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Thursday, 25 June 2009

[Ayu's Diary] Shooting abroad 24.06.09

It seems that Ayu has changed the style of blogging.. where she took her own pictures! :) nice :)
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Ayu has, it seems, suddenly decided to completely change the look of his messages in form, as it is now something much more akin to a blog (she was influenced by all his fellow game as CMJK to mention that he, who held their own in this way?). As to the merits, it also seems to have less text and more photos ... bein that different from "Pictures of the day." It will surely welcome the .. and less enthusiastic ...  

When the gray clouds ... 
(24/06/2009 15h51) 

... are gone, 
when the sky has finished crying, 

diary_24062009_1.jpg (8 KB)

I retrouverai my usual smiling face? 

diary_24062009_4.jpg (13 KB)

it goes huh? 
I will leave for abroad for shooting. 
Here I am at Narita. 
I hope he will do fine there. 

diary_24062009_3.jpg (26 KB)

(24/06/2009 04h22) 

I will post the photos I had not yet put on Kobe and Haneda. 
I put the dns heading "Photos of the day" ok? (_) V 
Ma-chan, you help me? > _ <  .. and the hand that moves quietly ...  

diary_24062009_5.jpg (18 KB)

It took me ... 
(24/06/2009 02h02) 

time, but it was successfully updated! 
Thank you to all those in the office! (*_*) 

And for all that I wrote so far, just go see "the former Journal of Ayu.

During the shooting 

(24/06/2009 01h10) 

The makeup done, I changed to suit ... 
Hold? ? ? 
Are people ... Click! 
Click ... 

diary_24062009_6.jpg (11 KB)

Finally this is what I thought ... 
They are there! ! ! ♪ 
The nail ♪ 

diary_24062009_7.jpg (15 KB)

The team and even Zac Gori ... ♪ 

diary_24062009_8.jpg (13 KB)

Bon je vais sur le plateau ....! 

diary_24062009_9.jpg (17 KB)

Hmm, it is this picture ...? 
Finally, I am especially tanned too ...! (_;)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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