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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

[Info] "A Song is Born" was added to Hiroshima stops on 9th & 10th May

A Song is Born was added to the NEXT LEVEL Tour setlist for the show two days in Hiroshima, the day 9 and day 10, A Song is Born is added to the songs from the encore, the day was sung with all 9 the instrumental and the 10th was a sung acapella, said that this change is precisely to Hiroshima, is that maybe Ayu wanted to somehow make a nice present for the bombing that occurred in that place long ago and caused millions loss of human life, and although A Song is Born was created to raise funds to help the victims of 9 / 11 in the U.S., it is a song that many transmiete feelings of peace and encouragement. If this hypothesis is true, it's a nice present for all Ayu fans in Hiroshima. 

Quite apart from this, to day 10, were withdrawn two encore songs, and Curtain Call For My Dear ... Down from the encore setlist for both days in Hiroshima. 



19. Curtain call 
20. For My Dear ... 
21. A Song is born 
22. everywhere nowhere 
23. Humming 7 / 4 
24. Boys & Girls 
25. MY ALL 



Curtain call 
For My Dear ... 
19. everywhere nowhere 
20. Humming 7 / 4 
21. Boys & Girls 
22. MY ALL 
23. A Song is born (acapella version)

Credit: AyuKuufan @ Blogspot + ayu10sss @ AyumiFans.net
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