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Friday, 24 April 2009

[TA Message] no. 508: The Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle
No. 508 24-04-2009 13h32

I'm really happy, because the second day too, we all shared a very strong. Really thank you for all your calls of encouragement that came from your heart and unrestrained applause.

I do not know ... but I feel you all to "TA", compared to last year, you have increased energy. No, it's not an impression, it's reality.

It's really crazy. And in all rooms. I can not say specifically how it was crazy, but crazy! ! ! ! ! ! !

No mistake, you are all moved to a NEXT LEVEL.

I, too, as it was I who started to say, I must continue to go.

And in addition, I take you there all.

Promised (*_*)

All of you in Shizuoka, you can expect with great enthusiasm! ! ! ! !

And then, as today is the day of transfer from Osaka to Shizuoka (yes, I am still in Osaka), if you see the rain appear, you can say: "It happens!"

But before this trip, I'm going to the gym work out. Because I want to be able to meet with all my strength to your energy (_-)- ☆

Oh, about, yesterday I went to a gym.

And you know, theoretically, when I'm training, I'm going there with SOU. But yesterday, Bancho, Gori, Minazô any management team with me.

You know what? It died laughing at the lack of training of all! lol

Y a pas à dire, c'est bien le Ayu Staff! ♪

Just now, I publish this in the atmosphere of the day Photos ♪ ♪ ♪

I would like to continue to live in never forgetting that the word "freedom", there are shades of "responsibility" and "self-renunciation."

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  1. I'm so sorry, But,
    I'd like to see Original TA Message together!
    Can I see the Original Message for ALL?
    Please, HELP ME!!

  2. Kant: I'm sorry that i can't provide the original TA messages because it's restricted to a non-TA Member.. where i'm not one of the members as well..