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Sunday, 6 June 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 09.05.2010 - 10.05.2010

Guys I don't post pictures anymore which You can see their pics directly on the Rock 'n' Roll Blog :)

Thank You!

Fukuoka Marine Messe ☆
9 May 2010. 3:13am

We're here at Fukuoka, troupe leader ayu's birthplace!!

Truly, because it's the hometown, everyone is so hot! Hot!! HOT--!!!

We were all united, no doubt about that ↑↑↑

More under the cut!!

Let's shake up Marine Messe with this same power for the 2nd show too ★

So, after the show ended, this glutton troupe went to have motsu-nabe*1.

Shoyu sauce base, miso base... Whichever it was, we all finished it with gusto!!

Again, we were the guilty ones who snatched up and finished troupe leader ayu's share as well. So sorry m(__)m

What's more, there was splendid dessert, and we stole that too ♪

And then, Momochi Beach clinic director aka avex clinic director, Nobu-sensei ↓↓

dropped in on us with a cake this big!!!

Somehow, an unexpectedly horrible person got to cut the cake, please pass the knife on. (sweatdrop)

Though the cake was really finger-licking superb, we only managed to eat up 3 quarters of it.

The large piece remaining couldn't be finished, so we split it up and took it home as souvenirs.

From Okei-san

To assistant Honda-chan. (Oh! Who's that behind!?)

That girl is a real glutton, no joke about it.

Troupe leader ayu just has to go "Ah~" and feed it to her (←how lucky), she'll finish it in a second. Really a glutton queen!

Halfway through, some cream from the cake fell on the floor, someone stepped on it and fell down.

Another someone tried to come to the rescue, but he slipped and fell too.

Such comic scenes really did take place, and we had such a fun and delicious time ♪

To Nobu-sensei, who came in the night just to bring us the cake,

Thank You for the food!!!

Hyaa!! (sweatdrop)

A-STAFF Minazou

*1 Motsunabe (もつ鍋) - Nabe made with offal and vegetables http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motsunabe

Such excitement, we did it ♪
10 May 2010. 12:45pm

The 2 days have Fukuoka Marine Messe have ended safely!!!

Everyone was so excited, we were afraid that the roof would be blown right off ↑↑

Yeah~, you kids are Hakata are really scary.

From now, we'll be fearing... Nahh, looking forward to, the shows here in July!!!!

So as to match up to everyone's power,

This time too, we feasted on lots of famous food from the region!!

As is the custom, we had a food competition with tonkotsu ramen, seeing who could down the most additional helpings.

We all downed about 6-7 additional helpings each on average, even the boss at the yatai could do nothing but smile bitterly at the size of our stomachs*1. (sweatdrop)

Next, as popular as tonkotsu ramen, we have

Mentaiko ★*2

Please enjoy looking at Asian Beauty Midori-san too ↑ Stamp of approval!!

Director Komeda-san, the one with the most nicknames in A-TEAM (Kome, Tosaka, Woodstock), is eating it too

He's talking to me now actually, and giving me this serious (-.-) face while eating it. (laugh)

And this person too ↓

Gulp gulp

Gulp gulp

I so love mentaiko (heart~) by Armageddon

And with that, to everyone at Fukuoka, let's meet again in July ☆

A-STAFF Minazou

*1 In Japan, when one purchases ramen, one is normally entitled to free additional helpings of noodle. Since these guys got so many extra helpings, the boss probably lost $$ serving them lol!
*2 Mentaiko (明太子) - marinated pollock roe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mentaiko

Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
Translated by Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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