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Thursday, 26 August 2010

[Recruitment] Ayu's Story Needs Japanese-English Translators!


Hello every readers of Ayu's Story

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for visiting the fanblog for all this time and I really appreciate it A LOT ^^. And all this time, it's been my solo work in updating the whole Ayu's stuff in here then I finally realized that Ayu's Story lacks of something because of that and I decided I want to work with few other volunteers (of course, Ayu's fans too) who willing to help me to make Ayu's Story to become more reliable sources in sharing news/info/articles. 

Therefore, I decided that I need two fluent Japanese-English translators since the majority of the translations I've been sharing here are mostly brief summaries where I think they're not really COMPLETE for understandings. 

I won't mind any ethnicities who willing to help me as long as you're very fluent in Japanese-English languages and manage to go online almost every day (so probably I'll need highschool students? or college students),  easily to get contacted with  (via MSN, YM, EMAIL or even Twitter?? XD), last but not least, of course YOU'RE AYU'S FANs AS WELL :)

So, send in your emails of applications to me to:
Email subject: Japanese-English Translator Application
For the test: I'll need to you translate any random articles from Japanese articles into English 

Keep in mind that this is just for fun and just to share our loves throughout Ayu's fandom in the everywhere  :) 
So let's help each other :)
I hope there are people send in their applications so then we can start working :) 

I'm certainly waiting for your applications!

Cheers & Thanks!


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