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Friday, 27 August 2010

[Fanaccount] 27.08.2010「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」Full Fanaccount

This is a fanaccount from an Ayu's fan who went to watch the 3D concert just today.

So if you don't want to get spoiled, better not read the whole thing.. ^^

The full fanaccount is under the cut!

"A 3D" Report

Included Setlist:

01. Pieces of SEVEN
02. Rule
03. Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~
04. identity
05. In The Corner
06. HOPE or PAIN
08. evolution
10. rollin'
11. Sparkle
13. Humming 7/4
14. Boys & Girls
15. MY ALL
~~"Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

*Also, this live is NOT the same as the DVD. The footage is (assumingly) taken from the last stops at Yoyogi stadium during June, not October. And whenever I say "normal" or something, keep in mind Ayu and the audience, as well as her dancers and band are pretty much always in 3D. I'm just referring to added in effects that appear on the screen.

The movie started out with a star that flew around the screen with "pixie dust" around it while it revealed the the "A 3D" title.

Pieces of SEVEN came on and at that point, the 3D effect really hits you. The live audience looks like they're right in front of you. Then the camera switches in between the audience, the band, the screen and the green laser lights. The camera angles from now on are completely different than the DVD. We get a much closer look at everything.

For Rule we actually go onto the center stage. We're right in the action with Ayu and her dancers. It's really, really cool how close we are to them! Towards the end of the performance, the dragon from the screen appears 3D and goes in between the screen at the concert and the 3D movie screen. (For example, when the head is out of shot on the concert screen, it appears on the 3D movie screen.) Also, it has "blasts" of dragon scales at points.

Next it cut to Sunrise 〜LOVE is ALL〜 to my surprise. There was nothing really added to this, aside from the fact that Ayu and her dancers were 3D and alternative angles.

The same goes for identity. As the live is different footage, it adds to the experience though. It's not like re-watching the DVD or anything like that. Ayu and Shuya were in 3D and we got to see it really close.

When In The Corner started it was really neat how the did it. Ayu kind of rose from the floor "in front of us" haha. So, it was an unexpected entrance, as she sort of appeared from below the screen. This was still when Ayu was only using the light sticks as opposed to the balls for the DVD version. The lights looked really cool in 3D! They had a sort of glowing, soft effects on them. But aside from that there weren't any other additions.

HOPE or PAIN was next. 3D snow started falling first. Ayu looked great in this, but I think it was still using the first costume (before it changed)--but I'm not positive about that...

For GREEN the part when the dancers appear surrounded by the green, silk like fabric on the center stage was really pretty. There were a lot of dimensions in this. We saw Maro really close, and Ayu was far away, so it was a cool way of seeing it.

Both evolution and SIGNAL were pretty average. Of course it sounded great and I still love the costume for these two performances, but again, no additions really.

From rollin' onward is where it got really interesting. The added effects were amazing. (And also, there were no mistakes in these performances like the DVD--I was looking forward to those, but alas, they weren't there haha.) There were various computer-like effects and sound waves appearing in 3D. Also, the earth/globe appeared in 3D as well.

Sparkle also had great effects. More computer-like images and sound waves, but just more intense. There were also like plasma/virus balls throughout the whole performance. During the "No No No" parts, the words appeared in 3D as well, kind of bouncing in and out.

For NEXT LEVEL it was pretty normal--but it was still really pretty. The confetti at the end was cool because it kind of flew by haha. The smoke was 3D at times too, if I remember correctly.

After this, the star from the beginning appeared on a black screen and it had the dancers and band members names appear--kind of like credits.

Then we could hear cheering again and a dim "Ayu a-a-a-ayu..." which quickly turned into Humming 7/4. For all the encore songs, which included Boys & Girls and MY ALL they were normal. Just different angles and the performance was of course different. But seeing Ayu cry so close was touching. (2-YAN was even crying!)

After this the screen went to full credits with the instrumental of Who... in the background. In the background it was various behind the scenes pictures of Ayu and the text was in 3D.

Then once again it returned to the concert for Ayu's last message to her fans. She yelled out "Arigatou Gozaimashita!" and the concert, as well as the movie, ended.

So all in all the 3D movie was really great and it was nice to re-watch the NXT LEVEL Tour in that manner.

Personally I thought there would be more added in effects. (I liked the added in effects, but maybe there are some people who don't...) The movie theater audience was really mellow as well. Even though tons of people brought their NEXT LEVEL lights with them, including myself, no one used them haha. The theater also wasn't very crowded. But I went during a time when a lot of people would still be working, so that could explain it.

But that ends my report. If there are any specific questions don't be afraid to ask. And if my report isn't in depth, sorry.

Thanks for reading! It was 1,900 Yen well spent!

Credit: tokyoxjapanxfan @ AHS
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