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Sunday, 29 August 2010

[Info] 29.08.2010 Ayu's 49th Single "crossroad" Sales Boost Up At Amazon!

Reminder: Please read this piece of information in a positive way ok?
This is not something that will make Ayu look bad but it indeed helps her in some way :)
We all know that even without the sales status, many people still refer her as one of the best of the best Japanese female solo artists in Japan and Asia :)

Nevertheless, Ayu is still a very much respected in Japan & Asia Music industry :)


Below is the archive of Ayumi Hamasaki’s pre-sales rank of her single ‘Crossroad’ in amazon Japan from August 19th – August 28th.

"crossroad"'s highest ranking was at 156th on August 20th before any info about Jaejoong’s appearance in song ‘Blossom’ revealed. However, once the information about Jaejoong’s participation was released on August 27th, the sales boosted up to 5th on August 28th, the next day.

Coincidence? Kinda hard to believe it was, since the rise is too sudden and extreme.
In any case, we all know Ayu Hamasaki is still one of the recognized J-Pop Queen

Credit: sharingyoochun.net
Original Source: rankbank.net
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  1. hummm that is very interesting information! That's kind of too bad.. but to tell the truth I was hoping her 49 and 50 single will have some bang... but to me it sounds very average so I guess having JaeJoong is a good thing

  2. Ben Wang: yep...ayu definitely needs to make her two singles to be somehow SPECIAL one..adding JJ who's currently very popular in Japan is one of the good things :)

  3. that spike is definately from JaeJoong's fans. JUst shows that alot of his fans aren't Ayu's fans to begin with. So it's a really good thing, coz it's like sharing fans! love both of them!