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Monday, 15 June 2009

[Translation] ViVi Deji Deji Diary Vol 100 & 101

Better read the translations together with the magscans of ViVi Deji Deji Diary

*Sorry that I can't seem to find out the magscans*


Ayu’s deji deji diary vol 100: Ayumi hamasaki asia tour 2008 10th anniversary

[First page]

(left side)

For this month’s deji diary, let us look at how I fared during my concert tours around Asian countries, while also including the super!!! Cool celebration dinner organized by mika-chan.

I’m so grateful to all the fans around Japan for their tremendous support. Last but not least, my biggest thanks to all concert tour crew members, Ayu’s team members, dancers… Please let me give you people a lot of love as a token of my gratitude.

(right, orange box)

People flocking towards us as soon as we touched down at Hong Kong Airport! 

They just squeeze onto us in just a split second and there goes my shoe!

(middle, apple green)

This was during our midway to the dinner hall before the kick-start performance of our Asia concert tour, and people just flocking to us, again!

(left, purple)

Walking out from the hotel, and hello to my first day of Asia Concert Tour, Hong Kong!

(middle, magenta)

Me and my mum at Hong Kong International Airport just before our departure. Thank you, Hong Kong fans!

(sky blue, bottom)

The next stop, Shanghai. Everyone sure are energetic, there were tons of people shouting Ayu’s name in chorus, as if I’m really going to start my concert right there.

(bottom right, magenta)

Also at Shanghai, I attended the Wacoal Asia’s press conference.

(bottom middle, apple green)

The first day of my Shanghai’s concert at the venue entrance. Since there were a lot of people waiting for me, so I took some time by signing autographs for them one-by-one. And at the left side is the concert’s supervisor, nomizo…

[2nd page]

(top right, sky blue)

After that, it’s time for my final stop at Taiwan! 

A lot of my fans came to sent me at Narita Airport. Some of them said, “Bon voyage” to me and that really gives me a lot of strength. Thank you people… (thanks) (note: if you look carefully ayu drew weeping eyes at the end of the box…)

(top, apple green)

Arrived at Taiwan (note: Taipei) Airport! My fans are sure very warm and friendly towards me, and it’s very suitable to use the word “crumpled together” in this very moment.

(top left, sky blue)

This picture was taken prior to the start of the concert, me and Armageddon walked into the venue. Both of us somehow had an extraordinary expression on our faces at the same time…

(below, orange, referred to the small pic of three guys wearing afro wigs)

My beloved (note: zui ai Literally meant Most love) Stan at middle, Armageddon who always protect me with his life at left, and Gyo at right.

(upper middle, purple)

Today is rehearsal day!!! Everybody always welcomed me with smiles, thank you so much~

(middle left, apple green)

taken at the celebration dinner venue’s red carpet entrance, with Shuya being my escort of the night.

(below, purple)

Group picture with my dancers~

(middle, magenta)

This is not a duet between mika-jon and nao-kun yo! Big thanks to nao-kun for always helping me a lot during the Concert Tour! 

(right, Orange)

This is the entire fleet of Ayu’s dearest team members! Hope that we can still be together forever, thank you all… LOVE

(below right, purple)

The Ayupan in real size! The event was hosted by our prince (note: max matsuura….?)

(Middle bottom, sky blue)

there were A markings throughout the venue, even the walls, the ice sculpture and this cute big cake had these A markings!! The party was too perfect, thank you so much mum!!

(bottom left, orange)

The table of my band members, that have mature atmosphere around them… I was like as if hearing jazz music in the background…


Ayu’s deji deji diary vol 101

Good Evening everyone. (Oh, how my greeting style have changed)

How are you all recently?

I somewhat felt the last year passed with breeze.

And then it is the end of the year 2008 when we finally came to our senses.

So please, you guys have to spend your time more wisely.

Next on, this month’s Deji Diary will introduce you people about the things that happened during the shooting of “Days/GREEN” music video, my new single.

While “Days” were shot in studios at Tokyo, “GREEN” were shot in outdoors at Shanghai.

Both of them were really great to watch.

So I hope you guys will support my newest release.

Then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

(below, purple)

COCOA (note: Ayu’s pet dog) had grown 3 times of its size in a year!

[2nd page]


This is part of “Days” footage; it has a very sad, but also very touching storyline!!

The pink woven dress is from PJ! (note: fashion brand name….?)

[3rd page]


The music video’s director is Ishii-chan!

He guides us so methodically, which had made all the female casts feel like a diva!


The place that we were standing on, was borrowed by the concert tour venue officials!

Took us an entire day just to finish up the mass dances and singing scenes.

[4th page]

Cool! So this is the “movie village” in Shanghai!

Look at that super huge signboard placed at the top!

I guess everyone knows that the shootings are going to be just like making a movie.

Truly awesome.

(Apple green)

This was shot in the studio~

The backdrop was built based on Showa-era (note: reign of Japanese Emperor Hirohito from 1926~1987. Normally it meant trends during 1930s of Japan)

The director always wore a Simoco-made sleeveless singlet…

Translated by Isaac Hiew @ AHS Forum
Translated from ViVi International Chinese Edition, March 2009, pg 14~17
Date: 15/ June/ 2009
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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