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Monday, 30 August 2010

[Fanaccount] 29.08.2010 Non-Ayu Fans' Fanaccounts About Ayu At a-nation 2010!

It's always nice to hear positive responses from non-Ayu fans who attended a-nation 2010 and enjoyed her live performances :)

[Fanaccount] 100830 a-nation Tokyo, Aug 29

(Parts not related to Ayu omitted)

ayu, the queen of avex, was the last to perform. I again heard “Blossom”, and thought that the lyrics perfectly fits the current situation. “Datte bokuraha aruki hajimeta. Sokoni riyuu nante hitsuyou janai. Tadatada daijoubu. Mou daijoubu. Soredakeha tashikani wakatta kara” (T/N: We just started to walk the road, we do not need a reason for it. We are all right, all right now. We just know that we are all right.”

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ayu always parades around the whole stadium on a float for her last song. Wearing a cute Yukata (T/N: Japanese traditional clothes for summer), she held in her hand the orange Uchiwa (T/N: fan) of JJY. She waved the orange Uchiwa throughout her ride, which took about 10 minutes to go around the vast stadium.
I recalled ayu’s performance last year, waving the green Tohoshinki a-nation towel in her hands during her ride on the float.
ayu, the queen of avex supports our boys… oh, I was in tears here.

[Fanaccount] 100829 A-nation'10 In Tokyo - Account From English-speaking Fan

ayu - as suspected, she got the longest set of all being one hour long and even though it was my first time seeing her live, it was like being at TD when i watched some of her dome performances back in the day ♥ she's adorable and we all know she's j-pop's diva but her charm overrides that factor when it comes to the fans. she sang a couple of oldies like boys & girls, greatful days, a song about xx AND evolution (WHERE SHE WAVES JYJ'S UCHIWA AGAIN ♥♥). other songs were great too (don't remember the title) but she did preview her new song, crossroads, which will be released next month and i'm thinking of purchasing it :')

Credits: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! } + ssunsett @ tohosomnia.net
Original sources: itou-channo hamatterumono! + [lveaddkt.livejournal.com]
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  1. That's so adorable!! Ayu-sama really affects in such a warm way. Thanks for this, these comments have made my day. I really want to hear "Blossom," even more now.