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Sunday, 10 May 2009

[Rumor] Ayu's apartment at Hiroo inside pictures

Woahh finally we gotta see how's Ayu's apartment looked like!!

Let's think that this as a rumor first~

it sure looks luxurious!

These are exclusive pictures from Ayu's apartment in Hiroo, from Ayu.no.  
Hiroo is a district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Hiroo is one of the most prominent upmarket residential and shopping neighborhoods in Tokyo. The residential land prices on Hiroo 2-chōme and 3-chōme are as high as ¥1,460,000/m2 and ¥1,250,000/m2, respectively.

Click the pictures for larger version

2lviqhh.jpg (107 KB) 2uo5pv5.jpg (113 KB)
59yozk.jpg (159 KB) npqd08.jpg (101 KB)
s1u8p5.jpg (99 KB) 59yozk.jpg (159 KB)
3114.jpg (198 KB) 2lcnwv8.jpg (247 KB)
3121.jpg (128 KB) b6d9j7.jpg (113 KB)

Credit: Ayu.no +  Rody! @ AHS Forum
Shared by Ayu's Story
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  1. I've posted this on ahs.. but I'll just post it again here.. I personally really really doubt that those pic are really Ayu’s place’s pic..why? because

    1. that “diamond” toilet.. I remember I saw it once on Mika Noguchi’s blog.. and if I’m not mistaken she wrote that it’s a toilet of sum restaurant/hotel (I don’t remember it)

    2. some of them are from My Story photo shoot session

    3. that Crea and Kitty pillow.. I guess it’s a very very old pic, that Kitty pillow has not appeared since.. what? The recording session on Kinky Kids’ show.. the one Ayu showed her birth mum’s pic for the very first time.. anyone remember?

    4. I don’t Avex will allowed those pics flow outside.. they won’t even let it to be possible for someone to take a picture of Ayu’s apartment and then upload it. Ayu herself never show us the picture, not even a picture w/ her living place as a background. I mean they has this “Goddess”,“Unreachable” images for they artists to maintain (and we're talking about Ayu here). In Japan it’s really different with other countries’ artist, it’s the way they operates

    5. The design for her bedroom, living room, and the make up table.. they really really don't match.. seem like taken randomly from a housing cataloque?

  2. why the bedrooms and others are black and white???

  3. From Yahoo:

    Ayumi Hamasaki Magnificent Mansion

    LOS ANGELES, California. May 13.

    According to the Hong Kong media, J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki has been engaging in profligate spending in her apartment, hidden photograped images have recently leaked out of the high-class apartment in the Hiroo-Shibuya district of Tokyo. Her house only consist of the most luxury gorgeous interior and decorations, from the living room to a also very spacious and stylish bathroom. And the most extravagant, her diamond toilet purchased from a nightclub in Hong Kong, and later moved to Tokyo.

    This is the first time images of the home to Ayumi Hamasaki leaks to the public. Many friends and fans will enjoy the great mother and daughters home, even their pets has "a different dog life," with a rich and luxurious life in style with its owner.

  4. i don't believe ayu lives with her mom.