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Sunday, 18 September 2011

[News] 18.09.2011 MSta Last-Minute Cancellation: The Gap Between A Rebellious Hamasaki Ayumi And Her Record Company

MSta last-minute cancellation: the gap between a rebellious Hamasaki Ayumi and her record company

On the 16th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi could not board a flight home due to health complications, namely acute pharyngitis that she contracted in the US, and so made a last-minute cancellation of her live appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”‘s 25th Anniversary Special Programme.

According to her company office, Hamasaki had travelled to New York, USA, earlier this month for a calendar photoshoot. However, due to a delay in photoshoot schedule, she missed her flight back home. After that, she could not book another ticket back, and during her extended stay, she contracted acute pharyngitis, making her unable to board any flights.

“If there was a chance that she may not be able to return, why did she schedule a photoshoot then? Furthermore, Hamasaki was supposed to be the main attraction on the programme on the 16th, yet she still did a last-minute cancellation. I worry that this may lead to a worsening of relations between the music programme and Hamasaki’s company” — Staff from the music industry

On her official site, Hamasaki wrote “To everyone who has been waiting eagerly for this TV appearance, I’m really regretful, pained, and sorry for causing such trouble. I’m really sorry.” However, a gap had already existed between her and her record company, a gap which has widened due to this incident.

“During the record company’s outdoor live event held at the end of August, Hamasaki voluntarily resigned from her position as closing act. The reason concerned various matters regarding her wish to perform songs with other artistes, resulting in a substitute artiste having to do the closing act instead. There were also trust issues because senior artistes in the company had their performance times cut short in order to extend the performance times of artistes from other companies. Hamasaki voiced her displeasure over Twitter countless times, and resulted in strife among fans.” — Staff from the music industry

This incident may result in lasting consequences.

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