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Monday, 20 April 2009

[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 549 - 553

It's been a long time that Ayu has not updated her Today's Photo

No. 549~ Arrival~

at Tokyo Station~.

It was full, so many people wo gathered for the farewell♪

From here, once again, the start or the beginning, what kind of wind I'll go through...?


No. 550~ Fashion~


One piece from Diane von Furstenberg

Sandals from Sergio Rossi.

Tote bag from Channel.

Sunglasses from McQUEEN.

No. 551~ At...~

Nagoya Station~♪

Really everybody's tansion (didn't HANPA?)~!! (*) Laughs

Through the way to get into the car, outside I helped with the "No, No, No~"! Laughs

No. 552~ Day 1~


Family dinner.

Bancho was the hostess of course. 

Furtermore, this aspect too...

This Su-chan, is soo cute!! Laughs

No. 553~ Day 2,~

ended with great energy~~~.

Thank you!!!

Really, it was so funny (^_-)- ☆ 

See you soon!! Everyoone Nagoya~ ♪ 


So she's going back to tokyo, she has finished the concerts in Nagoya and from this messages she's enjoying this tour a lot!! ^^

It's funny people were shouting the No No No part in the Station.. XD 

About the comment about Shuya... In the foto he has stolen her sunglases and has put it on his back XD I supose ayu's comment was ironic XD

about this sentence (*), ther was something written in Katakana next to "tension" that I don't understant, and that is followe by "nai", the negative.. Here the japanese sentence if someone can help ^^

- マジみんなのテンションハンパない~!! (maji minna no tenshon hanpanai~)

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
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