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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 05.06.2010 - 08.06.2010

Fu- Ku- I- !!!!!!!
5 June 2010. 8:29am

Ever since I came to Fukui, everything's just been so exciting ☆

Everyone at Fukui is just so totally energetic and happy, probably because they feel that every live performance must be overflowing with lots of energy.

Because of this, I'm really looking forward to today's show too ♪

Whee-- ♪

So as not to lose to everyone, I'll go eat breakfast with lots of energy~

And that's of course~... Noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (laugh)

More under the cut!

The 2 days at Fukui ☆
7 June 2010. 10:50am

Everyone, thank you so much!!!!!!!

Because I got to see the best smiles on everyone's faces on the 2nd day too, my heart was just filled with happiness till the very very end. And that's how it went.

Because I got so enthusiastic, it's game over for my voice... Now I've become a mime.....

And, because I got so enthusiastic, I was there determinedly drinking water the instant the show ended, before I even had time to blink my eyes...


Caption: boyoyo~n (bounce)

I totally finished it all. (laugh)

Next time, I think we should hold a competition to see how long we can go without blinking.

So, seeya~ ♡

Cocoa here ♡
8 June 2010. 1:31am

I'll be writing today. Please support--

Giggle ♡


You know, remember how Mama said something like "Let's hold a no blinking competition sometime"???

About that, we doggies talked about it, and decided that since we won't ever win Mama anyway, we should just change the competition. ♡

The theme of the new competition is...

"Who can blink the longest!!!!!!!!!!"

So, let's introduce the contestants~ ♡

First, we have athlete Papiko.


He's already started~

Next, athlete Pino.


He's really shutting those eyes tight--

Next, athlete Choco.


An unusual sight, he's really serious about this~

Lastly, its♡ M♡E♡


I'll try hard--

So, who will be the one to open his eyes first???

The answer will come in the next entry ♡

That's all, that was Cocoa~ ♡

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
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