up. Like, really just suddenly!!!!!

I became totally unable to bend my knee... (It's because fluid has accumulated in the joint and made it swollen) I had to change the costumes and performance a little, so that I could still put on a show.

Even after I came back to Tokyo, it didn't get any better, so I went to the hospital today. They had to use a huuuge syringe to sloo~wly suck out the fluid. It was so so painful! (sweatdrop)

Looking at how things are now... Well, from now, I'm sure I'll just get better again!!!!!!!!!!

So, though I wrote about this on Twitter too, I had to write things in a less obvious way. I just felt that it sounded unnatural. And then I caused everyone to become so worried too, I'm so sorry...

I'll be heading out to Shizuoka, and because I will hang on, don't worry!!

And everyone who will be joining me at Ecopa, please get ready to hang on~ ♪

And so, see you tomorrow. I'll try to upload photos.

Love love chuu~ ♡

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