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Thursday, 26 August 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 26.08.2010 Long time no

Long time no
26 August 2010. 1:00am

write, again.

And it's late tonight, too.

Anyway, I'm alive.

More under the cut!




My pedicure's the same, I still love it red---


Oh oh, a-nation's been so so fun, I'll slowly try to list out the reasons why--

Firstly, there was that day when I had rehearsals. I had to move to the next prefecture that same day, so I didn't get to sleep at all. So while I was on the car heading to Narita Airport, I entered dreamland.

When we reached, I was woken up against my will, and for a moment, I was all "Where is this? Who am I?" (laugh)

And because the car ride took really long, and I was stumbling along half-asleep, everyone who came to send me off were like

"That's ayu??? Seriously???" and glancing at me from the corners of their eyes with interest, pretending that nothing's wrong.

And it suddenly reminded me of this one time at Saitama Super Arena, so I decided to finally wake up and switch to my beautiful mode.

Then, while on the plane, I discussed lots of things with Kome, and before I even had time to sneeze, we had touched down at Itami Airport.

My brain was seriously so full of tiring things that it was going to burst, but something happened that totally raised my spirits.

What was it? This ↓


Firstly, to dazzle your eyes, I'll write it really really big.


When you see this, you know for sure that you're in Osaka. (laugh)

As for me, I myself don't really understand why it raised my spirits, but yeah, this poster's awesome.

And then, we moved to the location.

When I reached backstage~ ♪, I was told that I'll have 10 minutes to myself, so I took this commemorative photo with Shirotan*2.


Another one, snuggled up to Shirotan.


Another one, blocking Shirotan for some reason.



That night, the moon was really beautiful.

"I hope everyone can witness such scenery when I'm singing~"

Thinking that, I took this photo.

With the focus on the moon ☆


With the focus on the audience seats ☆


*giggle* ♡

And after rehearsals, the entire troupe went for yakiniku*3~

But before leaving backstage, I remembered that I'd changed my nails, so

Pasha ☆


It's white~~~~~~~~~~~ ♡

My hair was all messed up because of the rehearsals too, so Rassha fixed it for me ☆


The sunglasses are Balenciaga.

Ndaba, let's go~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♪


When I reached, there was this group of summer boys.

From the right, the gyaru-male who has honoured me with the name "baby leader", and who makes so many wisecracks that I don't even know if he's just making fun of me, Kazuma-baby.

Then, the one who I think fits the image of summer the best, athlete 2-YAN.

Then, the one who has been frequenting the gym lately, and has found himself growing more macho and delicious, the one with bright pink hair, Suu-san.

The one whose T-shirt design easily depicts the thing which I cannot stop going after and buying, Zin-san.

The one whose V-neck shirt's V-neck is too deep, Maro-nii.


That's the 6 of them ♪

(My introductions got shorter for each person, sorry ♪)


And, the pretty big sisters ☆


Yes, I finished on a beautiful note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya later ♡

*1 Akan (アカン) - "No good" in Kansai dialect
*2 Shirotan (しろたん) - Those 2 white seals behind her in the photo.
*3 Yakiniku (やきにく) - grilled meat

Credit: Misa-chan
Original source: Team Ayu
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