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Sunday, 6 June 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 15.05.2010 - 23.05.2010

Yokohama Arena!!
15 May 2010. 11:51pm

Thank you for your hard work at Yokohama Arena's 1st show~

This entry will be written by me, A-DANCER 2-YAN, born in Kanagawa*1!!!

Yeah~ Kanagawa power is really awesome!

Because everyone's so excited and supportive, I'm proud to say that this is my hometown ☆

More under the cut!!

Though I keep saying hometown,

I don't really come from Yokohama itself.

Actually, I was born and raised in Sagamiharashi, close to Hachioji. (laugh)

And though it's a little far off,

I guess I can still call Yokohama Arena my hometown.

I'm writing about this in my own blog too.

Recently, I've been doing a special report on the girl dancers~


A shot taken after the show!!

And right in front

Is the most girlish girl, Kayano-san, in the whole country??


In the entire world!!

Because even after the show, we can still catch Kayano-san touching up her make-up!!

And she's making use of Zin-san to hold her water too!! (laugh)

All the male dancers can't hold their own when it comes to Kayano-san. (laugh)

From now on, we'll work hard to deliver more of the dancers' private moments to everyone~ (laugh)

Please look forward to our paparazzi shots.

And with that, tomorrow will be

Yokohama Day 2!!

We'll rest well

In order to present the best stage tomorrow!!

Let's do it~!!


*1 Kanagawa (神奈川) Prefecture, where the city of Yokohama is located.

We're Rock'n'Roll too ★
16 May 2010. 2:24am

We're here at Yokohama today to support Mama and everyone ☆

Though we can't always tag along, we re~ally love live shows ♪

And if we behave, we get lots and lots of praise too,

so we sit quietly backstage, listening to Mama's voice.

And suddenly, Mama's manager Mr.Prince took us outside for a walk.

We trudged around outside the hu~ge arena, and when we came back...


Where is this??? *bark bark*

Pino~, look. Mama and ZIN-san seems to be chatting about something over there.

For some reason, we were called for!!!!

I can't hear anything-!! I'm so nervous-----

*shiver shiver tremble tremble*

But we get to go to Mama, and we can meet everyone too--

But, but, I'm nervous------------- *shiver tremble*


Caption: Yosh!!

Let's just gooooooo-----!!!!


We were so happy that we just jump-attacked Mama on stage. Teehee

We could also see the faces of everyone in the stands ♪

Haa~, that'll become a habit (saying Haa~)

Hope that we'll be called on stage sometime again ☆

Please give Mama and everyone your support for Yokohama Day 2 also ♪♪♪

Papiko & Pino

Continuing. We're...
17 May 2010. 2:18am

The 2nd show at Yokohama Arena

ended safely in the midst of loud cheers and many applause!!

Wow~ You Yokohama kids are really something ↑↑↑

Thank you for the best smiles and the best time m(_)m

Following up from yesterday, we had some special guests on stage for today's show too!!

And they are, of course, these people ↓↓


Well, that wasn't it. Sorry. (sweatdrop)

The real guests are these ♪ ↓↓

Caption: pitter patter patter

Meet Papiko & Pino ☆

Since yesterday, these super smart things have changed their walking areas so that they can remain close to the stage.

Definitely Hamasaki dogs. They even eat really fast. (laugh)

Like this ↓↓

Caption: Stare-----

They seemed to be waiting to be called on stage

Caption: Stare-----

"Is it time? Is it time?"

It's great, they're reunited with their beloved Mama on stage once again ♪

Caption: Pa(left) Pi(right)

Till next time!!

A-STAFF Minazou

We're home! Osaka ☆
23 May 2010. 2:45am

After about one month, our Rock'n'Roll Circus troupe has returned to Osaka once again!!

Meeting up with precious old friends again, returning to hometowns one more time,

we just wanted to scream "We're home--!!"

And because so many people replied with "Welcome home", we're really lucky!

Thank you for always giving us your warm support m(__)m

So, the show at Osaka Jou Hall tomorrow will be the last for this tour!

Let's not leave any regrets by singing and dancing with all our mights tomorrow and have the best time ♪

I really love Osaka ♪ by Ava〇 SHU-YA

(Friends have been saying that he looks like Ava〇, and that's where that popular nickname for him comes from)

A-STAFF Minazou

Tour goods Introduction ★ Ready--
23 May 2010. 4:09am

Starting from the show at Osaka Jou Hall, the second batch of tour goods have made their entrance!!!

☆★ayupan×HelloKitty Mirror★☆

D- d- damn! Too cute!!!

ayupan's ears!!!!

The m- m- mike!!!!

This level of cuteness is not normal!! (laugh)

This is definitely a must get item ☆

By the way, this collaboration mirror is praised by all the girl dancers too.

We gave one to them as a sample to look at, and they could not let it go again. (laugh)

Like this ↓↓↓


When I line up those pictures like this, it does look strange. (sweatdrop)

Oh well, in order to organize a quiz for everyone reading this blog,

the girl dancers have cooperated and took these photos!

From the top, can you tell who is who--???

The hair colours are a hint!

The answers will be revealed in the next entry!!

Aim for guessing all correctly!~ ♪

Hmm? There's one more!?

A-STAFF Minazou

Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
Translated by Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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