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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

[Ranking] 31.08.2010 mu-mo Shop Daily Ranking Top 25: "crossroad" Ranks No. 1!

As of Today, Ayu's 49th Single "crossroad" Tops mu-mo Shop ranking!
including Some of the new singles at top 10 below!

Original source: mu-mo
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[Article] 31.08.2010 Ayu, For First Time Covering A Male Artist

Ayu, For First Time Covering A Male Artist

The Pop Star, Ayumi Hamasaki, will have her 49th New Single "crossroad" released on 22th September which include the cover song from TM NETWORK, "SEVEN DAYS WAR" which was released on July 1988. Ayumi Hamasaki had ever covered songs from Yumi Matsutoya, "Sotsugyou Shashin" and TRF, "teens". It is the first time to cover a male artist's song.

More under the cut!

The new single "crossroad" is arranged and composed by a music producer Tetsuya Komuro which will be continued with the 50th single "L" released on 29th, Ayu requested, "Please help" to Tetsuya Komuro its composition in April, Komuro said, "This represents the new work for me and also Hamasaki". The coupling song for this single is going to be Komuro's TM NETWORK's masterpiece, "SEVEN DAYS WAR" and it will also include the single that released on July, "blossom" remix version, total 5 songs.

This single will be released in two formats, CD+DVD and CD Only. The DVD will include "crossroad", "blossom" and making off shots videos. The CD Only version will include "MOON" orchestra version.

Last, Hamasaki will release the 50th Single "L" on 29th September.

Original source: Oricon
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[Photo] 31.08.2010 a-nation 2010 Pictures More Pictures!

found clearer pics of Ayu in the Pink Kimono..

2hoa5qg.jpg (145 KB)

More under the cut!

2ue2sgp.jpg (124 KB) 24bozde.jpg (91 KB) sg5n6h.jpg (101 KB) 2nt8wn7.jpg (102 KB)

Credit: m.a.z.e @ JPM
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[Article] 31.08.2010 Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony"!

Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony”! Singing Komuro’s Official Theme Song of a-nation’10

Live outdoor summer tour sponsored by Avex ‘a-nation’10′ (4 cities, 6 performances, 260,000 spectators) had its final performance on last 29th held at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo.

At the end of live, Ayumi Hamasaki (31), Koda Kumi (27), TRF, and other 16 pair or around 33 artists gathered together on stage. The all stars then sang a-nation’10 official theme song composed by music producer Tetsuya Komuro (51) entitled “THX A LOT”.

More under the cut!

The live started from 2 pm to 9 pm, rocking the audiences with 7 hours live performance.

Komuro emerged the event as a surprise guest, “To commemorate the 10 year anniversary, this song was made, thanks to everyone who participated. It would be nice if it becomes your humming song once you leave this place.”

‘THX~’ was only performed in Tokyo on August 28th. The artists voice echoed at the night sky of Chofu that was decorated by fireworks, ended this major summer event with 54,000 spectators.

Ringtone of the songs, will be included in solo album that is going to be released this fall.

[Artists Performers - Kumi Koda, GIRL NEXT DOOR, ICONIQ, Kie Kitano, SPEED, AAA, Remioromen, DJ Hello Kitty, Risa Hirako, IKKO, Every Little Thing, May J, Otsuka Ai, Goto Maki, JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN, TRF, Ayumi Hamasaki, a-nation's party (order of appearance)]

Credit: DBSKnights
Original source: Yahoo Japan
Translation: sharingyoochun.net
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Monday, 30 August 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 29.08.2010 Hmmmmmm!!!

29 August 2010 14:43 PM

Finally, Summer festival 2010【a-nation'10】 is coming to an end today.
I'm gonna sooooooo enjoy the last festival day with everyone who is coming today holding hard in my heart everyone's smiles that I could meet at Ehime, Nagoya, Osaka and yesterday's Tokyo!!!
In addition, wishing that my voice will arrive to everyone who can't come to here【the last day of a-nation】by some reasons.
Everyone coming to Ajista【Ajinomoto Stadium】
Sing~♪ Dance~♪ Shout~♪
not to make a regret.
Something like that...See you later
Oh, incidentally, today is the final day of summer festival.
But the end of summer will be decided by 2-YAN.

Credit: yukitty_t @ Twitter
Original source: Team Ayu
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[Fanaccount] 29.08.2010 Non-Ayu Fans' Fanaccounts About Ayu At a-nation 2010!

It's always nice to hear positive responses from non-Ayu fans who attended a-nation 2010 and enjoyed her live performances :)

[Fanaccount] 100830 a-nation Tokyo, Aug 29

(Parts not related to Ayu omitted)

ayu, the queen of avex, was the last to perform. I again heard “Blossom”, and thought that the lyrics perfectly fits the current situation. “Datte bokuraha aruki hajimeta. Sokoni riyuu nante hitsuyou janai. Tadatada daijoubu. Mou daijoubu. Soredakeha tashikani wakatta kara” (T/N: We just started to walk the road, we do not need a reason for it. We are all right, all right now. We just know that we are all right.”

More under the cut!

ayu always parades around the whole stadium on a float for her last song. Wearing a cute Yukata (T/N: Japanese traditional clothes for summer), she held in her hand the orange Uchiwa (T/N: fan) of JJY. She waved the orange Uchiwa throughout her ride, which took about 10 minutes to go around the vast stadium.
I recalled ayu’s performance last year, waving the green Tohoshinki a-nation towel in her hands during her ride on the float.
ayu, the queen of avex supports our boys… oh, I was in tears here.

[Fanaccount] 100829 A-nation'10 In Tokyo - Account From English-speaking Fan

ayu - as suspected, she got the longest set of all being one hour long and even though it was my first time seeing her live, it was like being at TD when i watched some of her dome performances back in the day ♥ she's adorable and we all know she's j-pop's diva but her charm overrides that factor when it comes to the fans. she sang a couple of oldies like boys & girls, greatful days, a song about xx AND evolution (WHERE SHE WAVES JYJ'S UCHIWA AGAIN ♥♥). other songs were great too (don't remember the title) but she did preview her new song, crossroads, which will be released next month and i'm thinking of purchasing it :')

Credits: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + ssunsett @ tohosomnia.net
Original sources: itou-channo hamatterumono! + [lveaddkt.livejournal.com]
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[Video] 30.08.2010 a-nation 2010 At Japanese Morning News Part 2!

Another video of a-nation 2010 at Japanese Morning News :)


Credits: The uploader + identity @ AHS
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[Photo] 30.08.2010 49th Single "crossroad" Bigger Pictures

Amazon.co.jp updated the bigger covers of 49th New Single "crossroad"

and WOWWW... They are really pretty!! I LOVE IT!!
Loving the C version so much :)

Click the pictures for larger version!

Jacket A CD+DVD

Jacket B CD Only

Jacket C CD Only

Credit: Gkone1 @ AHS
Original source: Amazon.co.jp
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[Photo] 30.08.2010 a-nation 2010 Pictures from Sanspo

Some these were in Leny's last post, but these are from Sanspo. I think they're a bit bigger too, so enjoy!

More under the cut!

Credit: identity @ AHS
Original source: Sanspo
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[Photo] 30.08.2010 a-nation 2010 Pictures: a-nation's party

Finally some HQ pictures of the a-nation's party

Credit: girl* @ AHS
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[News] JYJ promoting crossroad; remix title leaked

JYJ (JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN) have updated their official site with a promotion for crossroad. Interestingly enough, they have added the title of the blossom remix to be included on the CD+DVD, which is "blossom (Clockwork Yellow remix)." For those who didn't know, Clockwork Yellow is the name of CMJK's band. CMJK is one of the arrangers Ayu has been known to work with over the years.

Credit: LizBrazil @ AHS
Original source: JJY's official site
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[Video] 30.08.2010 a-nation 2010 At Japanese Morning News Part 1

Japanese Morning TV News report of a-nation 2010!

We could see a little clip of when Ayu performed crossroad :)

and one more!


A newspaper picture of Ayu & JYJ

Credits: The Uploaders @ Youtube + LizBrail + identity + truehappiness @ AHS
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Sunday, 29 August 2010

[Twitter] 30.08.2010 Ryuuhei Chiba's Tweet Photo Of a-nation 2010

The one of the avex trax CEO Ryuuhei Chiba just updated his tweets of several pictures of the avex artists on a-nation 2010 tonight and Here's Ayu's picture :)

Original source: Ryuuhei Chiba's Twitter
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[Info] 29.08.2010 Ayu's 49th Single "crossroad" Sales Boost Up At Amazon!

Reminder: Please read this piece of information in a positive way ok?
This is not something that will make Ayu look bad but it indeed helps her in some way :)
We all know that even without the sales status, many people still refer her as one of the best of the best Japanese female solo artists in Japan and Asia :)

Nevertheless, Ayu is still a very much respected in Japan & Asia Music industry :)


Below is the archive of Ayumi Hamasaki’s pre-sales rank of her single ‘Crossroad’ in amazon Japan from August 19th – August 28th.

"crossroad"'s highest ranking was at 156th on August 20th before any info about Jaejoong’s appearance in song ‘Blossom’ revealed. However, once the information about Jaejoong’s participation was released on August 27th, the sales boosted up to 5th on August 28th, the next day.

Coincidence? Kinda hard to believe it was, since the rise is too sudden and extreme.
In any case, we all know Ayu Hamasaki is still one of the recognized J-Pop Queen

Credit: sharingyoochun.net
Original Source: rankbank.net
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[Fancam] 28.08.2010 THX A LOT Performance At a-nation 2010 Tokyo

I'm glad that we got to see this fancam :)

So happyyy!!!

we got to see Ayu a little bit, since the fancam focuses on JYJ

Credit: jeii24 + sharingyoochun2 @ Youtube
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[Audio] SEVEN DAYS WAR (the original)

Some of you might've noticed the song SEVEN DAYS WAR on the track listing for crossroad. This is not going to be an original Ayu song, but rather a cover of a song released by TM NETWORK in 1988. In case you're curious as to what Ayu's version might sound like, here's a link to the original:

Credit: cheeruper @ YouTube
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[Announcement] New moderator!

Hi everyonne My name is Torin, and I'm the new moderator here at Ayu's Story! I'll be helping AyUmIxX with posting the news and whatnot. I look forward to providing you guys with all the latest Ayu info, and making sure Ayu's Story stays your number one fanblog!

Thanks again to AyUmIxX for giving me this opportunity, and if you have any questions or comments, please email me at torinitii@gmail.com.

Torin @ Ayu's Story

[Audio+Download] 29.08.2010 THX A LOT a-nation 2010 Theme Song HQ Version

Finally full song of THX A LOT is OUT!

Check it out!

Download link: Here

Credit: truehappiness @ AHS
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Saturday, 28 August 2010

[Audio] 28.08.2010 THX A LOT Live Recording At a-nation 2010 Tokyo

A friend of mine recorded the whole song of THX A LOT at the part of where all avex artists, a-nation's party performed this song together on the very last performance of today's a-nation event.

Here's the audio :)

the song is pretty nice :)

Download link: Here

did i hear that Ayu sing in many parts? it's kinda hard to tell~
and weeewww for the fangirls screaming because it's due to when JYJ singing their parts too LOL~

Credit: chibishun82 @ Twitter
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[Ranking] 28.09.2010 49th & 50th Singles Top The CD Japan CD Real Time Ranking!

Ever since the update of the 49th Single "crossroad" covers and it could be also the announcement of Jejung of Tohoshinki/JYJ on "blossom" PV, the new singles are up on the ranking at CD Japan again :)

Original source: CD Japan
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[News+Scans] 28.08.2010 Jejung’s Feeling To Appear In Ayumi Hamasaki’s PV

Japanese newspapers articles :)

More under the cut!!

Released in July, Ayumi Hamasaki (31) new single ‘Crossroad’ is under production of a new PV, and on the 28th it’s published that TVXQ Jaejoong is going to make appearance in the PV. This will be Jaejoong’s first appearance in Japanese artist PV.

However Hamasaki will not appear at all in the PV. The plot is about a young painter (Jaejoong) who is chasing his dream despite being attacked by a disease, the story tells how he spends the remaining of his life eagerly. Hamasaki said, “If I star it by myself, I would be too much ‘talking’, so I think of someone who can act with compelling power, therefore I asked Jaejoong to appear on,” explaining about her choice. “With his world view of music and unique captivating atmosphere, it will become a very good video clip.” she said.

While Kim Jaejoong commented, “Ayumi Hamasaki is a big senior in my record label, thus when I received the offer to appear in her PV, I was really happy, eventhough I feel a lot of pressure, I’ll try to do it properly!”

Credit: sharingyoochun.net
Original source: TV-Asahi
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[Official] 28.08.2010 49th Single「crossroad」Official Covers + Tracklists Revealed!

Wowwww I really really really like the covers..
They are SO NICE...
Ayu is so nicee!! 

Credit: MirrorcleHeaven @ AHS
Original source: Ayumi Hamasaki's Official Site
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[News] 28.08.2010 Jejung to Appear In Ayumi Hamasaki's Music Video


It was announced on the 27th that Tohoshinki's Jejung will be participate in Ayumi Hamasaki's single "crossroad" which is going to be on sale on 9/22. He will be making an appearance in the PV (promotional video/music video) of the song "Blossom" that was already released in July. The music video will be included in the DVD of "crossroad".

This will be Ayumi's 85th music video and this will also mark the first time ever that she doesn't appear in her music video. She says, "If I appear in the music video by myself, I might be "talking" way too much," thus making an offer to her friend Jejung who has also started his activities as an actor. "crossroad" will be challenging the record of having the most number of singles ranked first on the Oricon chart that Matsuda Seiko created 22 years ago with 24 singles; and Ayu trusts Jejung in helping her with that challenge.

From Ayumi Hamasaki's official website:

Beside the video clip and making clip of "crossroad", the DVD will also include the video clip of "blossom"!
For the first time ever, Ayu won't make an appearance in her on-the-spot music video*, and the super popular aritst Jejung will be making an appearance instead!
This is a must-see video clip with realistic acting that will make you cry!!
*On-the-spot music video: music video starred actors/actresses instead of animation or CG

T/N: Just before everyone gets confused, this single is called "crossroad" and "Blossom" is one of the songs in the single. The song "Blossom" was already released in July with another single, but they decided to include it again in this single, together with a video clip for the song.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun + Ayumi Hamasaki Official Website
Translation: Translator @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Friday, 27 August 2010

[Info] 27.08.2010「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」Goods On Sale!

If you're going to watch the NEXT LEVEL A3D on Theaters, You may have the chances to purchase the 8 set of NEXT LEVEL Concert Cards or buying through mu-mo Shop. It's 500yen per card.

Original source: mu-mo shop
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[Fanaccount] 27.08.2010「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」Full Fanaccount

This is a fanaccount from an Ayu's fan who went to watch the 3D concert just today.

So if you don't want to get spoiled, better not read the whole thing.. ^^

The full fanaccount is under the cut!

"A 3D" Report

Included Setlist:

01. Pieces of SEVEN
02. Rule
03. Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~
04. identity
05. In The Corner
06. HOPE or PAIN
08. evolution
10. rollin'
11. Sparkle
13. Humming 7/4
14. Boys & Girls
15. MY ALL
~~"Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

*Also, this live is NOT the same as the DVD. The footage is (assumingly) taken from the last stops at Yoyogi stadium during June, not October. And whenever I say "normal" or something, keep in mind Ayu and the audience, as well as her dancers and band are pretty much always in 3D. I'm just referring to added in effects that appear on the screen.

The movie started out with a star that flew around the screen with "pixie dust" around it while it revealed the the "A 3D" title.

Pieces of SEVEN came on and at that point, the 3D effect really hits you. The live audience looks like they're right in front of you. Then the camera switches in between the audience, the band, the screen and the green laser lights. The camera angles from now on are completely different than the DVD. We get a much closer look at everything.

For Rule we actually go onto the center stage. We're right in the action with Ayu and her dancers. It's really, really cool how close we are to them! Towards the end of the performance, the dragon from the screen appears 3D and goes in between the screen at the concert and the 3D movie screen. (For example, when the head is out of shot on the concert screen, it appears on the 3D movie screen.) Also, it has "blasts" of dragon scales at points.

Next it cut to Sunrise 〜LOVE is ALL〜 to my surprise. There was nothing really added to this, aside from the fact that Ayu and her dancers were 3D and alternative angles.

The same goes for identity. As the live is different footage, it adds to the experience though. It's not like re-watching the DVD or anything like that. Ayu and Shuya were in 3D and we got to see it really close.

When In The Corner started it was really neat how the did it. Ayu kind of rose from the floor "in front of us" haha. So, it was an unexpected entrance, as she sort of appeared from below the screen. This was still when Ayu was only using the light sticks as opposed to the balls for the DVD version. The lights looked really cool in 3D! They had a sort of glowing, soft effects on them. But aside from that there weren't any other additions.

HOPE or PAIN was next. 3D snow started falling first. Ayu looked great in this, but I think it was still using the first costume (before it changed)--but I'm not positive about that...

For GREEN the part when the dancers appear surrounded by the green, silk like fabric on the center stage was really pretty. There were a lot of dimensions in this. We saw Maro really close, and Ayu was far away, so it was a cool way of seeing it.

Both evolution and SIGNAL were pretty average. Of course it sounded great and I still love the costume for these two performances, but again, no additions really.

From rollin' onward is where it got really interesting. The added effects were amazing. (And also, there were no mistakes in these performances like the DVD--I was looking forward to those, but alas, they weren't there haha.) There were various computer-like effects and sound waves appearing in 3D. Also, the earth/globe appeared in 3D as well.

Sparkle also had great effects. More computer-like images and sound waves, but just more intense. There were also like plasma/virus balls throughout the whole performance. During the "No No No" parts, the words appeared in 3D as well, kind of bouncing in and out.

For NEXT LEVEL it was pretty normal--but it was still really pretty. The confetti at the end was cool because it kind of flew by haha. The smoke was 3D at times too, if I remember correctly.

After this, the star from the beginning appeared on a black screen and it had the dancers and band members names appear--kind of like credits.

Then we could hear cheering again and a dim "Ayu a-a-a-ayu..." which quickly turned into Humming 7/4. For all the encore songs, which included Boys & Girls and MY ALL they were normal. Just different angles and the performance was of course different. But seeing Ayu cry so close was touching. (2-YAN was even crying!)

After this the screen went to full credits with the instrumental of Who... in the background. In the background it was various behind the scenes pictures of Ayu and the text was in 3D.

Then once again it returned to the concert for Ayu's last message to her fans. She yelled out "Arigatou Gozaimashita!" and the concert, as well as the movie, ended.

So all in all the 3D movie was really great and it was nice to re-watch the NXT LEVEL Tour in that manner.

Personally I thought there would be more added in effects. (I liked the added in effects, but maybe there are some people who don't...) The movie theater audience was really mellow as well. Even though tons of people brought their NEXT LEVEL lights with them, including myself, no one used them haha. The theater also wasn't very crowded. But I went during a time when a lot of people would still be working, so that could explain it.

But that ends my report. If there are any specific questions don't be afraid to ask. And if my report isn't in depth, sorry.

Thanks for reading! It was 1,900 Yen well spent!

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS
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Thursday, 26 August 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 26.08.2010 Long time no

Long time no
26 August 2010. 1:00am

write, again.

And it's late tonight, too.

Anyway, I'm alive.

More under the cut!




My pedicure's the same, I still love it red---


Oh oh, a-nation's been so so fun, I'll slowly try to list out the reasons why--

Firstly, there was that day when I had rehearsals. I had to move to the next prefecture that same day, so I didn't get to sleep at all. So while I was on the car heading to Narita Airport, I entered dreamland.

When we reached, I was woken up against my will, and for a moment, I was all "Where is this? Who am I?" (laugh)

And because the car ride took really long, and I was stumbling along half-asleep, everyone who came to send me off were like

"That's ayu??? Seriously???" and glancing at me from the corners of their eyes with interest, pretending that nothing's wrong.

And it suddenly reminded me of this one time at Saitama Super Arena, so I decided to finally wake up and switch to my beautiful mode.

Then, while on the plane, I discussed lots of things with Kome, and before I even had time to sneeze, we had touched down at Itami Airport.

My brain was seriously so full of tiring things that it was going to burst, but something happened that totally raised my spirits.

What was it? This ↓


Firstly, to dazzle your eyes, I'll write it really really big.


When you see this, you know for sure that you're in Osaka. (laugh)

As for me, I myself don't really understand why it raised my spirits, but yeah, this poster's awesome.

And then, we moved to the location.

When I reached backstage~ ♪, I was told that I'll have 10 minutes to myself, so I took this commemorative photo with Shirotan*2.


Another one, snuggled up to Shirotan.


Another one, blocking Shirotan for some reason.



That night, the moon was really beautiful.

"I hope everyone can witness such scenery when I'm singing~"

Thinking that, I took this photo.

With the focus on the moon ☆


With the focus on the audience seats ☆


*giggle* ♡

And after rehearsals, the entire troupe went for yakiniku*3~

But before leaving backstage, I remembered that I'd changed my nails, so

Pasha ☆


It's white~~~~~~~~~~~ ♡

My hair was all messed up because of the rehearsals too, so Rassha fixed it for me ☆


The sunglasses are Balenciaga.

Ndaba, let's go~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♪


When I reached, there was this group of summer boys.

From the right, the gyaru-male who has honoured me with the name "baby leader", and who makes so many wisecracks that I don't even know if he's just making fun of me, Kazuma-baby.

Then, the one who I think fits the image of summer the best, athlete 2-YAN.

Then, the one who has been frequenting the gym lately, and has found himself growing more macho and delicious, the one with bright pink hair, Suu-san.

The one whose T-shirt design easily depicts the thing which I cannot stop going after and buying, Zin-san.

The one whose V-neck shirt's V-neck is too deep, Maro-nii.


That's the 6 of them ♪

(My introductions got shorter for each person, sorry ♪)


And, the pretty big sisters ☆


Yes, I finished on a beautiful note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya later ♡

*1 Akan (アカン) - "No good" in Kansai dialect
*2 Shirotan (しろたん) - Those 2 white seals behind her in the photo.
*3 Yakiniku (やきにく) - grilled meat

Credit: Misa-chan
Original source: Team Ayu
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Ayu's Story
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