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Thursday, 7 May 2009

[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 563 - 568

Photo No. 563: On arrival ... 

... of course, here I come! 
At Yama-chan. 
I went even when I lived in Fukuoka, you think ... 
It's a long story of love! 
On the right is the boss! 
Ah! can be seen better on the second photo. 
Thank you for everything, boss! (*_*)

todays_563_1.jpg (57 KB)todays_563_2.jpg (87 KB)

Photo No. 564: So, first ... 

a cliché proves that Chon-san is very focused when she eats! 
Of course, SOU and Minazô are there. 
Gori ... is not there, victim of the "flu Gori! 

You know what? Bancho to drink a glass of Shochu (alcohol) on the rocks as big as my glass of tea Woolong! Bancho Vive! ! !

todays_564_1.jpg (63 KB)todays_564_2.jpg (82 KB)

Photos No 565: Next ... 

... is the great debate about what we eat! lol 
Like: "Go, eat your gingko nuts!" 
After that, Minazô and SOU have swallowed 10 or 11 bowls of ramen Tonkotsu "(specialty of Fukuoka), Bancho eat a 3 ... 

Y are commeeeeeeeeeeeeent? lol 

As we left, shaking hands with the boss: "A la prochaine! ♪"

todays_565_1.jpg (57 KB)todays_565_2.jpg (72 KB)

Photo No. 566: What is long .. 

This table! 
That is the sushi restaurant where we all went to the team in full, after the second representation. 
It comes every year. 
And the second photo, right, you see AKIRA who joined us on this tour as a new member is lining my dance! 23 years ... jeuuuuune it is! lol 

Very brave, so sweet, if you see it, try talking to him! 

Too shy, I am sure he will not respond and flee! lol

todays_566_1.jpg (73 KB)todays_566_2.jpg (73 KB)

Photo No. 567: Outside ... 

This sushi restaurant on the pier across the river ... the crowd (◎ - ◎;)! ! 
Since the door of the restaurant to ... at the end of the river, a world foooou! ! ! ! ! 
And although they are so far, I have made a show of hands, they all réponduuu me! ♪

todays_567_1.jpg (58 KB)todays_567_2.jpg (67 KB)

Photos No 568: In Return ... 

... the airport in Fukuoka is overheating! ! ! ! ! 
How many hundreds were they? 
Seriously, it was énoooooorme! 
I'm glad I was able to shake many hands! 
A la prochaine! (*_*)

todays_568_1.jpg (64 KB)todays_568_2.jpg (70 KB)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!  

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