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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[Videos+Translations] Ayumi Hamasaki In Hong Kong 29.06.2010 Part 2 [Updated!]

Added one more video news :)

Translations under the cut!!

Video Part 4

As Hong Kong fans heard Ayu was coming to Hong Kong, the air port was a big mess!

(0:20): bo jeh was extremely cheerful and extremely happy but the most funny part about what happened in the airport was Ayumi was helping someone pick up their shoes??

(0:41): as exhausting as this looks, bo jeh finally got out of the air port, however the first destination wasn’t the hotel?

(1:00): Bo jeh was shopping in “Jin sha joi” for 2 hours and finally went back into the hotel to rest.

*Off topic*

I dunno, but I think this video is defiantly out of synced. Because everything the reporter says, it not the exact same thing what the video is showing, and it seems like the video is movie slowly.

(1:17): you can see Ayu’s poor hand was about to get ripped off by that fan poor ayu!, thank god her bodyguard noticed this.

Video Part 5

Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki first day in Hong Kong was a real excitement. As she finished shopping in Jin sha joi (that’s the Hong Kong place pronounced you could say I guess) she went straight to the Hotel and rested for a bit, not long later a fully changed Ayumi came out of the Hotel to get ready to have some dinner, but she didn’t want to ignore her fans that were waiting outside of the hotel, so she took a few photos and signed autographs before leaving, everybody got their turn one by one everybody was happy and cheerful.

(0:38) Around 7pm Ayu went to “Jung wan” restaurant to have their meal. A very important manager arrived there (lam kin wok) I wonder if he and ayu had a meeting there? Was Ayu’s secret in Hong Kong had something to do with Lam kin wok? Who knows?
(0:54)Two famous Hong Kong super stars were also near the restaurant and and passing by, as they hear Ayu was nearby they were really happy and was looking around to see where she was.

Two girls: “Oh ban kay bo is here??”
Girl in the brown: “where is she? I don’t see her”
Reporter : “shes behind you”
Two girls: “Ohh.. *looks embarrassed* xD…

Credit: MsLostHeaven @ Youtube
Translations by Ianiee @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story

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